New Slot

Every week of the year brings us some impressive new slot releases to pore over. This week in May is no different in this respect. We have many intriguing titles to try, with the likes of Pariplay, Spinmatic, and High 5 Games joining the fray along with the software developers mentioned in the title.

With a good clutch of new games to check out this week, we may have a tough decision trying to figure out a favorite among them. We shall try, but first let’s check out all the new titles this week.

Visit Neo Tokyo with Ganapati

Ganapati won’t be a familiar name with many people, but they have released this charming game called Neo Tokyo for us to check out. The first image we see for this game presents us with a blue-toned pair of characters… but is that an enemy we see lurking in the background?

The male character is called Jin, and he can bring you landing wilds in the base game in Neo Tokyo. While the game has five reels, they do not look like the normal reels you would expect to get in a game like this. Instead, they adopt a 4-3-4-3-4 format, with each icon appearing as a hexagon. As such, the entire game looks to be played on a grid.

The symbols include characters, but you also get Chinese lettering as the lower-paying icons. Watch out for the Neo Tokyo logo as this is the wild, substituting most of the other things that might appear in the game (only the scatter can’t be replaced by this). The wild will only appear over the middle three reels of the game. Two other triggers you should know about are Hana, who unlocks the Flower Blossom feature, and Deadspin, who will trigger the feature of the same name. This all sounds most intriguing, with all three combined unlocking the bonus feature in the game.

Since each of the characters is a scatter and appears only on their own special reel, one of each must appear to trigger the bonus feature. This awards 10 free games… but only on level one. You then get another 10 games on each of the next two levels, so this could be one of the best bonuses you’ve ever played. Try it and see what you think.

Green Tube releases some Elemental Dragons

Elemental Dragons suggest a fantasy theme, especially since we know (or assume) dragons are not real. They look real as they roar into life in this game though, giving us the chance to enjoy the promise of action even before they do anything else.

But what of the game itself? Well, there are five reels here, shown in front of a background featuring Chinese lanterns and other items to set the tone of this game. You will see the usual letters on the reels, but each has been given a Chinese makeover in typeface. The logo also appears on the reels, along with koi carp, a dragon’s head, and other similar items connected to the theme.

Elemental Dragons also features 20 fixed paylines, so check your bets before playing to make sure they fit with the game at hand. The logo turns out to be one of the most important symbols we can look for on those reels. It is both a wild and a scatter, replacing 12 other potential symbols that could show up during play. Three or more of those will also reward you with 10 free games to enjoy.

You will also see a mix of five other wilds during play. They are all labeled, one as a sticky wild which is self-explanatory, but the others are all wilds against different-colored backgrounds. These will not sub for the logo, but everything else is fine. Each one also has its own role to play, so you never can tell what the next spin will bring. Having this many wild icons in action certainly brings us more excitement in a game that might otherwise have been formulaic. Not so in this case, thankfully.

Get ready for a Summer Splash from Spinomenal

Summer Splash sounds like a seasonal game to enjoy, doesn’t it? It may not feel like summer quite yet where you are (it certainly doesn’t here), but this game is designed to get you in the mood, no matter what the weather is currently doing.

There are various fruity characters all getting into the mood in the image promoting Summer Splash. One is even wearing headphones, although they all seem to be bopping along to the music. When the game has loaded, we see five reels superimposed over an exotic background. Playing 25 lines over a 5 x 3 format, Summer Splash delivers all those characters we just saw on the reels as we play. There are other familiar symbols here too, such as a bonus icon, bar symbols, diamonds, and bells.

The wild is cute as it looks like two cherries taking a selfie! If you are fortunate, you might spot extra wilds added to the reels too. The game also has a wheel spin feature, offering you a certain quantity of spins on the wheel to see what you can find. The wheel has multiplier values and free spin segments. Will you score a larger multiplier to create a prize based on your triggering bet, find some free games to play, or a bit of both? Only time will tell as you start spinning the wheel.

The trigger for the bonus is different than you might imagine. Instead of requiring three at the same time, you must simply find the bonus icon on each reel over time. Whenever it appears on a reel, it lights up that reel. Once all five reels are lit, you play the bonus. This takes you to the wheel we mentioned. With a re-spin feature also up for grabs in Summer Splash, this game could indeed make a real splash among players this summer. Enjoy!

Will you walk into the Tomb of Treasure from PG Soft?

Tomb of Treasure… boy, that is a cool title for a slot game. The imagery accompanying that title is good too, suggesting a night-time scene where a tomb is awaiting us. What will we find inside though?

This is a standard 5 x 3, 243 ways to win game that should attract a lot of attention. The symbol to look for above all others is the Power symbol. This does indeed have a power you will enjoy, since it can expand the reel it appears on. It also brings the player three re-spins, so it has more than one element to look forward to. Since an expanded reel changes the makeup of the reel set, you will be good to keep an eye on the message ‘243 ways’ that appears above the reels. If the reels get bigger, you will see more winning ways appear. One screenshot showed a chance to grab prizes up to 1,024 ways in a spin. This is the main attraction with the Tomb of Treasure slot – the potential for ever-changing win ways to appear as you play.

All prizes are given from left to right, and the paytable reveals how this works. The idea is that you should never miss a column when lining up matching icons. If you do, there is no prize to be had. It might take a while to get used to how Tomb of Treasure works, but just watch for the Power icon and you will not go far wrong.

What does Sabaton mean? Play’n Go has the answer

You will either know what Sabaton means (or refers to) or not. The answer will depend on how familiar you are with a certain Swedish heavy metal band. As you might now guess, the band is called Sabaton and this new slot from Play’n Go focuses on the band. As such, it would appear to target a narrow audience, although if you enjoy music-related slots, it might be worth looking more closely at this one too.

The game features Chained Reels, which means two or three reels sitting next to each other will become linked during play. This is a random feature and the affected reels will be clearly shown on the screen whenever it occurs. Another feature to look for is called Last Stand. This is where one or two reels become filled with stacked wild icons.

There is a free spin bonus to look forward to, which includes Mega Symbols alongside the regular ones. Since these can cover three whole reels at once, you never know what might be possible in terms of prizes. Will you manage to trigger these Battalion Spins to find out?

With Metal Stacks, Mystery Symbols, and Mega Scatter icons too, Sabaton is a good game to play even if this is the first time you’ve heard of the band.

Red Tiger releases the Reel King Mega slot game

The Reel King himself appears and welcomes you to check out this game. He looks happy enough, with three reels in front of him and a lever ready to pull to start them spinning. Does this suggest we have a three-reel game to play here? It does, but the game features five reels once you begin to play. The reels themselves are basic enough, with letters, numbers, and fruit popping up during play. There are stacks of gold coins behind those reels, along with ones falling from the sky against a red background.

The wild icon looks as if it is wearing a jester’s hat, while the background of the reels can be either blue or yellow. That might not sound too concerning, but you want to watch out for all the reels to be shown with the yellow background in place. If this occurs, you will play the Reel King feature. The King will have prizes ready for you, with spins carrying on until a spin reveals no prizes at all.

It turns out the King is careless with his crown, although this has a good effect in play for you. The King might lose his crown, leading it to bounce all over the reels. Everywhere the crown lands will produce a wild, so let’s hope it loses control for quite a while!

With 20 lines to play on, this slot game looks set to appeal to lovers of classic slots with a twist.

There are Mermaids Galore in this new Kalamba Games title

We have spotted a couple of new slots featuring mermaids of late, this being one of them. The opening image shows just one mermaid, but she is beautifully drawn in a sea of charming colors. The game itself has five reels and varying quantities of icons on each one. We can spot the sea as a backdrop to those reels, with the mermaids themselves appearing on them as we play.

The game also features some intriguing symbols, showing one, two, three, four, and five mermaids on them respectively. Each trigger will bring you 10 free games to play, although you would get the same number of gold symbols involved as per the number of triggering mermaids in the icon. There are multiplier wilds appearing inside golden shells with pearls in them, and a chance to score additional free games with the bonus icon.

Mermaids Galore therefore features nice treats galore too. There are three jackpot amounts to shoot for as well, with the chance to collect gold symbols to try and net one of them. Will those mermaids be useful, or will they hinder your progress as you get ready to play this game?

Amatic Industries introduces us to this Beauty Warrior

The title Beauty Warrior seems a contradiction in terms, so what can we expect from the new slot game of the same name? The warrior appears on the title screen for this game from Amatic Industries, delivering an instant guess at an Oriental theme. We get an unusual format here too, with a 3-4-5-4-3 appearance for the five included reels. Expect lots of Chinese imagery on those reels too, with warriors, a golden scatter icon, flowers, and Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon.

There are no paylines to look for here, as the game provides you with the maximum 720 potential ways to win with each spin. That means you merely need to select your spin bet for each go. Watch for the Beauty Warrior to appear full height on the reels as your wild icon too. This does not substitute for the scatter, but it can replace everything else. If a wild appears in full height on any of the second, third, or fourth reels in a spin, you will get another wild on a random reel out of those same three reels. Could this improve your prize or garner another one? You should play to find out.

There is enough here to make a good job of highlighting the advantages of this theme. Will the Beauty Warrior turn out to bring you good fortune?

Burning Ice Deluxe is unleashed by Fazi

At first glance, the imagery released to promote this game from Fazi (not a provider we’re familiar with) seems to indicate this will be a formulaic game. We get to see dice, stars, and various fruit symbols, much as we would expect to see in an average three-reel one-armed bandit game. That title is curious though, so perhaps there is more to this one than we might think.

We were correct in thinking there were three reels in action here, as those reels bring us a 3 x 3 format to contend with. That means there are 27 lines in action, and those are fixed for the duration of play. The star appears in two guises, in a fiery version and an icy version. If you can find two of either of these on the reels – they must appear on separate reels to qualify – you will get a respin. Those symbols will remain in place, which gives you a chance to score a prize if a third matching symbol appears on the remaining reel.

There is also a mystery symbol in Burning Ice Deluxe. This is labeled and shown with one red die and one blue die in play. Three of these landing on the same payline will produce a random prize. This is guaranteed to be worth at least 2x your triggering bet but possibly up to 100x your total bet. With random jackpots available too, this game has more to recommend it than we first thought.

Enter the Hall of the Mountain King by Quickspin

Would you enter a hall if you knew a Mountain King was hiding inside? We’re not sure we would, but since this is a slot game, we guess we can safely load it to see what it holds in store for us. The title image reveals the King himself, wielding a weapon of some kind and boasting some impressively alarming teeth.

The loading screen of a slot game often reveals some of the biggest highlights it can offer, and this one is no different. You can secure over 7,000x your bet while playing the game if things go your way. Meanwhile, there are various other features you can hope to trigger as the game gets underway. There is a chance to benefit from increasing multipliers, while also looking out for some symbol upgrades. Add in some whirling wilds and you can see how impressive the game is set up to be. All this and we haven’t mentioned the ‘massive three-stage bonus’ yet.

They have gone for a 2D format here with square icons appearing over the 5 x 3 screen. The usual familiar Quickspin controls are situated below those reels, offering an orange and white theme that looks great in contrast to the game itself.

The game has the multiplier values to the left of reel one, with blue skies and white clouds beyond. Various characters crop up on the reels, along with those golden Ws as wilds. The progressive free spin bonus feature makes this game different from many others. Each stage is different from the last, so you are sure to pay close attention to what is happening here if you can. This is one game we would recommend you play in demo mode first, just so you can see how the various elements progress. Could this be your favorite release of the week? Enter the Hall of the Mountain King today and you can discover the answer.

ELK Studios unlocks their new slot game called Chi

Chi doesn’t say much, and yet those three letters relate to breath in China. This, therefore, is an odd theme for a slot game, especially when two cat-like characters appear to introduce us to it. With cherry blossoms beyond, we can find out whether the game delivers enough to tempt us to have a go. It does promise the chance to scoop up to 12,500x your bet, so perhaps that is enough to venture further.

The game is different to look at, appearing with three reels that each stand five icons high. Yes, the most familiar format has been stood on its side! Labeled symbols point to the most interesting ones to find, such as the bonus yin-yang icon and the free spins message. The wild appears in red and gold too.

If you get the chance to step onto the Stairway of Fortune, you will need to hit the start button to get things underway. At the top of the stairway lies the biggest prize worth 10,000x your triggering bet. Each step you successfully take towards the top results in a bigger potential prize. This bonus game is the clear highlight of the Chi slot, but there are free spins to be earned elsewhere too. Each of those two cats we saw in the opening image has a talent as well, so the game delivers far more than you might expect a large three-reel game to bring.

Elvis Lives, says WMS

Elvis Lives! Some say he does, with the craziest of conspiracy theories coming to the fore from time to time. If you are a fan of the King, it matters little whether you buy into those theories or not. The thing that matters most is whether this game brings back memories of him – his songs, his voice, and those great outfits he used to wear.

If you are a fan, we think you will appreciate everything this game can deliver. There is a chance to spot giant symbols appearing on any spin of the reels. Meanwhile, there is a TCB Multiplier Bonus to look for, alongside an Elvis Lives Bonus. If bonuses are your thing, watch out for the Jumpsuit Picker Bonus too. What’s that? Free spins? Oh yes, you get the chance to try and scoop some of those during play as well, thanks to the Aloha Wild Free Spin Bonus.

The appearance of this five-reel game is nothing short of impressive. The reels each stand 12 high, with the King appearing in various guises on larger symbols too. That means you might spot Elvis taking up two or more positions on a single reel in each spin. Giant symbols also increase your chances of scoring some successful lines in a spin.

Each of the four bonuses in this slot game has its own bonus trigger. So, you must find the appropriate triggering icon to unlock that feature. Some bring free games while others involve picking features. What will you find on the reels when you go looking for Elvis?

Get ready to discover Lara Croft Temples and Tombs from Triple Edge Studios

Lara Croft is back. For some, she never went away, but while her biggest years are arguably behind her in the world of gaming, she has stepped forward to make her mark in the world of slot games now too.

You would expect a game with a title like this to feature many different and powerful aspects to look forward to. This one does not disappoint, as you will see when you are waiting a few short seconds for the game to load. The jackpot is worth 5,000x your bet, while there are free games, multipliers, and Rolling Reels features to look forward to as well. If you like games offering you 243 potential winning ways, this is the one for you.

243 ways to net prizes might suggest a 5 x 3 format, which indeed it does. Those reels are set into a stone-like background, with a starting multiplier of x1 under the reels that can climb to x5 in qualifying circumstances. Above the reels, you will see the Minor, Major, and Grand jackpot amounts. Everyone will hope to net one of those, but few will get the chance to do so.

Elsewhere in the game, various Lara Croft poses are seen on the reels, along with various items she carries with her. Gold coins are always nice to see, but here they are worth more than usual. The golden coin featuring a design of a beetle on it is your wild symbol. It replaces everything too, not just most of the other symbols in play. It will only show up on the middle three reels, but when it does it could be useful. Those wilds are collected as part of the Rolling Reels element of the game, and they could be the key to netting a jackpot too.

If free spins are your thing, make sure you find three Lara Croft books to trigger eight of them in this game. That said, every combination of three symbols will bring eight freebies, so you could get more than you think depending on the number of books appearing.

Playtech invites us to spend some time at Ascot

Ascot. Just one word and only five letters, yet those who know about horse racing will know Ascot is one of the most famous horse racing venues in the world. If you cannot visit in person, the next best thing might be to visit an online casino offering the new Ascot game from Playtech instead. A standard five-reel format with three icons per reel is on offer here, with the controls neatly displayed under those reels. The greenery of the venue itself is shown behind those reels too, along with the stands and the buildings famous among many.

Expect to spot visitors to the racing venue, along with an old-style pocket watch, some rosettes, and a scattered icon featuring horses racing towards the finish. There are jackpots to note above the reels too, with a Daily Jackpot, Weekly Jackpot, and Sporting Legends jackpot to look out for there.

If you do manage to trigger the bonus, you will be required to pick a lady to see how many free games you have won. The free game feature provides another set of reels on a different background, enabling you to enjoy some more elements of the game. There doesn’t seem to be much that is new here, yet the game is already enjoying some impressive stats in the casinos. Will you go out of your way to gallop towards this slot at your favorite casinos today?

Not Eldorado but Goldorado – that’s the new title from Pariplay

Goldorado is a great title for a slot game. This one features an idol front and center in the opening image, along with a hint of a Mayan temple in the background. The title itself is written in gold, of course, so it lives up to the idea of this being a golden slot to play. As the game prepares to be played, we get the chance to read about some of the many features we will find here. Mirror stacked wilds, free spins, random wilds, and symbol swap features are all present and ready to be discovered.

This is a big game too, with six reels in action and five icons appearing on each. The first three reels appear to the left of the tall icon in the middle of the screen, with the final three reels appearing to the right of it. Wilds can appear in stacks during play, and they’re simple to spot given their WILD nature. Other symbols also have the power to appear in stacks.

So, you might wonder what the idol in the middle has to do with the game itself. This is known as a totem and it can activate randomly during play to present you with some intriguing elements to enjoy. We mentioned the four features previously, so you can watch out on each spin to see if the totem has your best interests at heart. Wouldn’t it be great to experience each of those four features during your time trying this game?

There are 25 lines in both the base game and the free spins, so there is ample opportunity to net some prizes during the game. Will you like what you see in Goldorado?

Spinmatic has a Need for Space this week

Does space refer to outer space or simply the need to declutter and take on the Konmari method of sorting out your stuff? While we would love to see a slot game based on tidying up, this one is based on outer space, evidenced by the alien in his spaceship appearing in the main title image for the game.

Spinmatic delivers a neat 3 x 3 format here, with 27 ways to try and get some prizes and a great detailed town beyond. The detail provided everywhere you look is nothing short of impressive and adds some weight to the theme. This game includes a Nudge feature, something that has cropped up in other games thus far this year. The idea is that you could benefit from a random nudge of the reels if you spin the reels and do not unlock any prizes. The reels can reverse up to three symbols to create the best possible prize from the icons shown.

This appears to be the only feature included in Need for Space, but it is a good one, nonetheless. If you manage to get a few nudges in turn, you might be pleased at the outcome. Either way, give Need for Space a spin to see what you think of it.

Will you find your own Piece of Treasure in this new Casino Technology slot game?

A pile of gems, jewelry, and gold coins sit in the middle of two characters in the image that promotes this new title from Casino Technology. If you have tried a few slots from this developer already, you can probably guess what to expect from this one. With a 5 x 4 matrix giving you more to look for as you play, the game features those same two characters on the reels themselves. Idols and treasure also appear, along with the same controls you would expect from every other release from this company.

There isn’t much to report on this one as details are sketchy on this recent release. However, watch out for casinos offering Casino Technology games to add this recent addition to their collection too.

Bonnie & Clyde are back, thanks to the hard work of those at BF Games

There can be few people around today who have not heard of Bonnie and Clyde. They were famous in their day just as they are now, although they were famous for being criminals who led the police on a chase to find them before meeting their end by those same people.

The Bonnie & Clyde slot game from BF Games features cartoonish images of the two outlaws, along with some of the people who tried to capture them. You will also see a heart bearing the words ‘love’s the survival’ – an odd phrase but one that is easy to see thanks to the design. This is also used as a scatter symbol. Meanwhile, the outlaws themselves appear in an image that acts as an expanding wild. Whenever it lands on a reel, it will expand to show the entire image, thus turning that whole reel wild.

The paytable reveals the game has 20 fixed paylines, so you must cover them all with each bet. The RTP for the game is a respectable 95.62%, which is very good. Watch out for the guy smoking a cigarette too. If he appears together with the wild icon, anything won in that spin is given a 3x multiplier. This includes scatter wins. Three or more scatters appearing anywhere in a spin will bring you some free games. Just select a tire to see how many games you have got – between five and 30 of them.

Finally, the game also features a jukebox icon. Finding this on reels two, three, and four will trigger Pick and Click, the bonus game. Just select a symbol to find out which multiplier will be added to your triggering bet to discover your prize. With other perks to come in the free spin feature, you can see there will be some fans of the Bonnie & Clyde slot game.

The Lady of Avalon is revealed by Barcrest

You would expect to meet the lady herself upon selecting this game to play. You do indeed, as she appears in the opening image. That same pose is struck during the game itself too, along with other icons including a horse and the various letters and numbers cropping up in these games.

The lady is a scatter and is also a wild, giving you the chance to benefit in two ways from her appearance. Three or more scatters are needed to unlock the relevant prize amount for those icons. She also replaces everything in the base game and all but the special symbol during the free spins. Yes, she can award 10 of those whenever she appears three or more times too.

Before you play the free spins, a special icon is chosen at random to become an expanding icon for those games alone. This can change the potential for netting prizes during those spins, improving it from its usual position. Is this enough to look forward to? With 10 paylines to cover, this is an affordable and appealing game for many to consider.

Northern Lights Gaming is going to treat us to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is surely the most famous waterfall in the whole world. But there is no sign of it in the title image for this Northern Lights Gaming title. Instead, we get a sparkling title with some gold coins sitting nearby. This is shown against a wall with two wall sconces on it. What does this tell us about the game itself? We can reveal it is a different story when you go through and load the game, since it does show a rocky setting with various waterfall-themed features to come.

Firstly, there is a chance to look out for a Niagara Falls-themed icon along with other more traditional ones such as cherries and bells. The wild is easy to spot in the base game, as it uses the word over a generic oval background. However, if you reach the free spin feature, you can expect other wild icons showing cartoon characters plunging over the falls in barrels. Apparently, someone did do that for real!

Watch the final reel of the five as you play, too. Each spin presents you with a chance to spot a gold coin tumbling onto that reel. If this should occur, it will land in one of the bonus slots seen underneath the reels. These are Win x5, Wild, Stacked Spin, Shake, and Free Spins. Whichever position the coin lands in, that will be the bonus you will play.

As such, the Niagara Falls slot uses some great elements to create a game quite unlike anything else you might have spotted. There might be a few other games based on waterfall features, but nothing quite like this. Do you agree?

There are some Barbarian Bucks on offer by High 5 Games

Our final title of the week is Barbarian Bucks. Barbarians don’t have a good name, but they do promise some drama and fun – yes, fun – in this slot game. Whenever you see a slot based on a cartoonish theme, you know you are in for a good time. Said barbarian appears in the image for this slot, so we guess you can look forward to a great chance to find out what is going on here.

The game tells us to ‘get barbaric for bucks’, which seems to be the whole theme. In case we were unsure, the S in bucks is also shown as a dollar sign. The game promises a five-reel, four-row format, with stacked wilds potentially helping us source prizes.

The format allows for 40 lines to be covered in the game, so it will suit players who prefer more lines to cover. It is also available for all platforms including mobile, so however you wish to play it, you should be able to access the right platform for you.

Can we select a favorite slot game release for this week in May 2019?

We found this easier this week than it has been in previous weeks. We’re going for Elvis Lives – not because we are fans of Elvis, but because the game offers much taller reels with multiple bonus opportunities. They’ve packed everything they possibly can into this title, so we must thank WMS for developing a game most players will appreciate, even if they are not fans of Elvis. That is quite the achievement!

Check out our roster of newly released slot games this week to see which ones you prefer. Will you find a favorite among them?