New Slots Released this Week

Every week we bring you a slew of new characters to meet among the New Slot Game releases unleashed upon the world of the internet. This week is no different, with Lilith heading up the collection of characters we can expect to encounter. Will she prove to be good or bad, and will she be part of your favorite game of the week… or is there more to discover?

It’s the latter, of course, and several big names have big releases lined up for us here. Expect Spinomenal Slots , Endorphina , Red Tiger, and Quickspin to be treating you to some awesome titles to check out now.

Lilith’s Passion: Enhanced Edition is revealed by Spinomenal

Lilith is part of this game from Spinomenal. Released on February 12th, the game offers a standard 5 x 3 formation which manages to fit in 50 paylines. Lilith seems to be more evil than good, but since she appears as a wild symbol, we shan’t worry too much about that.

A man with long hair appears as the free spins icon and is labeled in the same manner. Temptation is all around, with a woman offering a tasty apple to try. We all know what happened there! Look for a goblet filled with smoky red liquid and a flaming heart too. Lilith can also expand over her reel if she appears.

The slot also features a picking round where you are presented with various jars. Hidden prizes are within those jars, but if you uncover certain items you may receive further picks. Sticky wilds and free games are also available to be won, so see if you get some passion for playing Lilith’s Passion today.

Play’n Go treats you to a Queen’s Day Tilt… whatever that means!

We have no idea – yet – what Queen’s Day Tilt means. However, the game screen shows some golden horns either side of the title image. We can also see some tents and a hint of a Castle Casino behind, so is this set during Medieval times? It would appear so, with a 3 x 3 format giving us lots of symbols all set against stone walls.

The game does provide us with more than just a formulaic three-reel game though. In fact, you might be surprised at how many extra features and treats it has in store for you. For example, the ruler might appear as a wild, making it easier to form successful lines. There is a Tilt feature too, where one regular symbol remaining on the reels may be taken away. We’re not sure what this means during the game itself, but it sounds as if it might be beneficial for you.

There is a Game of Accession involved too, which brings a free round into play whereby you will only ever see the highest-paying symbols in the slot. That means if a prize does come your way, it will be one to appreciate. A similar theme is provided during the Queen’s Day Free Spins, where an increasing multiplier is brought into action. Some events are random, and others can be sought as you play. How long will it take you to achieve a Queen’s Day Tilt?

Magic Stars 5 is next on the list from Wazdan

Does the number five suggest we have five reels here? It does, and that proves to be correct. This is a sparkling title from Wazdan and provides the perfect introduction to their games if you haven’t used them before. You can wager from one cent up per line here, with 20 paylines available per spin.

The graphics are impressive in this one, and while gems and stars are hardly the most innovative theme, this is a great example of how good a slot can be even when the theme is familiar. A gamble feature is included, a multicolored scatter is easy to see, and the game controls look impressive under those reels too.

This isn’t the most complex game around this week, but Magic Stars 5 is worth a look if you want something that looks good without being too complex to play.

It’s time for an Emerald Smash by Inspired Gaming

Spotting an emerald taking center stage in the iconic image for this slot from Inspired Gaming is hardly a surprise. But will it be an iconic game to play for you?

The five-reel title presents us with a mix of two themes – fruit and gems. It looks like a fruit-based slot to start with, but each fruit looks more like a gem when you look more closely. There are 30 paylines involved here, and the symbol to look out for is, of course, the emerald. This can smash to reveal another symbol in its place. If you get several emeralds in one spin, you can expect them all to smash to reveal the same symbol. This is the undoubted highlight of the game, so watch out for this one to live up to its title.

Meet Thor’s Lightning in a new game from Red Tiger

Red Tiger has been inspired by a Nordic theme in this game, where Thor gets us ready for some drama. Released on Valentine’s Day, the Thor’s Lightning slot game brings us a huge screen measured at 7 x 7. It brings plenty more features with it too, delivering one of the better slots to be released this week.

For example, there are two forms of free spins to shoot for – Valhalla Spins and Muspell Spins. The wild icon looks like Thor’s helmet – we think – and this subs for everything else in the game. That’s good news for you. Various features such as Lightning and Hammer can appear as you play the free games too.

As you might expect, this game is based on securing clusters of identical icons in a group, rather than going for paylines. The paytable reveals how this works; however, five or more matching icons must be found either horizontal or vertical to the matching ones nearby. This is how you will try and secure prizes in this game. It may take a while to get used to the larger screen, but that is by no means a bad thing.

Can you find a Ticket to the Stars with the help of Quickspin?

This one takes us to the stars in a different way. We’ve seen slots set in space before, but we cannot recall any that have taken us there and focused on the journey itself. As the game begins, we see a pilot, a stewardess, a robot, and a spaceship or shuttle in the background. So, where will this journey take us?

The game has lots of features, including stacked wilds that can appear on all five reels of the game. There are chances to grab some free games too if things go your way. If this should occur, there will be multiplier upgrades available with two spins granted on every third win.

The futuristic look of the game might be part of the reason why this Quickspin title is already doing well in the casinos. Those stacked wilds are handy to have around, for sure, and we get 25 lines to bet on here as well. Are you ready to take a trip to the stars? Check your ticket and hang on for the ride.

Endorphina has a new hashtag and slot game in the shape of #luxurylife

This is the first slot we have seen where the title delivers its own hashtag. The #luxury life slot comes from Endorphina and it features a man and a woman next to an impressive double staircase. They look as if they are in the lap of luxury, so we guess that title makes sense.

Various luxurious items can be discovered on the reels, with ships, buckets of champagne, and planes to look for. The scatter is a briefcase filled with cash, offering you the chance to secure some free spins if you get enough. Three briefcases are required for this, but you are guaranteed a generous 20 games to play if you find them. Since the man from the opening image is your wild for this game, there are some neat icons to watch for as you spin the reels.

Big Shots is released by Playtech – with a dollar sign for the S

It would appear we are talking about the big shots with lots of money, yachts, and properties on the Riviera, judging by the image in this game. Playtech Slots always comes up with some excellent slots to play and we think this is going to be another good addition to their collection. There are some easy and minimal controls under the six reels – yes, six, more than the usual again – and the extra reel gives us a more unusual layout too.

Various icons can appear either in double-height form or in double-width form, or even in larger format than that. One appeared as a 2 x 3 symbol while the next was a 1 x 4 symbol. It means you never know what to expect next, and that is always a refreshing element to consider.

A Diamond Slots appears as a wild in this game, along with various characters – big shots, we guess – and assorted playing card icons. Those characters can appear in full height. If a giant character collection symbol appears over reels two to five, you can secure some freebies to play. While only five freebies are given, they have the wilds, main characters, and free game icons in play.

With those big symbols in action, there is a great chance to find some easier prizes if they fall into the right positions. Appearing in various sizes up to 4 x 4, you can see why this game is already proving popular.

40 Roosters are on the loose from Casino Technology

Really? Forty of them? Is that dangerous? Should we round them up? Maybe we will learn more if we check out this new game from Casino Technology. They usually manage to come up with some excellent gameplay (the provider, not the roosters), so what lies in store for us here?

The five reels each boast four icons, giving plenty of room for various farm-related items and animals to show up. Yes, there are roosters involved as you might guess, and those roosters act as wilds. From the couple of screens we have seen from this game, they can appear on multiple reels at once and in stacked formation as well.

Other animals included are cats, pigs, and dogs. Meanwhile, you might spot ears of corn, pumpkins, and juicy tomatoes. Any of those could net you some prizes if you are fortunate enough while spinning the reels. We know the game has 40 lines involved and an RTP of around 95.77%, so check it out and see what else you can learn about it. Oh, and watch out for the golden egg used as a scatter too. You never know what that might bring you.

A Forest Wedding has been planned by Casino Technology this week

Yes, a wedding is on the cards and you are invited to find out more about it. This is no ordinary wedding though, as two animals are acting as the bride and groom. The five-reel slot gives us plenty of icons to watch out for, especially since four of them appear on each reel. Expect to see other icons in play too, such as mice and bears. This wedding is all-inclusive, for sure.

There are 40 lines in play in this one, but we do not know much more about it. There is a wild to search for, not to mention a scatter, so perhaps you could earn some free games while you are playing if the icons fall into the right positions? You can only check it out and see what else you can learn about this Forest Wedding.

A long title gives us the Royal Seven Golden Nights slot from Gamomat

A long title indeed, and one that is shown over a solid-looking castle that looks to have been around for hundreds of years. The 5 x 3 format presents five reels to spin, along with quite a basic screen to view when we begin play. This slot only delivers 10 lines, and it appears to be aimed at those players who appreciate a basic slot with lots of fruit and other traditional symbols to contend with. Not much sign of any castle imagery once the game begins, then.

However, the game does include the Golden Nights Bonus Feature. This can only be triggered if you decide to play an extra bet on each spin. Be careful with this and make sure the bet you place will work with whatever budget you have in play. The idea is you could trigger a jackpot game to play on any spin. It makes for a nice additional game, but this is far from the most exciting game you could play out of the titles released this week.

Who are Satyr and Nymph, and what does this Casino Technology game hold in store for us?

Yes, this is another Casino Technology title to explore – they’ve been busy this week for sure. This one features a detailed drawing of a man and woman on the title card. She is eating sparkling grapes and he is holding some pipes. With a busy five-reel screen offering three icons per reel, we can play 20 lines in this game.

As usual, details of this game are currently sketchy. Both characters do appear on the reels and we’ve seen a screenshot that reveals the female character appearing over the first three reels in their entirety. Could she be the wild? We sure hope so, given that screen to look at. The man appears as well, so perhaps together they can help us secure some prizes.

Inspired Gaming gives us a Super Fruits Joker

Another fruity slot, maybe? You guessed correctly, with another game based on the iconic theme coming from Inspired Gaming. Is it inspired? We shall see, but we can confirm this one has five reels with four positions on each. The fruit of the title appear in abundance here, but there are bells and sevens involved as well. You can also expect to see the joker in this game.

Super Fruits Joker has something known as Boost Spins, where all bonus symbols appear at double their usual height. The Bonus is three golden shooting stars, so it is very easy to see. While you might assume the joker is wild, this is not true. Instead, the wild is used as that word alone, with some gold stars behind it. If three, four, or five bonus icons appear, you can look forward to playing eight, 15, or 20 freebies. Rather than adopting paylines, they’ve gone for a way wins slot offering 1,024 ways to secure prizes. That makes life more interesting, and there is certainly far more to this slot than meets the eye.

Can we pick a favorite game for this week?

This is a tough one. We think we will choose Thor’s Lightning as our favorite. Would you agree? Check out the games we have mentioned above to see what you think.