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Do you get as excited as we do whenever a new slot game is released? Since we regularly review new slot games, you can imagine how excited we get for new releases each day! We’ve also spotted several things worth looking for whenever a new game is released. These are the things we look for, and there are benefits to watching out for them when you play, too.

Detailed graphics

Notice we didn’t say 3D graphics, although these are often superb. If the graphics are detailed and draw you into the game, that is arguably more important than having 3D graphics that don’t quite pop.

The graphics won’t make an average game great, but they will add that final touch to a great game to make it a popular one among players. Think about some of your favorite slots and you will see what we mean.

Wilds, scatters, and other special icons

Winning prizes is always easier when you’ve got special icons that can help you achieve that aim. Wilds replace most if not all the other symbols you might see in a game. Scatters mean you can win prizes if you get enough of them, no matter where they appear. And if you get a bonus or free spins icon (or even more than one), so much the better.

Free spins and bonus features

Free spins are popular, but we have also seen more games released just lately that include re-spins instead. These tend to occur more often than free games, so they can be a nice alternative. If you are lucky you might spot a game that has both.

You also get the chance to spot bonus features in some games. These are popular and may lead to lots of perks and game areas. Sometimes, you might get to choose one or more icons on the reels to win prizes. At other times, you might end up going to another screen altogether. The second screen bonuses are always popular and often relate to the theme used in the slot. Pirate themes take you to islands in search of treasure, horror themes take you into graveyards, and a shopping theme might ask you to choose ingredients from different aisles of the market.

New slots are always being released. Looking for the ideal combination of these features will make it easier to find the ones you want to play.

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