Week for New Slots Releases

Yes, indeed… last week was a huge week for new releases, with another 21 titles hitting the internet ready to delight players both old and new alike. We have a slew of titles to get through here, taking us to ancient Rome, Ecuador, a pixie-filled forest, and many other locations as well. Big-name providers include Yggdrasil, ELK, Blueprint Gaming, Spinmatic, Ainsworth, and StakeLogic among others.

Are you ready to take a memorable journey into the new slots for this week in February 2019? We are, and we’re ready to see if we can pick a favorite too.

Beware the Wild Wolf from Betixon

Some wolves are cartoon-like and cute. Not so the one from Betixon though. This one looks mean and foreboding. We cannot imagine it is connected to anything good in this game, but we have been proven wrong before. The game itself might surprise you as you receive a 3 x 3 set of reels to play on. It is a colorful affair, with numerous characters and icons on the reels. Some are golden animals, albeit looking more like pinatas than anything else.

You will see four multiplier symbols above those reels, ranging from 2x to 5x. Meanwhile, the wolf proves to be the bonus symbol. Three of those on a winning line will trigger the bonus. However, another green-hued character is also revealed as a bonus symbol, where the same element applies. With eight lines and very little else by way of info, this might be one to try in demo mode to find out more.

There are some Cheeky Monkeys on the loose from Booming Games

Plenty of cheeky monkeys are waiting to greet us on the opening screen of this new title from Booming Games. But will it prove to be a booming success?

We love a good loading screen and this game gives us just that. You can check out the chance to win some free games, possibly with the aid of the gorilla. There are High Five interacting symbols, wild flowers, bonus symbols, multipliers… you never know what you’ll be faced with next.

While the game has five regular reels, a sixth one appears on the right of these, surrounded by vines. This is the bonus reel, and it is where many of the special symbols can appear. Free spin scatters can appear there, along with those interacting symbols and multipliers. What will you find on that reel if you try this game for size?

Green Tube invites us into a Gangster Paradise

Venturing into a gangster paradise wouldn’t seem like a smart choice. However, we have seen the gangster theme used in slot games before and it has always done well. The Twenties theme for this version looks very nice indeed, with the usual Mafia members appearing in play. There is a bonus shield to look for, not to mention some members of the police. The wild appears as a close-up of the chamber of a gun, with six bullets in it. You can play over 20 lines and spin five reels with each go to see what happens next.

The game is not the biggest nor the most complex one we have ever come across. However, Green Tube has done well with the theme’s presentation and it might prove to be a good slot to check out if you like the gangster theme.

Helioluna is the title of a new game from Spinmatic

Some games make their themes hugely obvious, while others leave you scratching your head when you see the titles. Helioluna from Spinmatic certainly falls into the latter category. Two strange figures appear on the opening screen, with the sun on the left and the moon on the right. Does the title perhaps make more sense now?

The game does pack plenty into its usual 5 x 3 format. With sun and moon icons and appearances from those two characters as well, the reels bring up some interesting features on each spin. We love the design, especially the detailing put into the controls under the reels.

Respins are possible that are connected to each of those characters too. While respins often mean you do not get a chance to secure any freebies to play, that is not the case here. Instead, you get no fewer than three versions of the free spin games to play. There are different wilds too, so if you like a game that looks appealing and has lots of variety in it, this is one you should check out when you have time.

Get ready for a Feather Frenzy from Green Tube

A feather frenzy doesn’t sound like something good, does it? It sounds rather like a disagreement between birds hasn’t ended well. So, we guess we are going to meet some birds on the reels of this game from Green Tube. We do, indeed, and they come in many sparkling colors. Expect a mix of fruit to appear too though; they look as if they have accidentally strayed in from another game.

Meanwhile, 20 lines and five reels are on offer. The wild doesn’t relate to the theme either, as it is a diamond. There is also a golden bonus egg here. Three of those unlock 10 free spins, where one or more sets of golden keys unlock various birds for bonus win possibilities. The keys will only appear over the middle three reels, while up to 25 games are possible to get if you find more bonus eggs to start with. This is also the only symbol that cannot be substituted by the wild.

3 Diamonds is the new slot released by Top Trend Gaming

Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend… but will they be yours if you give this slot game a try? The title image looks more like it says Diamonds 3, but that’s just us being picky. What is this new Top Trend Gaming title like?

The 3 might refer to the fact we have three reels to spin here, with three rows of icons appearing on each one. There are many familiar symbols, including bar and seven icons, although they all look quite blinged up. One of the symbols features a diamond in the middle of some other sparkly items. This one is used as a wild for everything else in the game. That wild has a multiplier value too, with one giving a 3x multiplier and two in a successful line giving a 9x multiplier. With nine paylines to contend with, the 3 Diamonds slot is a nice one to check out.

Pixies of the Forest II is a new sequel from IGT

It’s time to head back into the forest to meet the pixies from IGT. Pixies of the Forest II shows us some of the characters who live in said forest before we even start loading the game. It looks like a magical place to be, so will the game prove magical as well?

There are jackpots to be sought here, three of them in fact – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Meanwhile, the Spirit Meter brings some additional entertainment to the proceedings. Three or more ‘tumbles’ in a row will bring you some feature wilds to look forward to. Watch that meter to see how close you get to triggering this feature.

Pixies of the Forest II also brings with it the Pixie Queen’s Free Spin Bonus feature. There are multipliers to be had here, which could potentially increase the value of anything you happen to win. The wild, bonus, and jackpot symbols are labeled as such, so it is a lot easier to see notable symbols whenever they appear. If you reach the free spin feature, you will be prompted to select a Pixie Queen to see how many freebies you will play. You won’t get that many, but you will get a chance to see doubled wins with pixie symbols, some Feature Wild spins, and possibly even the elimination of certain symbols. There is far more going on under the surface in this forest than initially meets the eye.

Crazy Tooth Studio is the creator of Arctic Valor

Ever heard of Crazy Tooth Studio? No, we hadn’t either. However, we now get the chance to find out more about them thanks to their new game release. It is called Arctic Valor and the title screen looks impressive enough, even if it tells us little about the game itself.

We did spot a video that revealed more about the game though. Turns out it is supported in its creation by none other than Microgaming. It offers no fewer than 4,096 ways in which you could find prizes. Any adjacent ways can bring prizes to you, so the six-reel slot (we’ve seen a few of those this year) could pack in a few surprises as well. It gives you a wild that says WILD, for starters, so you won’t be left looking for it for ages.

Watch out for Falling Icicles too – not as dodgy as it sounds, as they could trigger a few more wilds appearing on the screen. A bonus feature also has those falling icicles dropping into view, not to mention the chance of some bonus spins. This looks set to be a good game with some notable features cropping up, so check it out and see what you think today.

Pragmatic Play brings in the Safari King

A new game from Pragmatic Play is always a joy to try. They have a knack of choosing a color palette that looks brighter than anything else online today. They’ve done it again with the Safari King Slots slot too. They make no bones about the theme – we are on safari with the king of animals, the lion. Also appearing in the opening imagery is an elephant and a rhino.

Learning the lion is wild is not going to be a surprise for you here. You can snag some free games if your fortune is good, and if that does occur, you could receive unlimited freebies to play. You simply never know. One thing we do know is that every freebie you play will include more lions. And those lions are wild, right? You can see how good this part of the game could potentially be.

Safari King uses a 5 x 4 format to bring in 50 betting lines. You can also search for a bonus symbol that pops up on all the odd-numbered reels. Three of them will bring you 4x your bet, but they will also trigger those free games, so watch closely to see if they appear.

Pariplay is eager to tell us about Zombies Gone Wild

Zombies have shuffled onto the reels of a few slots already. The success of The Walking Dead Slots in recent years has seen other people creating their own stories based around this theme. Will Zombies Gone Wild Slots from Pariplay give us anything we haven’t seen before?

The setting is foreboding, with a society taken over by the dead. Buildings are standing empty with smashed windows, signs are hanging, and the road is filled with rubbish and abandoned vehicles. There are some intriguing elements in this game, with a 5 x 5 set of reels to start with and various zombies appearing as icons as well.

There are hunters in the game, but they can be infected by radiation. If this should occur, they turn into zombies… but that is a good thing. When this happens, the zombie characters have gone wild. They then replace all other paying symbols to help increase the odds of a prize.

The game also has a progressive jackpot connected to each of those characters. Whenever a line win occurs involving a wild zombie hunter character, the jackpot connected to that person will go up in value. Watch for the radiation symbol too, as three of these will lead to some free spins. The zombie hunters become bigger in these spins, as they can be 1x2, 1x3, or 1x4 mega wilds if they appear. With 50 paylines involved in the game, Zombies Gone Wild is certainly on our list of great games to play this week.

Top Trend Gaming comes in with another new title – Golden Pig

How many golden pigs have you seen? Probably not many, but one appears in the title image of this game from Top Trend Gaming this week. It is wearing karate clothing, so that makes things more interesting right from the start!

The Oriental theme plays out nicely over this three-reel, three-row slot game. The pig appears, of course, as do other appropriate symbols. There are eight lines to bet on too. Watch closely, because some of the lines run from top to bottom given the format.

If you win some free games, you can expect to go to a different location to play them against a wooden background. The scatter is a number 8, with three or more (up to eight in total) securing a payout. The pig also stands a chance of providing some scatter wins, but only in the free games. Add the chance to garner a four-corner win or a full-screen win, and you can see this game packs a lot into a small space.

Eyecon delivers Fluffy in Space

Yes, the same Eyecon responsible for the big hit Fluffy Favourites Slots followed by Fluffy Too. Now, we get the chance to try Fluffy in Space too. Is it just as fluffy as all the rest?

If you are familiar with the usual mix of soft toys seen in the original Fluffy Favourites game, you will see them all appearing again here. The space-themed background also sees some of those animals wearing space helmets. Watch out for some cartoon rockets too.

There is a wild that says only that and nothing more, and a scattered planet symbol. You will secure six free games if you find three or more planets in a spin. There are up to 50 retriggers available for this feature, with three more free spins offered each time. Meanwhile, a second scatter – Nellie the elephant – can trigger the Fluffy in Space bonus feature. You must find three or more of her over the middle three reels to trigger it. The triggering scatters remain in position and everything else spins again. This time, those individual positions become individual reels, too. Three spins are granted to start with, but every new Nellie appearing gives you a reset back to three spins remaining. The idea is that you will secure a prize for each Nellie on the reels. You can continue playing until you are out of spins or you have a screen filled with elephants. It’s an interesting feature, to be sure.

One thing you should note is that it is potentially possible to trigger the free spins along with this other bonus feature. If this should occur, you would play the Nellie bonus first, then your free spins would follow.

The game presents the player with 25 fixed paylines over the five reels. If you are already a fan of the Fluffy series of slots, we think you will probably like this one as well. Try it and see what you think. The background may not be very inspiring but the game itself certainly is.

Mahjong King is a king of a game from Dream Tech

Are you a fan of mahjong? We love it, and this game might just give us a combo using mahjong and a slot game. Will that be the case? Let’s explore beyond the title image that shows us three happy guys to see what this game can offer us.

The first thing worth noting about this game is its appearance. Essentially, we get five reels and three rows of icons in play. Nothing unusual about that, we guess you will think. However, the format sits on top of a table where all the icons in the 5 x 3 format appear as mahjong tiles. We should have guessed that much, right?

As such, you might guess what some of the tiles look like. You will also see a wild and a scatter, both of which appear in shades of red and gold, like some of the other symbols. They’re both labeled as well. One interesting feature involves a Lucky Bag Reward. This can be triggered on any successful winning spin. Meanwhile, three or more scatter symbols will bring 10 free spins. Any winning spin in this set of spins is guaranteed to trigger the Lucky Reward feature. With 25 lines in play and a great presentation for this theme, Mahjong King pits the three characters against each other to try and win the game. Will you prove to be a winner as well?

Dream Tech also offers us some Monster Pop

Does that mean soft drinks made by monsters? Does it literally mean monsters going pop all around us? We’re unsure… and unsure if we want to find out! Don’t worry, though – we did brave the game to see what it holds in store.

A crazy-looking monster appears on the opening screen of this game. It looks a bit calmer when the game loads though, standing to the right of the game reels. We say reels, because this game offers a 7 x 7 grid on which you will spot lots of little monster heads. There is a golden W as well, which you might guess is a wild.

The idea is to get three or more matching symbols appearing adjacent to each other in a group to trigger a prize. The paytable shows the symbol odds for each one, and those odds are then multiplied by the number of those symbols appearing in the successful combination. It sounds confusing but takes very little time to get the hang of.

If five or six identical icons appear in a win, they will be eliminated from the board to allow new ones to appear. Seven matching symbols will take out all instances of that symbol – even outside the successful combination – from the board. If you manage to score six eliminations in a row, you will receive eight free games. The trigger can occur again during those games too.

Monster Pop therefore refers to the disappearing symbols that sometimes occur in this game. It doesn’t offer anything that new, but it remains a nice little game to play.

There is a Wild Moon Jackpot on offer by StakeLogic

Check out the logo for this game and you will see something other than a moon in the background and the wording for the title. Notice the 5K inside the star? We guess that might be the jackpot amount on offer here.

Expect something that looks like a beefed-up slot machine here, built around the traditional one-armed bandit machines that have been so popular. Seven lines are in action according to the screen, but you will see two sets of four reels on the screen. There are two paytables, one on either side of the screen, with info between those areas on the wild icons in action. These wilds appear as 1x, 2x, and 3x wilds and they can substitute for everything else that could appear. Everything else turns out to be a mix of the usual fruity icons you’ve seen countless times before.

Those wild multipliers only appear on reels two and three but are worth watching for as you play. The best part about these is that if more than one appears in a successful combo, those multipliers will be multiplied together to boost the prize. Other than that, and the existence of a progressive jackpot, this Wild Moon Jackpot game is quite standard to play.

Ainsworth reveals the Golden Dollars Golden Cash slot game

We were expecting to see some drops of gold in this slot game and we were not disappointed. Gold bars appear between the five reels, with gold bars on them joining some dollar signs, gold bells, and golden crowns too. There are also pots of gold in evidence, as you might suppose.

This game from Ainsworth also has four jackpots above the reels, the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots. Many players will no doubt hope they can net one of those as they play. Meanwhile, the game offers other features too. There is a FREE GAMES icon that gives you the chance to win eight freebies whenever three of the icons appear scattered over the reels.

There is also a chance you might spot giant symbols on the reels. These have been cropping up in more games recently; Golden Dollars Golden Cash is not the only game we have reviewed this week to feature them. We love these when they appear as they increase the odds of netting a nice prize.

The dollar sign is the wild here, and there is a scattered diamond that could appear as well. The special feature might also have some substitute gold coins involved. One is a plain coin while the remaining two have x2 and x3 multipliers written on them. We guess you can work out how those might be useful! There is also another scatter that offers an additional free game whenever it appears in the feature.

As such, Golden Dollars Golden Cash might look like a formulaic game to start with, but once you get to grips with it you will see it is anything but. Could this make a nice change for you if you decide to give it a shot?

Blueprint is giving us a Lightning Strike slot

To give this slot its full title, we must call it Lightning Strike Megaways. That tells us this is a Megaways slot, of which there are several more we could play if desired. However, we are reviewing the latest addition to the series, which gets its title from the 15,625 possible ways to find prizes.

There is a wild respin feature to watch out for as you play. The hammer will appear in view to trigger the Lightning Strike Respin. What might this bring your way? A Mega Spin Exchange feature is also included in the game. You can potentially increase your cash or exchange it for some Mega Spins if you use this feature. spin the arrow to see whether it lands in the green or the red.

We have yet another six-reel game here, and there are numerous symbols of varying sizes that could appear on the reels. With regular letters and numbers appearing alongside mighty characters, this game provides something interesting on every spin. Screenshots show reels with just two icons on them, while others might have up to five.

The wild hammer carries a 2x multiplier, and various ways to get prizes are found in each spin, depending on your progress within the game. The bonus game brings you something like Deal or No Deal, or at least that is what it reminded us of. It certainly brings something different to the table, and that’s just what you’ll appreciate most about Lightning Strike from Blueprint Gaming.

Meet Sherlock from Tom Horn Gaming

This man needs no introduction. Tom Horn Gaming has developed a game with the subtitle A Scandal in Bohemia, which might suggest what you can expect to see here.

Along with this familiar character, you get 25 lines over five reels, so that part of the game is familiar enough too. Rather than offering one bonus icon, the game provides you with two. The first leads to the Newspaper Bonus while the second will take you into the Paparazzi Bonus. Look out for various bushes… are members of the paparazzi hiding behind them?

With two bonuses, you might be forgiven for wondering if some free spins would be out of the question. Fortunately, you can secure some of those too if three or more scatters appear in the same spin. Sherlock is ready to greet you, so will you find out more about his new game today?

Champions of Rome is the next big hit coming from Yggdrasil

Is that too tall an order? Yggdrasil has released some truly wonderful games already, so will this be the next one in line? Champions of Rome is set in Rome, of course, and it takes us back to the time of the Colosseum and its many battles. Five reels are provided to spin between the mighty pillars, and various features are included to make life more interesting.

For example, find just two free spin icons on the screen and you will receive four additional wilds for your trouble. Swords are thrown at the reels to determine where the new wilds will appear. If you get enough of the free spin icons to bring you those freebies, you can expect four new wilds to strike the reels on every spin you take. These tend to appear in a 2 x 2 block, although they can appear in other patterns too.

Normally, we wouldn’t want to face a beast during gameplay. However, you might want to search for one during your freebies. That’s because every appearance of the beast will incur an additional freebie to add to however many you have remaining.

Another interesting feature involves how you would like to play those freebies… although not in the way you’d think. You can choose the Training mode to keep whatever you win during eight free games. The alternative is to choose Deathmatch, where you can risk the lot to try and secure bigger prizes involving multipliers? Choose carefully and wisely as you discover more about the Champions of Rome slot from Yggdrasil today.

Ecuador Gold is on offer by ELK

This is a fresh release from ELK, yet it is already storming into the most-played game charts in many casinos. It’s a good example of a new game that offers a mysterious yet enticing title screen. Look closely and you will spot fires burning in a temple, plenty of greenery, and a couple of waterfalls too. And is that a panther we see, perhaps?

ELK has released some good games already, so this one promises to have a good pedigree too. This one might be the biggest one of all though, since it promotes itself as having up to 262,144 ways to get prizes. Could that be the biggest total of possibilities yet?

You won’t get that number of ways to win to start with though. The basic format offers six reels (yes, once again – it looks as though our prediction to see six reels in many more games is coming true) and four rows. That equates to 4,096 potential winning ways to start with. An exotic gold symbol is used as a wild, and the temple appears as the bonus symbol. Find enough of the bonuses and some free ‘drops’ will be yours. You will see symbols dropping into place between the temple pillars. The more symbols appear, the greater the number of way wins will be seen. These are clearly marked above the reels, so you can always tell where you are.

Another great feature in the Ecuador Gold game is the existence of Big Symbols. And by big, we mean big – they can be anything from 1 x 1 in size to 4 x 4. When the largest ones appear, it gives you a greater chance of scoring many more prizes. Symbol drops can result in these symbols appearing, and if bigger ones appear, they will crush all smaller ones they land on.

Add in several betting strategies to choose from (not something you see on all games) and you can see what makes Ecuador Gold a newsworthy slot release this time around.

Shogun of Time is delivered by Just for the Win

Some games take you into the distant past. Others take you far into the future. Shogun Time aims to tick both those boxes to provide you with a game that is quite unlike anything else you might have tried. Just for the Win has produced a 4 x 3 format here, so one less reel than you might have expected. It does deliver superb graphics though, with 81 ways to find prizes in the base game. Watch for the logo as this can appear stacked over the reels too.

There is a girl appearing as the wild (labeled), and you can also trigger a Reel Split Re-Spin feature. Should this occur, a fifth reel will magically appear in the middle of the existing ones. This increases the reel set to five and offers an increased 243 ways you could get some prizes. There is also a chance to win up to 16 free games as you play. The selection of flowers (also helpfully marked as a FREE SPINS icon) is the key to getting this feature. Not only do the free games offer the increased 243 ways to get prizes, they also provide a stacked wild element and the chance to snag prizes from both sides of the reels instead of only from the left. The stacked wild is shown with the wild girl appearing at full height inside a portal on reel three. If you want something different and engaging to try with four – and possibly five – reels in action, Shogun of Time is the one to go with this week.

Can we choose a favorite among these 21 new releases?

So, which of those mighty titles might prove to be your favorite this week? We found it hard to select one above the others. However, we would need to choose Ecuador Gold by ELK Studios to take the title this week. It is packed with fascinating and unusual features, any of which might prove to be a defining factor in how your next spin turns out. That said, many other titles from this new collection would make it into a close second place in our opinion. Very few aren’t worthy of at least a try. Don’t miss this and the other hot releases available this week.