Cubee Online Game

Any new game from Real Time Gaming is fine by us. However, the new Cubee game looks set to start 2019 in a more unusual way. This is one game we’re glad has a demo version – we think you’re going to need it! That said, the resulting game is a lot of fun once you get your head around how it works.

Cubee features a swirling blue vortex of energy in the middle of the screen. This is a portal for time travel, so we are told. There is a cute little cube on the left (Cubee) and a monster of sorts on the right (Rocco). Watch out for Spike, Lucifer, Casper, and Bones, all capable of appearing in this game. Whenever you click on the spin button, seven monsters will come out of the vortex. Matching ones can garner a win for you, according to the paytable. You might also see weapons and energy balls come out of the vortex.

But better still, Cubee will go through time as you play the game. Expect to start in the Stone Age, before moving through the Piracy Age and through to the Viking Age. During his journey, he will gain strength from any energy balls coming through the vortex. If a weapon comes through the vortex, Rocco’s powers will be reduced. Once Rocco is beaten, Cubee will venture into the next era in the time travel journey he is on.

This is a strange yet captivating game. You can still win free games by finding cannons in the Piracy Era, so watch out for those. If you want to play something different this year, Cubee gives you the chance to do just that. Enjoy!