Slots by Type

How many kinds of slots have you encountered on your internet travels from one casino to the next? If you've visited a few, no doubt you have discovered most, if not all, the following slot types around today. The variety of games you can try is great news, as it means there is always something to appeal to your mood. Do you fancy something quick and easy to play or something with far more depth? You can find something to suit you no matter what you are looking for. With plenty of great features throughout the entire slew of slots online today, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Top 3-reel Slots

Here we are with the classic slot game - the 3-reel slot otherwise known as the one-armed bandit or traditional slot machine. These crop up in casinos all over the world and it's not hard to see why - they're fast and easy to play. Think of these machines and you might think of an assortment of familiar fruity symbols to look for. You might also think of cherries and perhaps diamonds or bar symbols. However, there are many other 3-reel slots that provide other themes and even the occasional bonus feature to enjoy too.

Top 5-reel Slots

The five-reel slot game has been produced in hundreds of variations over the years. We've seen these machines in real casinos, of course, but online we have the chance to play thousands of them at numerous casinos. Five-reel games are bigger and often better than smaller ones. There is room for a scatter symbol for starters, capable of perhaps triggering free games or other bonuses. Many 5-reel slots have wild icons and other bonus features too. The five-reel games might also promise cluster pay wins, paylines, or ways to win depending on the individual game.

Top Bonus Slots

Ah, the humble slot game bonus… arguably one of the best features ever to be included in a slot game. You never know where a bonus is going to take you, and that is part of the fun. Some bonuses occur on the reels of the game, while others take you to new locations in keeping with the theme being used. You might take part in a battle or search for buried treasure. It's also possible to play bonus slots that give you two or more separate bonus features to try for. These give more appeal and a greater array of experiences to be had. They are superb to play when you find a bonus slot you love, too.

Top Progressive Slots

Everyone wonders what it would be like to trigger a progressive jackpot. Most of these jackpots have unknown triggers, so it could literally drop on any real paid spin of the reels. Even though we know the odds are long for any individual player trying out these games, people do manage to scoop jackpots throughout the year. That's why most slot players love the top progressive slots, as they're known for delivering huge payouts when they do occur. There are some famous titles in this collection, some of which you might already be familiar with. How many could you name?

Top 3D Slots

Do you remember when the first 3D slot game was released? The game broke new ground and gave us something amazing to experience. No wonder it garnered so many headlines. Even then, we could not have imagined seeing so many other 3D slots following hot on its heels. Today, we could argue the 3D slot game is about the most popular one you could ever hope to play. The creativity and innovation shown by several major developers has made the 3D slot game an incredible one to play and enjoy.

7-reel Slots

Do you ever get tired of seeing slots with three or five reels to spin? These are among the most popular formats around, of course, but there are other possibilities you can try. Have you ever encountered a 7-reel slot, for example? They are there to be found if you look closely, and they provide even more to look for on the reels. Of course, with seven reels in play, it means you get the chance to score prizes for up to seven matching icons on a line. You cannot guarantee any special features will be included, but even if your slots don't include such features, playing over seven reels is a specialty experience, wouldn't you say?