Mix of New Slots

With each week that goes by, we never know what we will find in the new selection of slot game releases to hit the internet. This week doesn’t vary from that trend either, with another 13 games released for us to check out. We have new slots from Merkur, Spinmatic, iSoftBet, and more this week, so let’s see which topics and themes have made the cut this time around.

What will we find in the Pharaoh’s Empire from Platipus?

We will not be able to snag a prize for guessing what the theme might be in this new release from Platipus. Pharaohs were a big part of ancient Egypt, so we can guess at the usual mix of gold, pyramids, and scarab beetles here. The purple elements included in the opening screen are unusual though and add a certain richness to the title.

On the reels themselves – five of them – we find the pharaoh as the wild icon. We also find 25 fixed lines to bet on. There is an opportunity to get through to a bonus game too, and if you trigger this, you will need to select one of four pyramids to find out what you will play. It will always be some free games with a multiplier, but you won’t know which version you will play until the pyramid reveals it. Five, 10, 15, or 20 spins are granted, with a 10x, 5x, 3x, or 2x multiplier given on anything won respectively. The bonus trigger is a pyramid, of course, marked as the scatter symbol.

The wild pharaoh is handy to find if you can, although he will not substitute for those pyramids. Finding three or more pyramids unlocks the freespin feature, while just two will still return your bet for that spin.

iSoftBet releases a game with some Lucky Stripes in store

The Lucky Stripes title screen may not be that complex, but the gorgeous mix of colors seen throughout those words is impressive indeed. This is a three-reel game that looks like anything but. It features a golden W as the wild icon and various colored bars that can appear over each of the reels. The middle reel can also contain various multiplier values.

The idea is to try and get a prize by finding a consistent stripe of the same color across all three reels. The wild icon can substitute for any stripe to help you complete a winning combination where possible. There is also a Rockin’ Respins icon. If this appears along with two wilds, you will trigger the Rockin’ Respins feature.

If you get this far, watch closely as the wilds remain sticky on the first and third reels. The middle reel will then respin multiple times. This could net you multiple prizes, and the round will only end when a collect message appears on the second reel. As such, while this might seem like a basic three-reel slot, it delivers plenty of excitement and an unusual theme too. We like it and we think many other players will too – even if they usually steer clear of three-reel games.

King of Kings unlocks another ancient Egyptian theme from Relax Gaming

This is our second slot of the week to go back to ancient Egypt. Will it beat the first one we reviewed, or will it fall by the wayside?

King of Kings is impressive from the first screen. Detailed characters appear alongside the pharaoh himself, with pyramids soaring into the sky in the background and pillars standing on either side of the screen. If the opening image is this good, what will the game itself look like?

We should mention this game has already enjoyed a modicum of popularity. There is a side game called Jackpot Stars, and while you don’t need to bet on it, you could do so in the hope of potentially scooping a jackpot. This could be worth up to 12,500x your bet. Aside from this though, the King of Kings slot game is worthy of a look anyway.

The five-reel game offers an ornate golden wild to watch out for, along with an extra reel appearing inside the freespin feature. That wild icon also behaves as a scatter, so there is no need to look for an extra one. If three or more wild icons are discovered in a spin, you will get the chance to play 10 free games with that extra reel added for good measure. The freebies include bonus symbols that can expand to cover an entire reel, so watch out for this neat feature to appear. Once you add a bonus symbol re-spin, a potential retrigger for the free games, and an upgrade for the bonus icon, you can see why King of Kings could indeed prove itself to be the king of Egyptian-themed slots.

Stake Logic is Encharmed by an enchanting theme this week

Encharmed seems like a cross between enchanted and charmed, and if that is the case, we can expect a magical and fantastical theme to come into play here. The woman in the title image has a crystal ball close at hand, so it would appear she is ready to tell us how fortunate we may be playing this game.

The game itself presents us with that same fortune teller as the wild symbol. She is powerful enough to replace all other symbols except for the scattered crystal ball itself. Find three of those scatters and 15 free games will be yours to enjoy. These come with a 3x multiplier too.

So far, there is nothing special about this game, although we cannot deny it has a magical feel to it. There are keys, clovers, and beetles on the five reels, with 10 lines to bet on. The look of the actual game is perhaps more basic than you might have imagined, but it does have a secret up its sleeve. The full title for this slot is Encharmed Quattro, and screenshots reveal it can give you up to four views of the 5 x 3 reel set. If one set of reels isn’t enough, why not play all four? With wild multipliers also on offer, you can see why some will be charmed by the new Encharmed slot game.

Spinmatic has created Mahala for its fans

Mahala has a magical feel about it that is immediately apparent when you check out the title screen. Who is that character featured behind the title? We are unsure, but it does have the look of a game based on fortune telling, doesn’t it? Yes, our crystal ball tells us we have another popular theme for this week.

Mahala is based on six reels, with five icons appearing on each reel. This gives us a big screen with big possibilities appearing with each spin. Among the symbols are ones representing water, earth, and air. These can potentially appear in giant format stacked on the reels. This means they can take up two spots on a reel instead of just one.

Watch out too for mystical eggs. They may sound strange, but they can be useful to spot. Whenever they appear, they can change into the symbol appearing next to them. Should this process lead to a prize, the transformation will automatically occur. If nothing happens, it means nothing could have been won by doing so.

The Mahala slot game also has Sticky Win Re-Spins and a scatter symbol capable of unlocking some free games. Between nine and 12 of those could be won, depending on the quantity of scatters you get in one spin. We can also look forward to a symbol drop feature included in those spins, so things can get very interesting when you play the Mahala slot game.

There is a Pinata Fiesta going on at iSoftBet

It has been a busy week for this software developer, as it gives us yet another new game to consider playing. We love the feisty look of the title image here, but the game itself is more colorful and thrilling still. Firstly, we should introduce you to the Mega Spinata, which equates to giant symbols appearing over the first three reels. This is one of several features that could occur after smashing the pinata appearing over the reels in the game. This pinata could randomly appear on any spin in the game. If he does pop up, just smash him as required to see which feature you will play.

Elsewhere, you could enjoy Popping Wilds. If these are awarded, you will see golden balloons that pop to reveal wilds in their place. Meanwhile, Fiesta Frenzy means all the royal symbols on the reels at that time will change into other better symbols. Even that isn’t it, though – watch out for Grande Reels, where randomly stacked wilds can appear on one or more reels of the game.

The pinata icon is the scatter in Pinata Fiesta, which means three of those are required to unlock the free spins. The wild gold star looks mean with its dark glasses on, but this is a symbol we feel sure you will be delighted to meet. With 20 lines to bet on, this pinata-filled slot is powerful enough to bring you a real fiesta to enjoy.

Join in the Jamboree Jubilee by edict

A jamboree sounds like fun, and since this is a jubilee version, we guess we should take a closer look at this new game from edict. Three characters armed with musical instruments introduce us to the title screen, but what of the game itself?

We can guess at a musical theme here, and we do indeed see lots of instruments appearing with each spin of the reels. Look out for guitars, pianos, tubas, and drums among other things. Musical notes also appear, which makes a nice change from the usual playing card icons or card suits.

There are bonus features to look out for here in addition to the main game. Will you go through to play the Pop King, the Rock Star, or the Maestro feature? Each of those three characters relate to one of the bonuses, and each will appear on their own reel too. Instead of free games, you will secure Melody Spins in this game, furthering the musical theme. Each version of the Melody Spins triggers a different feature as well, so you can expect to play some interesting spins in this game.

Empress 88 is released by ReelNRG

The mere mention of an empress suggests this new game will be of an Oriental nature. The initial imagery confirms this idea. It also confirms the setting, with Oriental buildings represented in superb detail. It is one of those games you know will be impressive before the reels even load.

We are not disappointed either, as the five-reel game provides a diamond-like format, with a 3-4-5-4-3 appearance to marvel at. Each icon is beautifully detailed too, even the regular K, Q, and A icons that are often disappointing to see in play. Despite the 88 in the title, we do not get 88 paylines; instead, there are 720 potential ways we could win some prizes while playing.

The woman seen in the opening image for the game turns out to be the wild, too. Meanwhile, a gong is shown as a freespin icon. Whenever three or more appear, you will get the opportunity to play some free games. Before this occurs, you will see a giant wheel appear and spin. This has numbers around its edges, and the number the wheel lands on denotes the number of spins you will play. A multiplier wheel comes into action on the right of the reels during these spins too. This means you will get the chance to boost prizes if you find any, since the resulting multiplier in action during that spin will be applied to anything won. As such, Empress 88 is a delight to check out.

What does Volsunga mean? Electric Elephant will know the answer

Electric Elephant should be the name of a slot in its own right, but it is the name of a software developer – namely the one behind the new release of a slot called Volsunga. We don’t get too many clues from the name, but the appearance of a couple of mysterious characters lurking in a darkened forest does pique the curiosity.

Animals and humans appear as the game begins, but it took some internet research to find out more about Volsunga. The name relates to a saga that derives from 13th century Iceland, so you can’t say the creator has gone for an often-trod theme here. It has a Nordic feel to it, as you will see when you check it out in more detail.

The five-reel game has an unusual appearance, with varying numbers of icons appearing on each reel. The basic format is 5-3-1-3-5, but this expands to 5 x 5 for the free spin feature. There is a nighttime scene used as the scatter, while you can also watch out for the various humans and animals as you spin the reels. Three scatters will grant you six free games.

Three versions of the moon might also appear in the games. The regular moon extends the matrix in action, while the blue moon means the game will pay both ways as well. If the red moon should appear, it will create mixed pays while also extending the matrix seen on the screen. These moon icons make for far more interesting and involved play with each spin – something we guess lots of slot players will be looking for. With 3,125 ways to try and snag prizes, we think the Volsunga slot could be a big hit this week.

Super Heat is the name of this new game from Betsson

Is this going to be a hot new game to play? It should be given the title, but you never know how good a game is going to be, or how well it will match its title. Turns out the game revolves around crime in the city, and there are various characters on the reels who are armed and ready for action.

The game includes four versions of a wild icon. These show a suitcase filled with cash, a bad guy, a police car, and a gun. These will sub for all the other possible symbols apart from the scattered golden police badge. Three of these will unlock the free spins round. Once this is unlocked, you will see mug shots of various criminals. You begin with seven free games, but you can choose some of the mug shots to get additional freebies, multipliers, or modifiers.

Aside from the free games, the Super Heat slot also features Wild Reel spins, a Random Wilds spin, and Walking Wilds. Plenty of action to look forward to there, then!

There is an Indian Ruby to look for in the Merkur slot of the same name

An Indian theme is not a stretch to guess at in this game. However, you might be surprised to see a few elephants charging towards you when the game loads. Beyond that, you can expect to see five reels with 10 lines to bet on. The elephants can appear on those reels along with jewelry and various other items that would fit with the theme.

As you might expect given the title, a ruby is used as the substitute icon. This replaces everything in the game. Even the elephant is included, and since this is the scatter it is an unusual rule. Two or more of those scatters give you a respin where the elephants and rubies on the reels are held while everything else goes through the respin to see if you could win anything. This is known as the Stampede feature.

There is little else to say about this game, but you can expect to have a great time exploring its potential.

Playtech has a Scarab Queen in store for us

Are we heading back to Egypt for the third time this week? We are indeed and upon arrival we are in the safe hands of Playtech. This is a five-reel slot packed out with 50 lines. It looks as though there are some jackpots to shoot for here, although most players will know these offer long odds. Watch out for the Fire Blaze Jackpot promoted on the loading screen though.

The game is sharp and colorful, with lots of familiar Egyptian icons in action. There isn’t much here you will not have seen before, that’s for sure. Four jackpots are listed at the top of the reels, each one much bigger than the last.

Cleopatra often appears in these themed games, and she does so here as well as the wild. She can substitute for everything else apart from the scattered pyramids and the sun. The base game can see her appearing on all reels except for the first one, while the free spins give you the chance to spot her on reel one as well.

Eight free games are awarded for three or more pyramid scatters, while the sun is the way to look for prizes worth up to 50x your total bet. Assorted values appear on each sun, so you never know how this part of the game might pan out. Fill your screen with 15 suns and the biggest jackpot of the lot would come your way.

Mega Burning Wins 27 Ways is ready to play from Playson

We are going to finish with a basic 3 x 3 slot game with fruit on the reels and a wild that simply says WILD. We have seen some complex games this week, so it is nice to see something that is anything but. Do not discount this one though, as Playson has developed a nice little game that still boasts 27 ways you could win.

The icon to watch for here says MEGA. Three of these bonus icons appearing will unlock the bonus wheel. You can also unlock it by finding two scatters and a wild or two wilds and a scatter. Whichever way you do it, you can expect to get the chance to scoop a big prize on that wheel. You can guess there are long odds for getting the wheel to appear, but hey, no one ever knows what the next spin might bring. That alone might be reason enough to check out Mega Burning Wins.

Which of these new titles is going to be your favorite for the week?

We always struggle to select our top title from the many releases to be unlocked each week. Last week was hard as there were 48 new slots to choose from. Did we have an easier choice this week with just 13 to look through?

We are going to pick the Pinata Fiesta game as our preferred title of the week, although the innovative Volsunga slot comes a close second for us. Would you agree with those picks or do you have another title you prefer over those two?