Slot Releases

Every week brings a fresh slew of new slot games to browse through. This week is just the same, with some intriguing titles popping up for us to look at more closely. Which one among them will prove to be the one we love most? More to the point, which one will be your favorite?

Let’s see which ones we can choose from as we dive into this freshest selection of entertaining slots, available now at many leading online casinos.

Relic Seekers are coming our way from Spinomenal

Seeking relics sounds like fun to us. It also sounds like the kind of thing that got Indiana Jones into so much trouble. This Spinomenal slots looks good though, introducing some characters you can expect to see as you play the game. We are dipping into the era of Huangdi here, so we are looking at something that is uncommon in the world of slots. Not ancient Egypt but somewhere else entirely.

The game is displayed with a stone-style selection of five reels. Blocks appear from above and drop into the reels to complete the arrangement. The lower-paying icons are shown as strange symbols, very fitting for the theme in play. We can see there are 25 lines in play here, and the three characters in action could all turn into wilds if the base wild appears in consecutive wins. Play a few practice spins and you will get the idea. Suffice to say it is a good idea!

The scatter is a strange circular element with a swirly symbol inside it. If three of these appear, you will get the chance to play some free games. Ten of these are on offer, and with a key collection featured inside those games, you might just end up with bigger prizes too. We like everything about Relic Seekers, not least the theme itself.

Starmada Exiles can be seen at Playtech

The Starmada… it sounds a lot like the Armada and that is the idea. The Starmada Exiles slot is set in space and you can see some spaceships in the first image that promotes the slot. While the game has the usual 5 x 3 format in action, those reels do bring you a host of exciting symbols on each spin. There is a wild symbol that is marked as such, while pirates appear on the reels looking intimidating. Space pirates, we guess.

Look out for the glowing image of planet Earth in tones of blue – this is the free game icon. Find three of these and those freebies are yours. There is an upgrade feature in the free games too, which means you can introduce up to five wild icons on the reels.

If that isn’t enough, you should watch out for exile symbols. These too can be changed into wilds if you reach the Plunder Bonus. Yes, another suggestion of a pirate theme here, even though we are in space. The Plunder Bonus is accessed with three globes appearing on the first, third, and fifth reels at once. Is there enough here to tempt you to play? We sure hope so.

Medusa Strike… it doesn’t sound good at Pragmatic Play!

Ah, Medusa… how we fear you so. At least, we would if you were real. She was, of course, a monster forming part of Greek mythology, probably the most fearsome monster of all. She is famous for having a head of snakes rather than hair, and all those snakes were venomous.

You can expect her to show up looking just as fearsome as those snakes in the game itself. And yes, she looks green just as she always seems to. A temple – perhaps the one she can be found beneath – is used as a wild icon, and lions and winged horses also appear on the reels.

Pragmatic Play is a reliable provider of great slot games. They have a few for us to try this week. This one brings you the chance to secure up to 850x your triggering bet under the right circumstances. It has a reasonably high volatility level too, so be sure you are keen to play if you want to check it out. Otherwise, just try the demo version to see what the game can offer.

One notable feature of the game is the appearance of four progressive jackpots appearing over the top of the reels. Perhaps that is worth risking locking eyes with Medusa herself… after all, no one wants to be turned into stone…

We should mention that the wild is the random trigger to potentially unlock the bonus game. This brings you a 4 x 3 format of reels to look at. Four versions of Medusa’s head appear here, each one marked with a jackpot. Find three matching ones to scoop the associated jackpot. Easy! Well, it is if you get that far…

Oryx brings us the Speed King

It might seem obvious the Speed King is going to be related to a speedy theme. The imagery going along with this slot shows us a guy in a suit, ready to race. But what is he racing?

We guess it must be a car, since the reels themselves – five of them – show us a steering wheel, some wrenches, headphones, a drill, and other connected items such as tires. The wild appears written in gold, so you won’t have any trouble spotting that.

The game itself looks rather basic in design, with a flaming red background barely seen behind those reels. The graphics could be more detailed, but the game still looks pretty good. It is a good choice for those on smaller budgets too, with just 10 lines to cover.

The scatter icon is also shown in writing with flames behind it. However, the paytable shows no sign of this being responsible for anything other than scatter prizes. You only need two scatters (or more) to deliver the associated prize.

Microgaming sends us an invitation to visit Le Kaffee Bar

Even though the sign isn’t in English, it is easy to assume we are heading for a coffee bar in this new slot game. There is a waitress holding a coffee pot and mug and a woman who looks like she needs a good coffee too.

But what of the game itself? This is yet another five-reel, 243-ways slot which seems to be popular among players right now. The cheapest bet is 30 cents – not bad for covering all those winning ways.

If you find three identical symbols horizontally or vertically on the reels, you will get a respin. Before this occurs, the symbol in the middle of that combo turns into a wild. You then have that in position while everything else spins again.

Meanwhile, the scatter is represented by a coffee mug. It may only show up on the first and fifth reels, but when it appears on both, you will be given a coffee cup. You must then collect more cups to reach some free games. You should collect 10, 20, or 30 cups to get 10, 15, or 18 spins. The more you get, the bigger the multiplier too – with a 3x, 4x, and 5x multiplier to look forward to in those instances. It is up to you to decide when to trigger the freebies, so if you want to play for a while, you might want to hang on for 18 spins at 5x.

NetEnt is up to some Arcane Reel Chaos

An evil-looking man grins out at you from the beginning of this game, and a woman with staring eyes also appears in that opening image. Does that bode well for the game or is there evil afoot?

The game comes from NetEnt, so you know you are in good hands here. You are told about a man called Don Parker who was cursed when trying to get rid of a talisman for money. He became Deep Pockets, a cursed figure who is fought by our heroes in the game.

The game brings us five reels and each icon – 15 of them in the three-row format – appears in the shape of a playing card. The background is mysterious and detailed and provides a nighttime scene. There are free spins in this game, but once you get there you will find yourself in a battle to defeat Deep Pockets. This lends a new element to a traditional feature – just what you would expect from NetEnt.

Other characters within the game are Flare, Zero I, Chrono, and Psyop. The wild symbol is a W, and only scatters are unable to be substituted by this. You can also watch out for Psyop’s Stacked Wilds, Zero X’s Overlay Wilds, Flare’s Multiplier, and Chrono’s Re-Spin. Each of those features adds further excitement to what is already an enjoyable and popular game.

Behold! It’s Doctor Electro, according to Kalamba Games

Who is Doctor Electro? Is this a doc you would want to see or avoid? He seems to be in charge of his lab, but who knows what goes on there?

One thing you should know about this game is the presence of Expanding Reels. So, while you start with 1,024 possible winning ways available, you could expand that to reach a huge 16,807 winning wins. Other features include a Hyperbonus which has already proven popular in other games.

You will see Doctor Electro to the left of the reels, and he will celebrate if you spin something successful onto the reels. You get the usual mix of lower-paying icons to watch for, but other symbols are more exciting.

Other parts of this game are also appealing. For example, you can buy the free spin feature with your Hyperbonus. And of course, the free spins are not known as such – instead, they are called Hyperspins. You will need to look for Expansion Symbols to gain those bigger columns and trigger the bigger winning ways.

There are plenty of features and benefits involved in the Doctor Electro slot. It sure looks as if he has been ‘reel’ busy in his lab…

FunFair introduces Cyber Hunter 2080

We can guess we are in the year 2080 here. The title makes that clear, but the appearance of a futuristic robot suggests it too. It’s not a surprise to see a futuristic take on the five reels too. You can expect a wild police badge to show up, making us wonder whether that robot is a futuristic police officer. There are humans to look for (at least, they look human…) and some strange energy canisters as well.

There is an opportunity to scoop some free games in this slot. These bring enhanced reels if you do get there. There is a Hunter Bonus feature as well, with something called True Chance involved. We like how that sounds…

Three energy canisters are the key to scoring some free games. These reels are packed with just the highest-paying icons and the wilds. You can trigger the bonus from inside the free spins rather than the base game. If you get there you can look out for the hunter to try and get your best prize.

With 20 lines available to bet on, Cyber Hunter 2080 looks set to be a game that has you thinking about the future and hoping for some good prizes too.

BGaming has a Mechanical Orange for us to look at…

Mechanical Orange is a great title for a game, especially when you see the imagery that goes with it. Who is that woman on the left? This has a steampunk look about it, and the mix of colors and images on offer here is truly impressive. Top marks to BGaming for that alone.

This is an unusual slot too, with a 3 x 3 layout that forms part of a disc. You only see part of that disc, illustrating the active part of the game. You also get just one line to bet on, so this is good for players with limited budgets. The controls to alter your bet amount are below the reels.

The paytable reveals a traditional selection of symbols along with a hat and that mechanical orange. The highest payer is the red seven, which could net you 1,000x your bet if you manage to find it three times on the line.

There is nothing new about the game itself, but the presentation is something to appreciate for sure. Enjoy this Mechanical Orange today to see if you agree.

All aboard Fugaso Airlines with Fugaso (of course)

Fugaso Airlines is a fun name, don’t you think? This was released by Fugaso, as you might have guessed anyway. Two cabin attendants await your presence with this game, with one standing each side of the reels. There are five reels here, each with five icons appearing on them. This means you get more winning ways than you might have supposed, with 3,125 of them up for grabs.

The two attendants each keep track of your chances to enjoy multipliers and extra flights. You will see how these elements work when you try the demo game. The game screen itself is so exciting and packed with action, you would be forgiven for not seeing the three jackpots and their treasure chests underneath the reels. These are the Mini, Midi, and Maxi jackpots. Could you be fortunate to be on the receiving end of one of those?

Re-spins appear in this game, as do Energy Balls to be collected, and these appear in red and blue. The blue ones are connected to the multiplier feature, while the red ones are connected to the extra flights (i.e. free spins). The flight theme is very much in evidence here, introducing lots of superb features that make Fugaso Airlines a worthy game to board.

Celtic Gold is Pragmatic Play’s next release

Celtic Gold tells you this is going to have Irish connections, and for sure the Irish theme is seen in the lettering of the title. Gold is always nice to know about, but how many coins could you receive if you play this game?

We get five reels and 50 lines in this title, with familiar icons appearing over the reels on each spin. The wild is represented by a rainbow, arriving on every reel if you are fortunate and substituting for everything apart from the golden tree. That one is the scatter symbol for this game. If the tree appears on reels one, three, and five, you will go through to the bonus picker screen.

That screen allows you to select a pot to find out which prize you have secured. One of the pots contains nothing more than a 1x coin win, which gives you back the cash you wagered when you hit the bonus. However, other possibilities are a higher-value award of at least 10x and possibly up to 500x that stake. There are two possible free spin features too. The first is Sticky Wild Free Spins with six spins on offer, and the Raining Wilds Free Spins, which has 10 free spins to play. Each of those freebie rounds has different bonuses to look out for as you play, which makes it excellent fun to try out.

If you have tried some Irish-themed slots already, this may not be your favorite. However, it does offer you everything you could ever want from a slot game, thanks to those bonus pots. Which one will you get to choose?

Will you be at the Mercy of the Gods, according to NetEnt?

Yes, we have another title here from NetEnt to mark this week in May. Mercy of the Gods sounds dramatic enough, but we cannot tell the exact theme here. Not until we look at the title image, which shows us an Egyptian setting. We seem to be in the company of an explorer who is ready to share her discoveries. Could that be the case?

The usual 5 x 3 screen format is marked by the addition of three progressive jackpots above the reels. Just look at the size of the mega one in the middle – it could produce a life-changing prize.

Traditional ancient Egyptian icons turn up with each spin, delivering a familiar mix to look for. Finding five of the familiar eye symbols delivers the same amount of free games to play. You play these on a different set of reels to perk things up. Look for an expanded wild too, appearing over an entire reel.

The jackpots are likely to grab plenty of attention for Mercy of the Gods, but we think the game itself is appealing too.

Just for the Win introduces the new Reel Splitter game

Reel Splitter would suggest a certain feature might be evident in this slot. The game itself is rather basic looking, with four reels producing lots of letters, numbers, and traditional fruit symbols. There is a wild too, which is the word appearing over a two-tone pink and purple background. That makes it simple to spot, wouldn’t you say?

There is a nice free spin symbol to see too, which also uses the words over a two-tone background. You should also look out for the game logo. If you manage to get a four-symbol win in the base game, you may trigger the Reel Split Re-Spin feature. This introduces another reel to the game. It will appear between reels two and three. The four original reels of the game are locked in position while the newly introduced reel spins again. This means you may end up securing another prize. Moreover, instead of the usual 81 ways you might get prizes in this game, the extra reel bumps it up to 243.

We mentioned a free spin icon and you should look for either three or four of these. Three will deliver eight freebies while the extra one will bring that total to 16.

There are some Raging Storms about according to IGT

Raging storms don’t sound like much fun, do they? Wait up, though – the storms evident in this slot might be better than you think. The loading screen alone tells us about Storm Wilds. These can show up on the first and fifth reels, moving across the other reels as they do so. Those wilds can also combine with other wilds to deliver a Super Storm Wild. It sounds stormy but we think you will appreciate the bigger multiplier it can deliver. How does anything up to 10x sound?

The screen offers the usual five reels, but we do get four rows of icons appearing here too. The wilds can also appear in larger form when they combine, reaching up to 3 x 3 in size. Aside from the written WILD icon, you can also watch out for a BONUS icon to appear. Find three of those and you can enjoy some free spins. Those spins will contain Storm Wilds raging into action more often, so you never know how many you might encounter.

The paytable tells us about the Lightning God, the Wind God, the Ice God, and the Rain God, each of whom has free spins to offer. You could net up to 25 of them depending on what happens. We love the way the weather has been dramatized to provide an outstanding theme from IGT. It may not be the first weather-themed slot we have seen, but it looks as if it is our new favorite.

Caishen’s Cash is up for grabs from Pragmatic Play

They’ve had a busy week, haven’t they? You might wonder whether releasing several new games in the same week would point to substandard outings. Not so though – this is Pragmatic Play, after all.

Will Caishen’s Cash be the pick of the crop from this reliable provider? The mention of Caishen will likely make it clear this game has an Asian feel. Caishen appears on the right side of the screen with a happy disposition. Let’s hope you feel the same when you get started. You could get up to 22,000x your bet from this game if you hit the jackpot. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate?

We have a five-reel, 243-ways game here, populated with Chinese gold coins, happy little characters, and white cats. You can see four progressive jackpots above those reels, which means you should look out for the random jackpot game. This is triggered in a random way, but you will need a wild icon to show up in that triggering spin. The wild says WILD, so you cannot miss it.

The gold coin is a money symbol and if you get six or more in one spin, you will get to make a choice. Will you go for some free spins or the money respin option? Both offer an intriguing and entertaining game to play, so if you play for long enough you might get the chance to try both. There is a demo you can check out first if you would like to see whether Caishen’s Cash is good enough to tempt you.

Jewels Match 3 is the title from Green Tube this week

The imagery accompanying this slot is simple enough. A diamond in blue with Jewels Match 3 written over the top of it. The background is purple with a hint of other crystals growing there.

If you were expecting five reels, think again. This game presents us with an 8 x 7 format, populated by lots of different-colored icons. These are simple icons, but you might also spot a golden bell or a bomb. We have seen a few similar games to this dropping into view lately, and it is worth reading the rules to determine how prizes can be paid out.

Moving and matching symbols is the idea. Cross symbols and bombs are worth getting as they can clear symbols from the board. If you are used to playing regular slots, the Jewels Match 3 game might seem confusing at first. However, we think it is worth persevering, especially as you can try the demo to see what you think of it. Read the paytable carefully, so you can figure out how all the symbols come into play.

Lucky Cat could bring you good fortune according to Platipus

The mere mention of a lucky cat would indicate this game is based in Asian lore. Cats are lucky there, of course, and we see a golden cat holding a coin in the opening image that introduces the game.

There are four progressive jackpots included in the game, with the Grand Jackpot ranking as the best one of all. Meanwhile, the main 5 x 3 game has golden fish, that lucky cat, and a flower included as a scatter symbol. The wild is a beautiful floral display which can transform into a full-height wild tree. This won’t appear on the first reel, but it can appear on any of the remaining four. It doesn’t substitute for the scatter we already mentioned, nor does it replace the glowing bonus coin.

The bonus icon can appear in stacked form on the reels. If you find six or more in a spin, watch out for the re-spin feature to begin. You will receive a cash award for each of the coins you have found, or you might find a jackpot symbol. Let’s hope you find enough of the latter to trigger one of those pots.

This game presents you with 25 lines to wager on, and the chance to experience the good fortune a lucky cat might bestow on you.

Candy Burst sounds like candy-filled fun from Mutuel Play

If you’ve had enough of games featuring candy, this may not be the game for you. We love these themes though, and the opening image for Candy Burst shows how accurate that title is. The candies are flying in all directions, with all colors and shapes to look out for.

The game itself introduces a common format with five reels and three rows of symbols per reel. The game screen is minimal, but we quite like that. There are 25 lines to bet on and you can use the controls to easily set up your preferred bet.

Watch for your favorite candies to pop up during play. Those cola bottles are making us hungry! Will you spot some wild icons cropping up as well? We sure hope so, as they do make life easier when looking for prizes.

Do you fancy entering Abe’s Saloon? Casumo Gaming hopes you will

This sounds like a Wild West slot, doesn’t it? It certainly seems that way when you load this game, which gives you the usual 5 x 3 array of reels set against some very old wallpaper. The colors of this slot are washed out, but it works well and is very unusual. Various characters appear on those reels, each appearing inside a picture frame. We haven’t seen that effect in a slot before and it works very well.

The sheriff usually shows up in these games, but we get the chance to see his silver badge here as the wild. You have 20 lines to find prizes on, and the game also includes an avalanche cascade feature. Trigger the bonus and you will get the chance to shoot some bottles too. The scatter must appear three times to give you this opportunity.

The washed-out look is different, but it turns out to be just one appealing feature in this Casumo Gaming title. What else will you find here that is just as appealing?

Yggdrasil has a Wild Mantra to share

A mantra is something you say and repeat. Does that provide a clue to the title and theme of this game? Should we expect a repeating wild to crop up, maybe?

The game looks great, with a stone temple showing five pillars inside it. As you might guess, each pillar is a reel of the game. There are four icons per pillar. The usual Yggdrasil-style controls appear under those reels.

We like the simple detailing of the icons, especially the WILD and FREE SPINS icons as they are super easy to see. Wilds can be stacked on the pillars, so it is possible to spot several in the same spin. It doesn’t guarantee a win, but it does improve your chances.

Three FREE SPINS icons deliver 10 games to play without charge. The +1 WILD at the beginning of this is sticky. Meanwhile, if a free game delivers a full column of wilds at any stage, another freebie is added to your remaining amount.

We think our mantra for this game should be, ‘This is a great game, this is a great game…’ Do you agree?

iSoftBet has a Vegas High Roller slot idea to share

Can you guess which city you’re going to visit in this slot? The title matches the imagery in making it obvious. But will this be a slot for high rollers, or will it include options for the rest of us too?

This slot does have a casino feel though, something that is obvious when you check out the Cash Chip Spin feature. The game features casino chips that can appear on the reels. If the Cash Chip Spin feature triggers (something that occurs randomly), you can expect all the chips on the reels, regardless of value, to be cashed in with the cashier. Nice! That means you will secure the total value of all those chips.

You can see the five reels of the game have other casino-related icons on them as well. Expect to see playing cards, dice, and a roulette wheel among other things. You can also look out for the four card suits as the lower valued symbols.

No slot featuring this theme would be complete without the Las Vegas Nevada sign. It appears here with the words FREE SPINS written on it as well, so you can guess what this could lead to. Better still is the fact these spins will only contain cash chips. So, the cashier could get pretty busy during this feature. Throw in some potential respins and 10 lines to bet on and it is easy to see how entertaining this game is.

There is some Nordic Wild entertainment going on from Genii

Nordic Wild tells us the setting for this slot game. It also reveals a wolf in modern art style, howling at something above. The design of this game is nothing short of appealing, offering us the chance to look for modern takes on various A, Q, and K symbols. There are pinecones, a chilly background covered in snow, and various creatures that live in Nordic lands.

The wolf truly is wild in this game, while a chilly-looking circular symbol that says FREE SPINS can trigger just that. Find three, four, or five of those in a spin and the reward for you will be eight, 12, or 16 of those freebies. All prizes are doubled here.

The game also has an owl on the reels. Finding three, four, or five of these introduces a picking feature. Depending on the triggering quantity of owls, you will receive one, two, or three picks. The prizes awarded from your selections will determine the amounts won in prize money.

This is a chilly theme, so wrap up warm to play. It is a good game though – top marks to Genii for producing one that is this atmospheric.

Meet the Panda Warrior from GamePlay

Have you met a Panda Warrior before? You are about to, thanks to this dynamic and fun title from GamePlay. They introduce us to two warriors on the opening screen, each looking determined to make their mark.

We get a traditional formula here, with a 5 x 3 arrangement in force. Stop and marvel at the background before you begin, to appreciate the detailed world in which these pandas live. You can also view the controls under the reels to make sure you are happy with your progress.

There are 30 fixed lines to be covered in the game. Meanwhile, Panda Warrior introduces some wild scrolls that can turn up on the second, third, and fourth reels of the game. They can replace many other symbols, but there is a bonus they can’t substitute for. Three scatters – all labeled – cannot be replaced by them either.

Three bonus icons deliver six free spins. If you find more bonuses during those spins, you could secure up to four more freebies to play. You will see you get a new paytable filled with different symbols in the free games too.

Booongo has developed the Book of Sun Multichance slot

Book of Sun could refer to anything – including the weather – but this time it refers to ancient Egypt. The opening imagery we see for this game reveals a golden theme, along with a Pharaoh to the left and a bird to the right. The book itself sits in the middle.

Various Egyptian symbols can appear as you begin to play the game. You will play over five reels, betting on 10 lines. If the Book of Sun appears three times, 12 free spins will be granted to you. Each set of games secured will reveal a special expanding symbol inside the book before you begin. This will expand whenever it appears, thereby improving your chances of a win. Will you manage to get what you want in that respect?

StakeLogic has created the Hot Forties Quattro gam


But is it four times as good as its competitors, we wonder? Great question, and one we hope we can discover an answer to. We were guessing at fruit appearing in this slot and we were correct in that. The game itself has five reels, each one boasting four icons rather than the usual three.

A blue diamond appears as a scatter, while we can see a red seven labeled as a wild. Stacked symbols seem rather common too, according to the images we have seen for this slot. While you have scatter symbols to watch out for, these can only deliver scatter prizes rather than free spins.

And… that is about it for this game. A nice simple one that delivers more reels than the usual games featuring fruit.

So… which is our top pick this week?

We are continuing the trend of recent weeks with over 20 superb new slots that are hard to find a favorite from. We did manage to do it though, and our choice is…

Arcane Reel Chaos from NetEnt. A predictable choice, perhaps, but it is a strong choice, nonetheless. This is an outstanding game with countless superb features. We love the twist on the free games, not to mention the various random features you might benefit from.

We don’t know if you will agree with our choice, but we do know you will love trying some of the great games released just recently. If you want to know more about the next crop of games due for release, bookmark our site now and be back here next week to discover more great new slots for 2019.