New Slot Releases

As we cross from April into May (where is 2019 going?), we are treated to a slew of unusual and intriguing themes from software developers. Last week saw a great selection of new slot game releases hitting the online casinos. Question is, which of them will be your – and our – favorite for the week?

As always, we’ll reveal which slot game is our pick of the week at the end of this article. First, though, we must look through the entire collection of new games to see which ones we must choose from. Are you ready to find out which slots have hit the internet?

Meet the Royal Goose laid by Cayetano Gaming

The goose is supposed to lay the golden egg, right? In this game, we have an image of a golden goose – a royal goose, no less – appearing on the screen as it loads. It looks as though we have plenty to look forward to in the game too, thanks to the presence of various free spin and bonus features. Happy Princess Free Spins might come your way, along with the Simpleton’s Luck Bonus or the King’s Tasks Bonus. Which ones will you get the chance to play, we wonder?

The game itself uses a traditional five-reel, three-row format, delivering the golden goose as a wild symbol as it does so. The free spin icon is also usefully labeled. If you go through to the Simpleton’s Luck Bonus by finding one relevant bonus icon on the middle reel, you will get a chance to win 100x your triggering bet. The idea here is to pick the tree and branches to locate the hiding place of the royal goose. Even if you don’t pick the correct tree to progress up it to find the right branch, you can still score a prize.

Meanwhile, the King’s Tasks Bonus reveals three potential tasks to try. Each one has a progressively larger prize you could possibly claim. The first task is the Drinking Bonus, triggered by finding three bonus symbols on the reels. You must find either four or five triggering bonus symbols to try task two or three. These involve eating lots of bread or heading up the castle tower. The trigger for the free games, meanwhile, is to find three free spin icons over the middle three reels. This outcome would bring you 10 free games to play.

There is so much packed into this engaging game it is certainly one of the best releases of the week.

It’s time for Return of Kong Megaways by Blueprint Gaming

Whenever you see that word Megaways, you know you are in for a great time. Kong, of course, relates to King Kong, and a cheerful-looking ape does appear in this game. Since this is a Megaways slot, you can look forward to up to 117,649 ways to win prizes in the game. The number of Megaways in play depends on your progress in the game. There are six reels here and the number of positions on each will vary according to your progress. It does keep things interesting though, thanks to the way the game is played.

Look out for the scatters during play, as these come in various letter forms. You can probably guess what those letters are – K, O, N, and G, of course. Spell out KONG on the reels and you will scoop 12 free games to play. Every additional scatter you find in the triggering spin will bring another five free games to your total. There is also an unlimited win multiplier in action for these games. Every time you get a successful ‘reaction’ on the reels, you will get a larger win multiplier. That sounds good to us!

The reels also contain an extra 100 golden barrels, while golden monkey icons will upgrade your Megaways performance while also delivering extra spins to play. The game will no doubt appeal to everyone who has enjoyed other Megaways slots. The theme in this is a lot of fun too – yet another reason to check it out.

Green Tube has developed a slot around an Ancient Goddess

Ancient goddesses are not unknown in the world of slot games. We like mythical slots featuring gods and goddesses, so will this be yet another good game to check out if we get the time?

The screen reveals that we are in ancient Egypt this time, with various Egyptian icons featuring on the five reels of the game. There are 20 fixed paylines in this instance, meaning you must cover all of them when choosing your wager. This begins from just 20 cents per spin though, so it should be affordable for many players to try.

The ancient goddess herself is featured as a wild, and she can appear over an entire reel in full height. She replaces everything but the scatter, as you might guess. She can only appear on reels two, three, and four. Finding one, two, or three of them will also deliver a further one, three, or five free games once inside that feature. She also has the power to upgrade lower-paying symbols in the free games, so she could be more useful than you think.

Meanwhile, the golden bonus icon will trigger 12 free games for you to play if it appears three times. These appearances can occur anywhere, as this is the scatter icon. There is nothing hugely unusual about this game, although Green Tube has inserted a couple of tweaks here and there. If you like a game set in ancient Egypt, this goddess might look down on you and bestow some good fortune.

What are the Azrabah Wishes revealed by GameArt?

The typeface for the title of this slot game suggests it was inspired by Aladdin. Three brightly-dressed characters await us here, and as we get started, we can see the loading screen promises much from the game itself. There are sticky wilds, expanding wilds, a multiplier wheel, free games, and an additional prize in those games too. What more will we discover about this game, we wonder?

A chance to score up to 15,000x your bet is available when you check out this game. It is based on five reels, each showing four icons to watch. The multiplier options are shown above the reels, so you can always keep track of where you are as you play. The wild options – sticky or expanding – come into play if you get to choose your bonus feature. Whichever one you choose, it will replace everything except for the scatter. It will also appear only in selected free spins, so bear that in mind.

The scatter is a golden lamp and acts as the bonus trigger. Meanwhile, a woman in glorious dress appears as the wild, replacing everything except the scatter, as you would expect. Every element of this game is brightly designed, giving you the chance to enjoy every spin, every screen, and every bonus feature. Will your Azrabah Wishes come true?

Are you prepared to play Fruits & Jokers 100 Lines by Playson?

Well, we guess we will get to play on 100 lines if we give this slot from Playson a go. The image for the game also reveals a happy-looking joker in the middle, complete with a jester’s hat, and lots of fruit either side. Nothing too complex so far, so will this game offer enough to keep most players interested? Let’s find out.

As you would probably expect from a 100-line game, the screen has five reels and requires four rows of icons to fit in all those lines. The controls are nicely understated underneath the reels, with an info button to the left that takes you straight into the paytable. We recommend you check that out before you get started. The game also has a demo format to try, giving you the chance to check it out in full before wagering anything on it for real.

The joker appears on the reels with a golden background in place. This is the wild symbol and it can therefore substitute most other items you might see. The one exception is the gold star, used in the game as a scatter symbol. Three or more of these can appear in any positions on the screen and trigger a scatter prize for you. That’s about it, as there are no other special features in this game. However, if you like playing games with familiar symbols and simple elements that have lots of lines to cover, Fruits & Jokers 100 Lines certainly lives up to its title.

Is it a slot or not? Find out more about Mahjong 88 from Play’n Go

You might already be familiar with the game Mahjong, which uses lots of different tiles with various images on them. It is a captivating game to play, and Play’n Go look to have the same opinion of it. The new Mahjong 88 game they released at the start of May has already garnered plenty of attention in casinos carrying it. But is it a true slot or does it adhere more closely to the original Mahjong tile game?

We can spot lots of tiles in the background of the game, delivering a clear take on the theme. The game itself features an 8 x 8 format too, with each position taken up by a new tile. Your betting options are given at the bottom of the screen. If you have played the traditional game, you will probably recognize the various tile designs that appear in this game.

One thing to look out for is Concealed Tiles. These rotate to reveal adjacent symbols and may change the outcome of what you see on the screen. As you may have thought given the 8 x 8 format, the game requires you to find matching connecting tiles to score prizes. But there is more to this than meets the eye too. You must look to clear seasons as you play the game. The screen will display a message revealing when you have finished a season. Your progress is displayed via the season bonus element on the right of the main game screen.

The game also includes Fortune Frog, Super Charge, and Season Bonus elements. There is a lot involved in this one, which is why we would certainly recommend you try the demo before playing the real version of Mahjong 88. Players of the traditional game might get the hang of this more readily than slot players. However, it is refreshing to see a mix of the two games being presented to us. If you fancy playing slots with a difference, Mahjong 88 could well be worth looking at if you get the time.

I Am The Law, says this new slot game from 1x2 Gaming

Someone who says they are the law would seem to be someone worth paying attention to. The guy in the middle of the title image in this game is the sheriff, and the logo for the title is much like a sheriff’s badge, too. We are obviously in the Wild West here, as there is a cowgirl with an old-style pistol, a carriage, and a wanted poster in the background.

The five reels take over the whole screen when you are ready to play. You can see the main street behind the reels though, as the three icons on each reel hover over that image. The cowgirl we saw before is the wild and she can expand to fill a reel whenever she crops up on it. The base game also has a bonus golden sheriff’s badge involved. Two of these will award a pick bonus. Watch out for a wanted poster too, as three of these will get you 10 free games.

The free games contain a couple of extra icons to watch out for as well. The first is the sheriff himself, who can increase the amount you may collect from the game. Meanwhile, there is also the wild gold sheriff’s badge to look for.

With 25 possible ways to win here, I Am The Law is a great game that has lots of intriguing features involved. Will you get to play the bonus that sees you trying to shoot bottles off a fence? We sure do hope so – and we hope you prove to be a good shot too!

The Flash greets us from Playtech

Any new Playtech release is going to be big news online. They have already released plenty of impressive games loved by many players. If you know your superheroes, you’ll know who The Flash is. Does this hero make a good impression in the slot named after him?

The title screen shows the name with a blue background, so there is nothing much to say about that. The name itself is enough to gain attention though, right? The game includes a scatter icon that sees The Flash facing off against Reverse Flash. If this should appear five times in a spin of the base game, the Battle Feature will begin. Before you play, you must select one of the characters. This should be the one you believe will win the battle. This adds another dimension to the Battle Feature, and there are various prizes above the reels that may be scooped by one or the other character as you proceed.

The game itself has 50 fixed lines and is presented in 2D, so it keeps with the comic look first originated for this character by DC Comics. 3D would be cool, but 2D does make more sense here. There are random wilds included in the game too, appearing on all reels apart from reel one. These can appear when the reels are spinning, but you must wait for everything to stop before you find out the outcome.

Super Boom sounds like a fun time from Booming Games

Some titles tell us very little about the game they are attached to, yet they are descriptive and engaging, nonetheless. Super Boom is one such title, wouldn’t you say? You can see a guy dressed as a criminal on the right of the title, and another guy who looks like a superhero on the left of the title. With signs pointing to both the bank and to a jail in the background, it looks like there is some crime afoot here.

We get a larger game screen to view as we play Super Boom, with five reels each giving us four icons to look at. We meet both main characters on the reels, along with a gold wild, a fizzing bomb, and a safe. Money bags and stacks of cash also appear, so it looks as if that bank is being robbed.

The Super Boom game does include some nice features. For example, you can look out for random wild reels to appear on the second reel or on reels two and four together. If you are playing the free game feature, you can expect the wild reels to deliver a 2x multiplier as well. Watch out for the wild multiplier icons, falling on reels one, three, and five, and potentially delivering multipliers of either 2x or 3x.

The game also includes a scatter, shown as a newspaper featuring a wanted message for the robber. You need five of these to trigger the free games – more than you would usually need – but in doing so you can score up to 12 free spins. There are just 12 paylines involved in this game, but we think you will find enough here to enjoy trying it for size.

Rosemary is here and she’s created by Spinmatic

We have a pleasant old lady to meet in the slot called Rosemary. We guess you can figure out what her name is. She looks happy in the opening image you see for the game, as she has a stack of gold coins in front of her and a casino backdrop behind her. Can we guess what might be involved in the game itself?

As the game begins, we see Rosemary standing to the left of a five-reel game screen. The casino is still behind her, so we are joining her in that location to see what is in store. The game controls are neatly presented underneath the reels, and it looks as though all available lines (20 of them) need to be covered as you play. The reels are filled with various icons, including sevens, playing cards, and various types of fruit. Nothing too complex so far, but there are some more intriguing elements to look forward to in this game too.

For example, there is something called Rosemary’s Kick that can come into play. If you get three consecutive losing spins, Rosemary will kick the screen. A symbol is selected at random and this will expand to fill one of the reels on the screen. There is a chance Rosemary will then perform a second kick too if you get another three losing spins in a row. If this should occur, the expanded reel clones to cover all the reels to the left of its position. So… if the expanded reel is the fifth one, you would then get all the reels displaying the same symbol for some great wins.

This looks like a neat slot with that Kick feature coming into play to make it more unusual. Will it provide you with everything you could need… and will you get a kick out of it?

Caveman Bob is a great new game from Relax Gaming

Yes, we are heading back to the time of cavemen in this new slot from Relax Gaming. Bob himself appears in the title image along with a strange bird. The loading screen reveals there are various locations to explore on your journey. This alone gives the game an interesting opening and certainly piqued our curiosity about how the game would proceed. The oasis, cave, and mountain locations each have their own volatility levels too. That means you can choose the one that appeals most or try them all if you want to. Each location also has a special wild in store – the random spreading wilds, random stacked wilds, or simply random wilds respective to the locations mentioned above.

The game itself adopts the usual 5 x 3 format and presents us with icons including a mammoth, not to mention other animals associated with cavemen times. The icons and paytable will vary according to the locations you explore. Once unlocked, you can visit all the locations whenever you wish. Read the rules connected to the game to understand more about these elements.

There is a wild here, made from stone and featuring some vines growing above it. This replaces everything else when playing the game, so that is good to know. The different locations each have features to unlock that are associated with those locations. For example, Wild Blizzards and pterodactyls featured in the mountain location, which is high up and therefore prone to snow. Meanwhile, you might spot Fire Embers in the oasis location. What else will you find as you enjoy your travels with Caveman Bob?

We can reveal there are shared features among those locations too. These are called Hand of Bob, Mammoth Re-Spin, and Bob’s Wheel. Why not take the game for a spin to see if you get to see any of them?

Who is The Shadow Order and what does Push Gaming have in mind?

The Shadow Order sounds suitably shadowy, doesn’t it? That title reveals some great drama in store for us in this game, and there are various elements here that make The Shadow Order a must-play game this week. Unusually, the game is played out on a 5 x 5 screen, giving you plenty of chances to find successful lines in each spin. There is a wild, shown in gold, labeled as a wild, and helping you replace other icons too. This is an Order Medal, but it is not the only wild in this game. You also have three orbs to look for, each of which is a wild. They roll down and towards the right side of the board when in play, too. Each orb has its own feature to trigger, but it must land in a Hotspot position to trigger its respective feature.

The game also features four characters. You begin with the first character and you must collect rings appearing on the reels as you play. Once you have an appropriate number of rings, the next character in the game will automatically be unlocked. Meanwhile, the various Orb features include Orb of Destruction, Orb of Creation, and Orb of Preservation. Each one has a different influence on some of the icons seen on the game screen. This makes it more interesting as you never know what might happen on the next spin.

There is also the chance to score some free games while playing The Shadow Order. If the three orbs have been collected, you will then trigger some free games. These feature sticky orbs, which as you can imagine will be beneficial for you (hopefully). You might also get some multipliers included in the game if you manage to get this far.

We think the slot has lots of potential thanks to those orbs and characters. You never know where the Order is going to take you next.

Gladiators Go Wild in this new title from iSoftBet

How wild are the Gladiators featured in this game, we wonder? There are four of them in various states of dress featured on the title screen, wearing armor and helmets too. As the title suggests, there are indeed wild gladiators in action in this slot game, capable of appearing in full height form on the reels. Could you trigger up to six wild gladiators in a single spin? That’s what you will be hoping for, for sure.

The number six features in another way too, with six reels included in this game. A while back, we suggested that six-reel games might come to the fore in 2019, and it looks like that prediction is being proven correct. You need a stack of gladiators to appear on a reel for that same reel to go wild and remain where it is for the next spin. This only occurs in paid spins. The same rule applies if the next spin produces another stack of gladiators, with all gladiators stacked in view remaining where they are. You can see, therefore, how you might end up with all six reels filled with the warriors.

There are just 10 lines to cover in this slot, so it is suited to those who prefer to stick with smaller bets. If you like what you see here, you should check out the opportunity to try some Gladiators Go Wild action today.

Playtech gets busy with yet another new release – Lucky U

We all want to get lucky when playing slot games, and luck also features heavily as a theme for these games. Playtech has been inspired by this very theme for the Lucky U slot, which features the U as a horseshoe in the title imagery.

The game is quite simple compared with some of their other titles. For example, there is a 5 x 3 format in use with five lines to play on – fixed lines, by the look of it. It is rare to encounter a Playtech title with so few lines in play. You should watch out for those horseshoes as you begin play, as you will require five of them to appear to score five free games. There are horseshoe prizes to be won too, and the sum of the prizes in this triggering combo is turned into what they call the repeating win in the free spins. Sounds confusing? Play it a few times in demo mode and you will soon understand how it works. There are also some stars to collect during the feature game, so Lucky U does have a few more surprises to share with you. The star is wild and shows up over the middle three reels. Only the horseshoe is unable to be replaced by this.

High 5 Games delivers the Goddesses of Riches to look at

Another goddess comes to the fore this week, this time with riches in tow… we hope! This is a 5 x 4 game that treats us to 50 lines, so there is a lot going on here. We do not know very much about this game, but we do know that various goddesses can appear on the reels, just as the title suggests. More than that, we also know these goddesses can appear in large form, with one image taking over several spots on the screen.

There is also a pick game included in this slot if you can trigger it. High 5 Games have not revealed much else about it as yet, but we know it has only just been released. Look out for a casino featuring High 5 Games and give Goddesses of Riches a try today. You might like what you see.

Will Jupiter’s Choice be a good choice to play from Relax Gaming?

Relax has given us a couple of new games to try out this week. Will this be your preferred title of the ones currently available from this developer? In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the god who oversaw the sky, while also acting as king of the gods. If that sounds familiar, you might guess that Jupiter was the Roman version of Zeus in Greek mythology.

Jupiter appears with flashing eyes in the title image of the game, complete with a lightning bolt shooting down to the right of him, through a starry sky. The game also reveals we could net up to 1,600x our wager on one free spin if we should be fortunate enough. This is another six-reel release to head our way in 2019. We are seeing more of those this year than any other. The reels reveal grapes and various animals popping up in position. The wild is written in gold with a golden wreath around it too. Better still, it subs for everything else that might crop up in a spin.

Jupiter comes into play as you try the game, and he might just treat you to one of several upgrades during a spin. For example, you might have the lowest-valued symbols taken away from the reels. Meanwhile, two or three reels might be locked together, so they spin with identical symbols on them. If three reels become locked together, you will see the bonus wheel appear over those reels. Various prizes are given on the wheel, including free spins (a maximum of 50 are there to be won), and various multipliers as prizes. These could be worth up to 100x your triggering bet.

If you do get to the free spin feature, you should know that Jupiter is powerful enough to lock at least three reels and possibly up to all six reels on every free spin you play. As such, you might grow to like Jupiter’s Choice if you play it today.

Habanero reveals the mystery in the Magic Oak slot game

The title Magic Oak would suggest we are heading into a forest to play this game. Habanero does give us that setting in the opening image – an image that also delivers a warthog and a bunny, both dressed. But what does the game itself hold in store we wonder?

We get a 4 x 4 format here, so that alone is unusual. We cannot immediately recall another slot with that format. This one features the four card suits as the lower-paying icons, with various animals of the forest included as better-paying symbols. There is a wild as well, written against a wooden background. The scatter is also shown as the relevant word against a charming background. It looks as though the wild can appear in stacks over any of the reels, so the potential is there to see several wilds in a single spin.

You will notice the Magic Oak slot does have a Grand Jackpot too, so watch out for the amount to rise as you play. The odds of winning it are not going to be in your favor, but you never know who might get lucky. The game also has a Wisps feature, where the colorful wisps may appear in one of two colors. You can collect up to two greenish-blue ones and up to four of the yellow ones. These have special effects on the game, so watch closely for those.

The scatter on its own doesn’t pay anything, but if four or more are found they will trigger some free games. You will receive two, three, or four freebies for each scatter in the triggering combination, so this could be a rewarding game to check out. With grouped pays shown on the paytable, there could be more to this Magic Oak game than you think.

Playtech – yes, they’re back – treats us to Panther Pays

It has been a busy week for Playtech, but they haven’t dropped the ball so far. We doubt they will with this new title either. Here we get the chance to learn more about Panther Pays – a game that will surely feature a panther front and center. It doesn’t do that on the title screen, but it does show us an outdoor setting in which one might live.

This game comes with five reels and four rows of icons. The panther does appear on those reels, potentially appearing in stacks too. Meanwhile, there is a golden disc with a green center as well – this is the scatter. Three or more of these are needed to win 10 free games. There is a wild diamond in the game too, substituting for all but the scatter. These only appear over the center three reels, but you will notice there are more diamonds added to those reels when you reach the free game feature.

Once you get to the free games, there is an opportunity to win a further five for each selection of three or more scatters found. Finally, there are 50 lines in store in this game, giving you the chance to enjoy many potential chances to get prizes in every spin of the reels in Panther Pays.

The game title Scarab reveals the theme in this new IGT game

The title, the Egyptian goddess, the red and blue colors mixed with gold… everything suggests the presence of an ancient Egyptian theme in the Scarab slot game from IGT. There are pyramids in the background too, so those also set the scene.

There is a bonus icon that must appear three times in one spin to unlock some free games. Meanwhile, there is a Wild Stays element that can turn positions wild for the final spin. If you reach the free spin feature, you will see this is a game that gives you options. There are 15, 10, or five free games to be had, along with five, seven, or 10 random wilds included respectively. This makes a change from the usual varying multiplier that is seen whenever you have a choice of free game outcomes.

Scarab is perhaps not the most innovative or exciting game based on this often-trodden theme. However, it looks great on all devices, it is very colorful, and it does have some elements that do not always crop up in this instance. For that alone, we would suggest taking a closer look.

Super Sevens Happy Wheel sounds packed with fun from Belatra Games

You can spot some sevens – shown in red and yellow tones with flames behind them – on the title image for this new game from Belatra Games. You can also see part of a wheel with various values on it – perhaps values that relate to potential prizes? We will see, but the dice, bar symbols, and sevens would indicate this new slot is going to be packed with various classic symbols to spot. A classic slot would be one with three reels, too, and that proves to be the case with Super Sevens Happy Wheel. There is a 3 x 3 matrix in action here, with five paylines to bet on.

This looks like a game that would benefit from being played in demo mode first. According to the screenshots we have seen, there is a base game and a bank game. The bank game requires a larger bet to be placed. While the maximum wager on the base game is 10 credits, the smallest one in the bank game is double that. The maximum amount you could net in the game is 200 credits or 2,000 credits respectively, depending on which of those two games you decide to play.

Unusually, the paytable reveals each potential prize is a mystery. This is due to the fact the prizes are worked out according to which game you play. There is also a Crazy Dice feature, a Stairway to ascend, and the Happy Wheel to spin too if things go your way. It might take a while to figure out the nuances of this game, but we think people who appreciate three-reel slots might just appreciate the fact this three-reel game has way more to offer than most.

Which of these new slots is our pick of the week?

This is always a tough choice to make, but this week we are going to opt for Royal Goose. We love the theme and the way it has been put together. However, we also love the presence of two bonuses – one with three potential tasks that could be unlocked – along with some free spins. There is plenty to enjoy and appreciate here, and you are guaranteed to have a great time regardless of potential winnings.

Do you agree with our pick of the week? See what you think and let us know!