New Slot Game Releases

Are you searching for a new slot game to play today? If you are, you are in the best place to find something that will appeal. There were a monster 33 new releases last week, and they were delivered by big names in the casino industry too. Will there be a firm favorite for you in there or will you spot a few new treats to explore?

We’ve already gone through them all, so you can read our review below to find out all you need to know before making your choice. And stay tuned for the end of the review where we reveal our favorite release of the week. Will you agree with our pick? Read on and find out more.

Behold the Dragon Horn from Thunderkick

The first dragon we will greet this week is not the last, but here we refer to the game from Thunderkick. This dragon is looking right at us and has countless very sharp teeth. Is it friendly? Can we expect it to pop up on the reels of the game as we play, perhaps as a wild symbol? Let’s find out.

The game has a nice flat design – about as far from a 3D game as you can get. It is designed that way though and looks better for it too. You will meet various characters as you begin to play the game. Each one appears in their own colors, making it easy to see if you’ve matched three green, purple, or blue icons, for example.

This game enjoys a fantasy theme, of course, giving you a chance to appreciate various settings and elements as you play. We would recommend the demo first, as always, so you get the chance to figure out whether this is the ideal game for you. We certainly love the design of the game, which gives you a nice solid element to look forward to no matter what happens on each spin.

Welcome to the Monopoly Grand Hotel, says WMS

It looks as though it is time for yet another foray into the online world of Monopoly, as brought to life by WMS. We’ve seen and played plenty of Monopoly games already, and now we have the chance to enter Monopoly: Grand Hotel to see what lies behind its door. The familiar man with the top hat sticks out his hand to greet us and welcome us inside… but what shall we find there?

We get five reels with three rows present on them. Meanwhile, above those reels, we will see four progressive jackpots ready to be scooped by a few fortunate players. Lots of familiar icons are here too, with the GO sign, some dice, a car, a boat, and various other icons that are sometimes seen as playing pieces in the board game.

This is a colorful game, with stacks of coins and the familiar Monopoly banknotes to be seen in the background. There is an opportunity to net some free spins in Monopoly: Grand Hotel as well. These are very nice as they bring the car icon on the game board into play. Every car you spin into view on the reels during your free games will secure a cash prize. We rather like the sound of that.

The famous man of the game is the wild icon, replacing most other symbols seen in the game. The exceptions are the house, the hotel, and the GO symbol. He can appear over the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels of the game. The house and hotel symbols appear as the green and red icons respectively, just as you would expect them to. You will secure the GO Feature if you get three GO symbols on a spin. This is where the progressive jackpots can be secured, although free games and cash prizes can also be won. Those games are where the Free Parking Bonus we mentioned earlier comes into play. Speaking of play, are you ready to play the new Monopoly: Grand Hotel slot?

Casumo introduces us to a Wild Gruff Crossing

Who or what is a gruff and is it indeed wild? And where does it cross anyway? The title of this slot game immediately caught our eye, even though the image reveals very little about it. However, if you click through to the game you will realize it takes place underneath a bridge – the bridge near where the Billy Goats Gruff live. Remember the troll underneath that bridge? Yep, he appears in this game too, complete with huge teeth.

Various weapons such as a sword and a hammer appear on the reels of this game. You will also spot some gems there. This five-reel game features 20 paylines and has cascading wins, much like several other recent slot games have had. These are winning combinations that disappear and are then replaced by new symbols in the hope of winning something else. This will carry on until you get a losing spin. Better yet, though, is the fact you could benefit from one, two, or three Goat Wilds added to reel five if you get multiple successful cascades carrying on.

These wilds then move over one reel to the left with each successive spin. You can then try and scoop some free spins by successfully getting one, two, or three Goat Wilds over past reel one. Doing this would bring you five, 10, or 15 free games to enjoy.

This is a great game that does well to bring the story of the Billy Goats Gruff to action. We cannot recall another slot game that uses this story, let alone one that has a story as good as this. Will you give it a try to see if you like it, and to see if that troll is really as bad as he is made out to be?

Marlo Polo is brought to life by Red Rake

Have you heard of Marco Polo? The famous explorer may have died in the 14th century, but his name is still one of the most famous around us today. He now graces the title screen of the new Marco Polo slot game from Red Rake. However, we cannot help but feel the guy we see here looks like a modern take on the great explorer. You’ll see what we mean when you check it out.

The game has some good elements built into it that work well with the theme. Marco himself is the wild icon, and there is a yin yang icon that acts as the free spin trigger. The good news is the wild can also contribute to the triggering combination required to access those free spins.

The icons used in the rest of the game are very nice. Expect to spot some fans, some coins, and possibly a compass or two. There is a book too, but all the icons are detailed and nicely drawn. One screenshot also shows a choice between an instant win prize and some free spins, the latter of which is shown on a crude map. So, if you’d rather not play the spins and just go for the prize, you can do just that.

Pariplay is the source for this Dragon Prophecy

Can we foretell a good game release here from Pariplay? That is the meaning of a prophecy, after all, and yet this one relates to a dragon. The female in warrior dress who greets us in the opening image of this game enjoys a flaming backdrop, so will this be a dramatic game in which the dragon is our foe?

The backdrop is just as dramatic for the five-reel game when it begins. There is a green-headed dragon rearing up on the reels, but it is not breathing fire, so that seems safer. Expect other icons to appear too, including a weapon, a potion bottle, and a horn.

If three appearances of the dragon’s head should turn up in a spin, you will secure 15 free games. The dragon only appears over the middle three reels. During these games, watch out for two appearances of the warrior woman. If this happens, it will nudge you onto a wild reel. This could potentially have some good outcomes. The woman, as you might have guessed, is a wild icon in her own right, replacing all but the scatter and the chest. She only shows up on the middle three reels. The chest, meanwhile, is a high-paying symbol and must appear three or more times anywhere to trigger the appropriate prize. There are a few other delights to be discovered in this game too, so keep an eye on the reels to see what happens next.

1x2 Gaming has a Neon Fruit Cityscape in store

Neon Fruit Cityscape… is it just us or does this sound like a mix of three themes thrown together into one? We do see a cityscape in the title imagery for this game, but beyond that we spot a 5 x 4 format with some standard symbols appearing in neon against a black background. That means fruit, of course, but also diamonds, horseshoes, and sevens.

The game has a scatter symbol that says FREE on it. You guessed correctly if you guessed three, four, or five of these would result in 10, 15, or 25 free games respectively. You cannot retrigger these as the FREE icon only appears in standard play. When you are inside the free spins feature you can look for the wild multiplier icon. This shows a value, i.e. x2, that substitutes for all the basic symbols and applies the value shown to the prize.

This game has 20 paylines and very little else worth mentioning. As such, we think it will probably appeal most to those who are keen to play a game that feels traditional and yet has a few neat twists to share as well.

Watch out – there is a Voodoo Shark coming from Merkur Gaming

A shark isn’t the sort of thing you would want to see coming at you, but it can turn out to be a valuable addition to a slot game. However, we don’t see too many slots focusing on a voodoo theme, and much less games that put the two together. It isn’t a voodoo shark we see on the title screen though – it is a voodoo frog. Will this be a lucky frog or something else entirely?

You might be surprised to see a 3 x 3 format for this game, although it feels far from being a regular three-reel slot. There are five marked paylines to bet on, making this game an appealing one for small-budget players to check out. There are some magical items on those reels too, from the frog we mentioned before to some potion bottles and a spell book.

The game also features a Rewin Feature. You must achieve a whole screen filled with one symbol featuring in all nine spots to trigger this. No further details are given on what this feature might involve, but it certainly sounds good. With an RTP value of 95.65%, this game could turn out to be promising if you like three-reel games with some extra punch.

NetEnt releases Dead or Alive 2

NetEnt comes at us again this week with yet another new addition to their impressive collection of games. It’s time for Dead or Alive 2, launching on all platforms and devices to make it accessible to as many players as possible. This is a highly volatile slot, so make sure that is your thing before you play it. There is, of course, a demo of the game you can try first to see what you think. This is a five-reel game packed with action and featuring just nine paylines – a lot less than many of NetEnt’s other games.

It’s been an incredible nine years since the first version of this slot was released, so it was high time for a sequel. It’s been worth the wait though, as you’ll see when you start to learn more about it. For example, you shouldn’t expect a wild symbol in this game… expect five of them instead. Each one is shown as a famous outlaw and each is restricted to its own reel. All but the scatter, as per usual, can be replaced by those wild icons.

The highlight of the game is the free spin round though. That’s because there are three to choose from. To get there, you must find three scattered bull skulls on the reels. You then receive a standard 12 free games to play. However, before you play them, you will select one of three bonuses. These are called the Train Heist, the Old Saloon, and the High Noon Saloon. Each one comes with a progressively higher variance, so choose according to what you’re happy with. There are sticky wilds, multipliers, and other features depending on which version you choose.

The original game won lots of fans, but we think this one is going to win plenty more. While the game is impressive on its own, it stands as one of the best sequels we have ever seen too.

Betsoft is ready to take us on a Viking Voyage

There is no shock to discover we are going to meet some Vikings on our journey through the reels of this slot. Betsoft delivers a fine game featuring some Viking ships in the opening image, so what will it deliver once we get to the game itself?

The game makes the most of its 2D appearance, delivering a blocky look that works well within the wooden game frame. Even though we have traditional letters and numbers acting as the low-value symbols, we also have a stone appearance reserved for those, so it all fits in nicely.

If you’d rather not wait to trigger the 12 free games included in the bonus feature, you can buy your way into it if you wish. Regardless of how you get there, anything won during those spins will be worth triple its usual value. The game also includes a wild Viking who can expand to complete his entire reel if three appear, triggering a free re-spin at the same time. The bonus icon is the Viking ship itself, complete with majestic sails. This is the free game trigger.

Finally, Odin’s Raven is the scatter with three, four, or five of these leading to a scatter prize. The wild warrior can substitute for this too – an unusual yet welcome rule that guarantees you could get closer to those scatter prizes even when two or fewer appear. This game has enough to satisfy fans of Viking-themed slots and certainly more than enough to satisfy most other players too. Will you like what you see here?

There is a Secret Trail Match 3 game in store now from Green Tube

We like the sound of a secret trail, but what does this trail hold in store for us and where does it lead? The game reveals a far bigger screen than some of our other games reviewed here this week. Indeed, it might be the biggest one of all, featuring an 8 x 7 matrix that always has a lot going on. Most of the icons appear to be gems, with various shapes shown on the reels. Bells and bombs can also appear though, so there are some more unusual elements here as well.

Not all symbols can create winning combinations, but three or more symbols of the same color must be removed at a time if they are adjacent on the screen. Winning symbols are those featured in the paytable, and they must drop from above if they appear during play. These symbols must either be exploded by other special icons or reach the bottom of the reels to win. Bombs can wipe out large quantities of symbols at once, so watch out for these to be created and to do their work.

This is very different from many other traditional slot games. It is akin to the cluster pays games you’ve probably seen before, but it does not hold as an identical game. Make sure you give this one a go in demo mode first, so you can see how it works. It’s good to try if you are looking for something you haven’t played before. It feels like a slot with a few differences. Will that suit you?

2by2 Gaming invites us to learn more about the Magic of Pandora

Opening Pandora’s Box is something most of us know we should not do, even if we cannot remember why. Pandora is a mythical character from ancient Greek times – not a god, but she was created as human by Hephaestus. Pandora’s Box refers to a container she decided to open, inside which were many evils and unwanted things that had previously been kept from the world. Today, we would say that opening Pandora’s Box risks setting in motion an unwanted chain of events.

So, what does the Magic of Pandora reveal to us in this new 2by2 Gaming slot game, we wonder? Well, the box holds some interesting things inside it, just as it did in the myth (at least, we think it is a myth). If one or two snakes should slither out of the box, one or two of the middle three reels will go wild. That’s worth opening the box for, wouldn’t you say? The box might reveal this at random, but it could also reveal an extra wild icon or some additional paylines.

The five-reel slot delivers three icons per reel, so taking on the format seen in many other games. The reels are set inside a golden surround, with suggestions of a garden backdrop beyond. The game also offers a chance to scoop up some free spins, where you are guaranteed eight of them to play for three triggering symbols. Find four or five triggers and you’ll get 12 or 16 spins instead. However, you do have a choice here – you can either accept the random feature you are awarded or create one of your own. The three features involve the same three seen in the Pandora’s Box bonus, so you can decide how you want to play this element of the game if you get this far.

Nolimitcity introduces the all-new Tombstone slot game

Tombstone might make you think this slot is set in a graveyard, but that is not the case. Instead, you will see a slot based on the Wild West. That much is certain when you see the two pistols featuring on the wooden Tombstone sign that introduces this game from Nolimitcity.

The game shows us an unusual 2-3-3-3-2 format with 108 possible ways we could net some prizes with each spin. A message on the right of the reels tells us how many ways we’ve got prizes whenever we manage to do just that. There are sticks of dynamite, sheriffs’ badges, horseshoes, and gold bars to be spotted on the reels as you spin. What else might you find there?

You can look out for Outlaw Wilds, which come in the guise of outlaw posters. These feature multiplier values that change depending on how the wilds move. Every step the poster nudges across the reels, the multiplier goes up by 1x. You will be watching these closely, that’s for sure. Aside from these, you can also net yourself three Justice Spins if you get the sheriff and marshal badge appearing on the screen. As if that was not enough, there is a scattered dollar sign to look for as well. Three of those give you the chance to play 10 Gunslinger Spins – yes, another set of spins to look out for. These include sticky multipliers courtesy of those Outlaw Wilds.

And we still haven’t finished. We can also reveal 12 Bounty Spins are given to the player upon another trigger, whereby a combination of features included in the other two free spin features are given to you. The Wild West styling of the game looks superb and is a real delight. If you haven’t tried the demo of Tombstone yet, we suggest you check it out now.

Forever Diamonds are the theme in this new Gamomat slot

One thing you would expect to see in the image promoting this slot game is diamonds, right? You can indeed see them hanging from the ears of the woman on the screen. You can also spot them hanging from the chandelier and around the neck of said woman. Even the title looks as though it has been carved from diamonds. But will this game be a diamond to play or will it be a disappointment?

We see 10 lines marked on either side of the five reels of this game. We can also see the usual Gamomat-style controls underneath the reels. Nothing too difficult so far. We will spot the woman on the reels as we play, along with a cute pug, a diamond on a green cushion, and other trappings of wealth. You might guess the woman would be a wild symbol and she is, replacing other symbols to help you notch up some winning combinations wherever possible. She can appear in stacks as well, so that might be even more useful.

While the lady replaces everything else appearing in Forever Diamonds, she does represent the only special feature in the game. That means this may or may not have everything you could want from a slot. Only you can decide whether you like the game enough to give it a shot.

Stake Logic unleashes Hot Fruits Deluxe Quattro

The title tells us exactly what we should expect from the game, with plenty of fruits appearing alongside the usual diamonds you’d see in a basic slot game. The diamonds are handy to spot too, since they are scatters and therefore award the usual scatter prizes whenever three or more appear.

The remainder of the game is predictable, with five reels, five paylines, and plenty of two-dimensional fruit in basic format popping up with each spin. There isn’t much else to reveal about this game, which has clearly been designed to provide the classic slot player with something a bit bigger than the traditional three-reel fruity slot we all know about. Has Stake Logic put enough into this game to tempt you to check it out?

High 5 Games reveals Pele’s Paradise

Pele might make you think of the famous footballer, but it would appear we have something else in store for us in this game. A flame-haired woman features on the title screen, holding something that glows with a golden hue. We cannot tell what it is, but we want to know more.

The game takes us to a ‘beautiful oasis’ according to the promo details we have seen. There is a wild icon shown as an idol with the word WILD in its mouth, and a bonus symbol where that word is written in pink over a green background. Jackpot icons can also appear, taking you to a screen where you can net one of several progressive jackpots. Add in the chance to secure some Blinking Bucks (yes, that’s the name given), and it is easy to see there are lots of features in this exotic game. We suggest you look through the paytable and take it for a test spin first.

Dr Fortuno is revealed by Yggdrasil

No one wants to have cause to see a doctor, but you might make an exception for this one. Dr Fortuno looks more like a magician than a doc – he even has some playing cards tucked into the band on his hat. The game certainly features some awesome elements, not least of which is the Wheel of Fortuno. You will take a spin on this whenever you secure a prize with the aid of a wild symbol. You get the same number of spins on the wheel as you got wilds in the winning line (or lines).

The Wheel of Fortuno has various outcomes, one of which could be the progressive jackpot. Who knows what might spin into view? Other potential options include coin wins, multipliers, and varying amounts of free games.

Dr Fortuno himself takes on the role of the wild and can appear in full-height form. Meanwhile, there are other people who can appear in full height too – the Night Twins, Fire Head, and the Water Witch, for example. There is a bonus top hat to look for as well, so you can see there is much going on here. Three top hats take you through to play 10 free spins, but the more triggering top hats you get, the more bonus features you will secure. Three, four, or five hats will reveal one, two, or three features. No Lows, 2x Multiplier, More Wilds, and +5 Free Spins or +10 Free Spins could be secured here, along with other possibilities.

It’s clear this game is packed to the rafters with great features, and therefore it ranks as one of our most popular games of the week. Will it be our top favorite? We have a few left to review yet…

Just for the Win brings us the Rockabilly Wolves slot

There are some cartoon wolves waiting for us in this game from Just for the Win. The appearance of the game follows that idea in every respect, too. The wolves can appear on the wild icon, while the Rockabilly Wolves logo can appear over an entire reel. There are flaming eight balls and cherries to look for as well, so this is a real mix of old and new in cartoon form. We like it!

This is a five-reel, 20-line game, so the format certainly isn’t anything new. However, since the game was produced in association with Microgaming, you can bet there are some intriguing elements built into it as well.

Look out for the free spin icon to appear over the middle three reels. Two of these will be held on the reels while the third one of the middle set of reels spins again to see if you can make it a set of three. If you do, or if you get all three free spin icons to start with, the free spin feature is yours to play. Nine free games are given to you here, in which the middle reel becomes a Multiplier Sticky Wild for all nine spins. However, other Multiplier Sticky Wilds might also appear, so there is a lot to shoot for if you try this new game.

Red Tiger is the creator of the new Mega Dragon slot

So, how big is this new dragon anyway? That is what we are about to find out, as the title image for this game reveals very little about any dragon, much less a mega one. Instead, it has golden lettering over a vague background, and yet it still manages to pique our curiosity.

The game is set inside a temple – an effect we’ve seen before, but not with this size screen in action. There are eight reels here, each featuring seven icons, so there is a lot to look at. The usual letters and numbers you’d see on playing cards are here, but you get other more valuable symbols in play too.

The idea, as you might have guessed, is to get matching sets of adjacent icons to secure prizes. A golden idol might assist you as this is labeled as a wild. You can net up to 3,888x your bet as a prize here, especially if the Mega Dragon itself slithers into view. If two or more wilds appear adjacent to each other, the Golden Dragon can appear to transform other random symbols into wilds as well. It also has the power to clone other symbols into high-paying symbols, which gives you yet more to watch out for as you get to grips with this engaging game.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways is the name of the game from Blueprint Gaming

Even if you don’t like fishing, we think you will like the look of this new game from Blueprint Gaming. This is another six-reel addition to the ever-growing group of six-reel slots we have reviewed so far in 2019. Will there be others? We think there might be.

First, we should reveal that each reel can display different quantities of icons to keep things interesting. Might you see two, three, four, or five on each reel? Yes, that is a possibility. And since this is a Megaways slot, the amount of ways you could find prizes can vary with each spin. The greatest quantity is a massive 15,625 Megaways. No wonder this game is popular already, even days after its release.

Watch out for a boat steaming toward you with a sunset (or sunrise?) behind it. It is labeled as a scatter and therefore delivers scatter prizes should you find enough of them. These prizes involve between 10 and 50 free games. During those free games, a fisherman appears as a scatter and can catch the fish icon to reel in some additional wins for you. This adds up to a very appealing game in our view. Do you agree?

PG Soft is home to this Jungle Delight

But is it going to be a delight to play, we wonder? We love the title imagery for the game – a dark background that reveals nothing, but the Jungle Delight title is shown in green and cream, with the suggestion of some carvings on the Delight word. And yes, there is half a coconut there as well.

But what about the actual game? Well, we are informed we can secure up to 15,000s our bet with sticky symbols appearing in the free spins if we get that far. The 5 x 3 game is packed with some tasty exotic fruit – not the sort you’d normally see in slot games. The coconut is broken open to reveal its status as a wild symbol, while a golden temple appears as a scatter. Three of these are enough for unlocking some free games.

There are mystery boxes that can appear on the reels as well. With all that to contend with, who knows what else might come forth from this jungle if you decide to venture inside?

The Wildlife comes to us from Belatra Games

A majestic lion greets us as we load this new title from Belatra Games. Perhaps not the most famous of game creators, Belatra has nonetheless given us an impressive game to view in The Wildlife. It looks good too, using a five-reel set that has a 4-3-4-3-4 formation to view as we play. bears, eagles, zebras, and more animals all appear on the reels. All the regular letters and numbers have bugs on them too. It made us feel a bit itchy, but that’s no biggie!

The lion appears with The Wildlife written underneath, and here it is the highest-paying symbol by some distance. It can deliver prizes worth up to 12,500 credits depending on the number of icons found on a line. As you might have guessed, this is also the wild icon. With 50 lines in store for you in this one, you might suspect there is ample room to secure some free games. There is, too, with the usual three scatters required to be found for this to occur. The games can be triggered again, with a maximum of 100 free games available. Add in the chance to spot a photographer on the third reel together with a pre-chosen animal and there is also a chance to secure a wild reel. It adds a neat twist to The Wildlife as you play.

BGaming says Hello Easter

Easter is over for another year, but it won’t stop fans playing games like Hello Easter, featuring the familiar Easter Bunny and a… well, we were going to say chick, but this looks fully grown to us! The hen is carrying an Easter egg though, so that’s good enough.

BGaming has created a nice slot with various Easter-themed icons popping up over the five reels. There are just nine paylines in this one, with chicks, hens, and bunnies appearing all over the place too. There isn’t much to say about this one as they’ve kept things nice and simple, but if you like basic slots, this one certainly packs in a nice color scheme and is nice and light to look at too. Easter may have disappeared, but this one might be around for a while yet.

Fruits Deluxe Easter Edition is released by Spinomenal

We have seen a handful of Easter-themed slots popping up in the last week or two. This is another one, offering a fruity theme mixed with the Easter break. From the title, you might guess this will be your standard fruity fare with an Easter twist. There are wild cherries and a bonus icon to spot, with a few Easter eggs spotted at the sides of the reels too.

There is a random multiplier that could potentially be applied to successful combinations if it appears. Extra wilds can also be given, with up to eight having the potential to appear in one spin. This can also lead to a 2x or 3x multiplier being given to the appropriate successful line prize.

If you manage to get to the bonus game, you will spin the wheel shown on the screen. There are coin wins and free games to be secured here, so what will you manage to find on that wheel?

The Great Gorilla stomps towards us from Casino Technology

There aren’t many games out there today that boast the same number of reels as they do paylines. However, this one does, with five of each in action. You can expect to see a gorilla on those reels too, and it could indeed be a great one. Not only is the gorilla your wild icon for this game, it is also able to appear over an entire reel.

The remainder of the symbols are familiar, since they represent fruit and sevens. However, each symbol has eyes – even the number seven – so it gives a more cartoonish feel to the game. Does that tell you all you need to know about this latest release from Casino Technology? We hope so – there is nothing new here, but what you do get is a great little game that is easy to play if you have a smaller budget.

There is a Mega Pyramid in store for us from Red Tiger

This game has already proven to be a huge hit in the online casinos featuring it in their collection. Will that trend continue? If the title didn’t give away the theme, the imagery that accompanies it will. It shows a pyramid with an Egyptian queen underneath it. Add in a couple of golden snakes – asps, perhaps – and it becomes clear this could well be Cleopatra.

We’ve seen the theme before, but since this game has already done well online, we guess it must have something worth checking out. It provides a 5 x 4 matrix packed with the usual mix of Egyptian symbols. Behind the reels we see a pyramid. Cleopatra is the trigger for the free spins, and if you win 10 of those, you will see the scene descend into night time to play them.

Cleopatra doesn’t just appear and disappear on the next spin though. She can lock into position for a random quantity of spins, so it might be easier to claim those freebies thanks to that skill. The game also includes a Pyramid Eye feature, which can also be great fun to spot.

The game does therefore deliver a couple interesting features you may not have seen before. Solidly built and ready to try today, will it continue to be a favorite among players?

Play’n Go has a Crystal Sun shining in view this week

The sun shines in the center of the title image for this game. A crystal star appears around the outside of it, along with a suitably crystal-like word to represent the title. We’ve been sent into space countless times before, but today we will enjoy a classic five-reel game offering wilds on reels two through to four. Whenever these appear, they expand and award the player free re-spins. They feature multiplier values too, as you will see when you try the game.

You might have played other slots where up to three re-spins can be attained if another wild appears on one of those middle reels on the first re-spin. This is valid for this game as well. The multipliers that appear during the re-spins can also multiply together, giving you a value that goes as high as 9x. Is that reason enough to try out this game to see what you think?

Take some Space Spins on this new game from Electric Elephant

There is no shock to see planets and aliens flying around in the background for the Space Spins slot. Even the title looks to be leaning backward from you, much like a certain famous movie did back in the Seventies!

But will this slot game put your head in a spin or will you like what you see here? The space theme has been done many times before, but this one feels positive from the moment you see the opening screen. Does the game itself deliver on that feeling? We think so, especially as you will see a mammoth 5 x 5 screen in front of you. A confused-looking alien, planets, and space ships can all turn up on those reels, along with the usual mix of letters and numbers.

The game does feature a wild, one that takes on the look of the writing seen in the title. They can randomly expand too, so you might end up looking at a far larger wild than you think. One screenshot revealed a wild that expanded horizontally over four spaces, making it possible to secure prizes where it would not otherwise have been a possibility. On closer inspection, the game has four wilds that could potentially appear. One can expand horizontally and another one, you guessed it… expands vertically should it appear. The others seem very nice to spot too. And you can score a prize for three or more wilds on a payline.

The game also has a free spins icon that uses those two words to make it simple to see. Eight free games look to be a possibility if three or more appear. With 40 lines in store for you, Space Spins does look like the type of game to get you in a spin.

There is a Colossus Kingdom in store from Spinomenal

Colossus Kingdom sounds like a huge game, doesn’t it? Spinomenal is certainly a big provider of great slot games, so perhaps this new entry in their collection is going to be a massive hit. We see three characters in the title image, giving us the chance to guess at a fairytale theme. But where does the colossus part of the name come into play?

From the look of the game itself, it seems as if the name refers to the size of some of the icons that can appear over the five-reel layout. This typically brings us a 4-3-3-3-4 format to make things more interesting. However, if you secure a Colossus Spin in this game, you will see large symbols measuring 3 x 3 taking over those three middle reels. If the same symbol appears anywhere on reel one in that Colossus Spin, you are guaranteed several four-icon prizes. That alone makes this new slot game worth a closer look, wouldn’t you say?

The wild is represented by a thoughtful man wearing a red cape. He can substitute for everything apart from the free spin icon and the bonus wheel icon. He cannot show up as a Colossus symbol though, which is a shame, but it is understandable. To get the free games, the free spin icon must occupy the three middle reels as a Colossus symbol. If the bonus wheel appears as a Colossus symbol fully over those middle reels, it will grant entry to the bonus game.

We can also look forward to mystery symbols, a nudge feature, and the chance to win a multiplier or some free games from the bonus wheel too. Is that enough to inspire you to take the Colossus Kingdom slot game for a spin?

Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air is the longest title release from IGT

For this week anyway! We love Mega Jackpots games as they are instantly recognizable from the Mega Jackpots logo. We all know Wheel of Fortune too, and here we get both elements rolled into one. The good news is every player wagering real bets on the game will be in with a chance to score a progressive jackpot. It doesn’t matter if you wager the smallest bet either.

You’ll see the wheel itself to the left of the game reels. There are five of those with a golden Wheel of Fortune logo appearing on them. You will also spot valuable rings, cars, and planes among other things. The wheel itself could award you with wild reels, a re-spin, a multiplier, mystery symbols, and much more besides. You’ll be watching the wheel as much as the reels when you begin to play this game.

If you manage to get through to the bonus feature, triggered by three of the golden logos, you can spin the wheel shown to win the contents of whichever golden envelope it lands on. If you open the envelope to find a Mega Jackpots token, guess what… you’ll have scored the progressive jackpot. We know that probably won’t happen, but every envelope contains a treat, so it’s worth shooting for that round if you can.

This is the latest Mega Jackpots entry to the slot game world and we think it will be just as much fun to play as the rest… perhaps even more so.

Madame Luck could shine on you if you are fortunate while playing this Pariplay title

Madame Luck greets us as we load this game ready to play. It is immediately apparent that the game offers us the chance to enjoy an Oriental feel. The presence of golden icons including a Buddha would confirm that. There are no fewer than five jackpot amounts on top of the five reels of this game, so we can enjoy looking at those as we play. Will we be fortunate enough to scoop one, we wonder? We can only hope.

The circular green symbol is good to look for, as three of these in a spin will bring you eight free games. Eight is a lucky number, so perhaps those spins will be good for you too. Find four or five scattered symbols and 18 or 28 games respectively will be awarded instead.

In those free games, more doors are added to the reels. Doors, you ask? Yes – you might find doors as you play. The Revealing Doors feature means that all doors present in the same spin will open to show you the same symbol. This means it could net you some prizes even when nothing was awarded to start with.

The woman is the wild icon, substituting everything except for the scattered green symbol mentioned above. She can appear if all the positions on the same reel are shown as doors. If this should occur, she will appear as a full height wild on that reel once the doors open.

As for winning a jackpot, this is only possible via the Jackpot Bonus game. This is randomly triggered by a spin that includes a wild, so watch out in case it should occur. You then see a 5 x 3 screen filled with doors. Open them to find out which jackpot prize is hiding behind each one. You must match three identical jackpot names to win the associated pot. With 243 possible ways you could get prizes in each spin, Madame Luck could certainly shine on you if you give this game a try.

Sky Gems 5 Wilds is delivered by Booongo

It’s a long title but we like the suggestion of five wilds appearing in this game. Will it hold out as true when we look more closely at the game itself? You can secure up to 1,500x your bet playing this game, and wilds can appear on all five reels, which might relate to the title. The wilds are shown as four-leaf clover-shaped green gems, so they are easy enough to see as the reels stop spinning. You can also win both ways as you get things underway.

As you might have guessed, the game offers us a standard 5 x 3 format with lots of valuable gems appearing over the reels. You will see sparkling sevens too, so this has a lot in common with some of the basic slots you might have played elsewhere. The clover is the best-paying symbol of all those in action, paying out decent amounts for three or more appearing in sequence from the left or right.

The wild is also an expanding wild rather than a regular one. It appears on every reel and awards the player a free re-spin whenever it appears. You can secure up to four re-spins in a row, assuming one wild reel appears on each one. If that occurred, you’d end up with a complete screen filled with wilds. Wouldn’t that be nice to see?

There are just 10 lines to play on here, and the wild feature re-spin is the only special feature to look for. That said, Sky Gems 5 Wilds will win plenty of fans as it is simple to play and get to grips with.

Step into the Fairy Hollow from Top Trend Gaming this week

What does this Fairy Hollow hold in store for us, we wonder? Fairies and magical settings appear in lots of slot games. Will this one be able to offer us anything different or more exciting? It would appear from the loading screen that it will. There are free games on offer, multipliers worth up to 10x, and a Second Chance Swap feature as well.

The Dragon Pick Bonus is where those free games can be found. To get this far in the game, you must find two scatters to trigger the Hold ‘n’ Spin feature. You must then lock five of the bonus scatters in place to trigger the free games. All reels containing a bonus scatter will lock in place while everything else spins again. If you find another scatter, that locks too and your re-spin total resets to three. Will you go all the way and find all five scatters that you need to trigger the free games?

If you do go that far, you can expect to click on two of the scatters to reveal what you have won. The first click reveals the quantity of free games and the second reveals the multiplier for those games. You can also swap for another pick in either case if you want to, i.e. the Second Chance Swap feature.

Since we are in Fairy Hollow, the fairy herself is the wild for the duration of the game. She replaces everything except for that bonus scatter icon. You will play the game over 25 lines, and with the features mentioned above, we think this one is set to be very popular in the coming weeks.

AGS has some Jade Wins action in store for us

With jade mentioned in the title of this game alone, it is not a surprise to spot the jade coloring of the word itself. There is a hint of symbols behind the title, but to reveal more about the game itself we would need to explore the options and to load it to see what it holds in store for us. We know enough to confirm this has an Asian feel to it, especially with jade used as the theme here.

You will spot the familiar 5 x 3 format in this game, but instead of paylines we will get the opportunity to try out a 243 way wins configuration. One good thing about the game is the presence of a progressive jackpot. This has a reset value of $10k from the information we’ve gleaned about the slot, so even if it hasn’t long been triggered, it resets to a pleasing value. There are other progressive jackpots available alongside the main one too, which is good news.

You can also benefit from spotting a wild symbol in play, not to mention searching for some free games should you achieve the right trigger for this. If you do, 10 freebies would be yours to play. Those can be retriggered too – even better news for you. Will you check out the new Jade Wins slot game to see what you think?

Is there a favorite title among all those newcomers to the slot game scene?

We always find it a challenge to pick a favorite game, especially when there are so many new releases in the same week. With 33 new titles to choose from, could we narrow it down to just one?

This week has seen a new Monopoly slot release, so would we choose that one? No, we’re going to opt for Dr Fortuno as our favorite slot game. This one comes with so many neat features and twists we think it is a winner. Will you agree with our assessment? Check it out, along with the many other delights that await you this week!