Slots by Theme

We all have our favorite things in life, favorite sports, movies, hobbies and foods, and that transfers over to online slots too. All slots have a theme to them and there is a huge variety of uniquely designed online slots that provide a vast array of different styles, colors and designs. Whatever your favorite things are, there will surely be a slot that goes hand in hand with them.

Food and Animals

Food, glorious food… you'll find all manner of culinary delights in today's world of slots. From sushi to snacks and fruit to feasts, there is no end to the number of superb and tasty slots you can find relating to this theme. The same applies with animals, with everything from owls to cats, dogs to lions, and even mythical beasts popping up in animal-themed slots online today. From one animal to many appearing in the same game, you are bound to find something to suit your mood.

Sport and Movies

Are you a sports fan? Chances are you will spot at least one slot based around that very sport. American football, pool, tennis, and the Olympics have all received a slot game or two based on those sports. Movie fans are well taken care of as well. They have lots of great games based around famous movies. There are other more generic games on movie themes as well. How about a drive-in movie experience or simply the enjoyment of going to the movies in a cinema, for example?

Regional and Historical

The great thing about slots is that they can take us anywhere. We can head into history, whether it means meeting the dinosaurs or meeting royalty when kings and queens were beheaded if they didn't behave themselves! Regional slots are good too, because they can take us to certain parts of the world we may not otherwise visit. Some are depicted in greater depth than others, perhaps telling a story related to a character living in that time in history or in that region. You never know what a slot with this theme will bring you.

Classic Slot Symbols and Marvel Comics

Classic slot symbols relate to wilds and scatters, but they might also relate to fruits such as cherries and bar symbols. The latter tend to appear in three-reel slots, but we've seen them in bigger slots too. As for Marvel Comics slots, these need no introduction. Some of them will have classic slot symbols in them too, especially wilds, scatters, and occasionally bonus symbols. The Marvel characters are famous among millions, giving us the chance to see them in action on the reels.

Adventure and Ancient Egypt

Everyone loves a good adventure. Being part of an adventure taking place in a slot game is a great way to find out about hidden treasure, fabled stories, and much else besides. You will usually be guided by the adventurer in the story too, whether that is a human or an animal dressed to impress. You just never know where your next slot adventure will take you. Sometimes, you might find yourself in ancient Egypt. This must surely be one of the most famous slot themes around today. People cannot get enough of it, with lots of slots based around the pyramids and the Sphinx. Roll these two themes into one and things can get even more exciting.

Riches and Space

Riches is a great theme for a slot that might give you the potential to live up to the title. The odds are long for that to occur, but the theme is very popular and gives the opportunity for you to spot gold bars, yachts, gold watches, and all the other trappings associated with this theme. In contrast, some slots will send you into space when you load the reels. Space themes are popular too, perhaps giving us little green aliens or something far more sinister to look for. Will those aliens prove to be a help or a hindrance? You never can tell.

Underwater and Fantasy

Diving beneath the waves is something many people do as a sport or pastime. However, you can do the same thing when you play some underwater slots too. And all without getting wet. Expect to meet anything from sharks to mermaids in this slot theme, as you can never tell what might lie beneath those waves. Meanwhile, fantasy slots can cross over into underwater ones too. Are there worlds or creatures beneath the waves that we have no idea about? We bet there are. Other fantasy slots might take us to strange worlds or lands beyond this planet, or elsewhere in our imagination.

Pirates and Magic

Ahoy there matey and walk the gangplank towards a great selection of pirate-themed slots. The pirates can be challenging in some of these games, but in others they will have your best interests at heart. Will you become one of the crew or will you have some other elements to look forward to? Meanwhile, if you prefer to be wowed by a good magic trick, you'll find plenty of magic-themed slots materializing online too. With lots of magicians around, and even some witches and warlocks, you can never tell which direction this theme will take you in. That alone is a refreshing prospect with lots of potential tricks up its sleeves.

Horror and Crime

Monsters, zombies, creatures, and everything that comes out on Halloween… you will find them all in a selection of horror slots online today. Most developers have got in on the action in this area, with a chance to enjoy developing monsters of their own to scare you with. Famous monsters and those who are new to the world of slots might pop up here. Meanwhile, if you prefer crime to horror, you will be treated to a great selection of crime-themed slots too. With thieves going up against the police, many of these take on a cartoon aspect to make things more interesting. In some cases, the criminal theme meets another one, such as a festive theme, to give you something different to enjoy.

Travel and Holiday

Vacations are the best weeks of the year, right? While we all love getting away from it all, we also love being able to enjoy a good holiday theme when we play our favorite slots. The travel theme can take us anywhere - it can even take us off the planet to somewhere new. There are slots based around all kinds of countries and some based on a travel theme, with landmarks from all around the world featuring in them. In other cases, it is possible to find lots of holiday slots too. All holidays and events throughout the year are worth exploring. Festive slots are probably the most popular of these, but you can find other holiday dates celebrated in slot form as well.

Top Casinos to Play Themed Slots

If you love nothing more than playing themed slots, you've got a great collection of online casinos to visit that offer most - if not all - the themes we've mentioned here. With countless different casinos to choose from, it's good to know many of them do have a wide range of the themes we have covered. If you have some favorites, check the current list of slots at the casinos to see whether they are provided for you to enjoy. We've got news on the top casinos to look at when you want to play themed slots.