New Slots

Are you ready for another selection of fresh slots to take you through the week? If you love nothing better than sitting in front of a new game or loading something new on your mobile device, get ready. We’ve got some more new games for you to check out. And yes, we do have a favorite among them. Maybe you will too.

Here are the titles you can now look forward to finding at your preferred online casinos. How many of them will you play?

NetEnt introduces us to the Narcos slot

NetEnt has had a busy few months, and that becomes clear once again here thanks to the new release called Narcos. The title might suggest a dramatic theme and that is the case. The action can be enjoyed on all platforms, as shown in the promotional video that depicts the gameplay on a smartphone.

This is a five-reel game over three rows that delivers 243 possible ways to get some prizes on each spin. There are men with weapons, a wild police badge, a light-colored car acting as a free spin icon, and plenty more drama going on too. As the title would suggest, there are good guys and bad guys here, so which ones might net you the most prizes?

If you find three cars on the reels, you will get 10 free spins. These play out against a different background, which makes a nice change to the regular game. This might all sound like a regular slot so far, but the wild can come into play as a Walking Wild if it is involved in a winning combination. If this occurs, it will remain in position and move one position to the left on every following spin until it vanishes.

There is also a chance of snagging some more wilds in the Drive-By Feature. This occurs at random, so you never can tell when it will appear. Watch out too for the baddie holding a Catch Me sign. This is the Locked-Up Symbol. If three of these appear on the same row in one spin, you will get a random coin win from them. You also get the chance to play the Locked-Up Feature where connected Locked-Up or Golden Locked-Up symbols are in play. Random wins are possible to get from this.

Narcos certainly delivers plenty of unusual and exciting features… but will it be our favorite of the week? We have lots more titles to check out yet, so let’s research those other new releases now to see what else we can find out.

Will you get a Taste of China from this new game?

Mmm, a taste of China… are we talking about Chinese food here? Maybe… and we certainly get a Chinese setting before the game begins. The five reels do feature various food-related items, but we can also see some Chinese ladies, and the dragons that appear in so many of these slots. The reel set appears inside a Chinese building too, with a roof looking much like that of a temple.

BF Games created Taste of China, and they have done an excellent job with the appearance of the icons. There is a lot of detail here, something that is lacking in other slots. The dishes that appear on the reels are likely to make you hungry, for sure.

This is also a game that delivers larger icons in some instances. Watch out for 2 x 2 icons that might appear on the reels, for instance. The best one to find is the 3 x 3 symbol. These can appear on any spin, whether in the base game or the freebies. Look out too for the image of two happy fish going nose to tail with each other. This is the free spin icon, and three are required to bring you 12 free games to enjoy.

Take to the Wild Ocean with Booming Games

The Wild Ocean slot begins with a cartoon octopus looking rather mean and moody. He’s purple, too, and thankfully since he is a cartoon, he doesn’t look too threatening. The game delivers a five-reel format with three rows of symbols appearing on each spin. The cute part of this is that we get to see lots of monstrous-looking fish on each of the spins too. Yes, they are cute, thanks to the cartoon appearances. Without a cartoon theme here, they would look scary for sure.

Look out for a golden octopus with some teeth in view, since this is the symbol that must appear three times to bring you some free games – 12 in all. There is also a chance of scoring a Two-Way Pay feature for five spins, so watch out and see if you can trigger that. Another special symbol must appear for this to occur.

As in many deep-sea slots, the wild is taken up by a shark. This will replace everything apart from the free spin octopus and the special symbol that triggers the Two-Way Pay option. With 20 lines to cover in Wild Ocean, we think this is a pleasant slot with lots to offer.

Playson delivers the Book of Gold Classic slot

A Book of Gold sounds promising, and this one is delivered by Playson. The appearance of a Pharaoh on the cover of the book tells us this one is all about ancient Egypt. We have seen many such games before, of course, so will this one offer us anything we haven’t already seen?

This game is good for consideration if you like covering only a small quantity of lines. It only has 10 in play over the five-reel format. There are the usual Egyptian symbols here, including pharaohs and the Egyptian eye symbol. Watch out for that golden book, too. If you manage to secure 10 free games, you will receive a special expanding symbol for all those games. As you might guess, three of the books must appear to bring you to the free spins to start with. From there, the expanding symbol is chosen, and play will begin. It occurs at random and will always expand whenever it shows up on the reels.

There is nothing much more to say about the Book of Gold Classic slot game, but it is appealing for those who like simpler games to play.

Jackpot Raiders are coming your way from Yggdrasil

Jackpot Raiders… now doesn’t that sound like a great title for a slot game? We love new games from Yggdrasil, mainly because they deliver some cool features. We love the look of them all as well. This one caught our eye because it comes with five jackpots – the Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient, and Legendary jackpots. The names of those alone are intriguing, wouldn’t you say?

The opening screen also promises that we have four ways to get into the free spin feature. Meanwhile, the game also has a Treasure Hunt Bonus Game to find, so there is a lot going on here for sure. When the game begins, we get a 5 x 3 format that includes 20 fixed paylines. The five jackpots are featured above the reels. Below the reels, we can also see various locations mentioned. These are the Summit Shrine, the Highland Gate, the Jungle Ruins, the Desert Tomb, and the Templar Grave. Each one has five map sections to find it. You must collect five identical maps to trigger the appropriate Jackpot Free Spins round.

Jackpot Raiders gives you the chance to net one of those jackpots when you get into any of the free spin features. Five matching gems must be found within a set of free spins to scoop the appropriate jackpot. You will see your progress above the reels, as there are spaces in which the gems must be collected.

The idea is to find three, four, or five scattered free spin icons to trigger 10 spins. This triggers the compass for that round. Meanwhile, you can also trigger them by finding five identical maps. This will bring 10 free games plus one jackpot gem. Meanwhile, the compass can also bring you to the Pick and Click game. You will also get 10 free spins from this. In this case, though there is a 3x multiplier involved.

The more you read the paytable and instructions for the Jackpot Raiders game, the more you realize that the jackpots might grab your attention, but everything else encourages you to hang around and play for longer. There are various bonuses and free spin variations here. All of which combine to prove Yggdrasil knows how to deliver a sensational slot game for fans to enjoy.

Red Tiger has unleashed The Equalizer

Some will recall a TV show called The Equalizer, but this doesn’t seem to be related to that. We spot a sports car in the promo image for the game, and a city backdrop when the game itself begins. We have a 5 x 4 format here, along with music-style equalizer underneath the reels. So, we guess music is the theme with this one. The regular card symbols appear as the low-paying ones, while there are also stars and bar icons appearing on the reels. The car you spotted in the first image also shows up.

The game does include a wild, shown as the word in vertical format along with some up arrows indicating speed, or maybe raised volume? Either way, you can see the wild has a chance of appearing over an entire reel. The game provides you with a chance to scoop up to 10,000x your bet, so once you get the chance to play, you might be curious to see how well you do.

The expanding wilds are good to see on their reels, and they can influence the outcome you experience as you play. Better still is the fact the slot is an expanding one too, delivering more reels and higher ones as well. Just as the wild is shown as the word, so you can also spot the FREE SPINS symbol. Three of these are good for delivering 10 free games to play. These games also bring some speakers into play, which means you can look forward to checking out some unusual features during the game.

A Golden Tiger is coming your way from iSoftBet

Just check out those piercing eyes in the image of the tiger in the Golden Tiger slot. You wouldn’t want to meet that for real, right? This is a basic-looking game delivering a 3 x 3 format with lots of Chinese symbolism involved. Look out for one, two, or three Chinese coins tied together with various colors of ribbon. Watch out also for four different-colored tigers to appear – in pinkish-red, blue, green, and gold. The gold one is the best to get, with three of them winning you the 1,000-coin jackpot if they all appear on the same paid line.

It all sounds simple so far, but the Golden Tiger slot also delivers some bonus wheels to watch out for. You can get up to 10,000 coins from these with a 10x multiplier if you are fortunate. This is what every player will be trying to do, no doubt. Add in stacked wins and a chance to spin the bonus wheels whenever a complete grid of nine matching symbols appears, and you can see this slot packs in more than you might think.

Spinomenal is truly in a spin with its Spinning Lights slot

Will this game get your head in a spin? We guess it might. The game uses a 3-4-4-4-3 format, with a good mix of icons appearing over those reels. You can expect the usual letters and numbers to be among them.

There are some good features to look out for too. For example, watch for the medium-value symbols appearing in larger sizes over the middle three reels – the larger ones. They can appear in 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 versions as Mega Symbols. Meanwhile, you might also spot some stacked wilds on the reels. These can occur on the first reel, the fifth reel, or both if you are fortunate to see them there. If this combines with a larger symbol in the middle section, you can guess what the potential outcome could be. This can only occur in the base game.

There is a chance to trigger a bonus game during a base spin. The bonus symbol could appear one or more times for this to occur. If it does, an instant prize is granted. Yes, it’s that easy to spot an instant prize on the reels if the right symbols appear. Meanwhile, the free spin icon must appear on reels one and five simultaneously to bring you 10 free games. These will give you the chance to enter the Prize Box feature. Each free game will cause the Prize Box to deliver one of two things – a multiplier or another free game. With 30 lines to play over, the Spinning Lights slot is a good one to check out.

The Secrets of Olympus are revealed by StakeLogic

Do we know the secrets of Olympus? Maybe not, but we could be about to find out more about them. Zeus himself graces the opening screen of this game, as you would expect him to. There are walking wilds in this game, along with a scatter that will deliver 10 free games whenever three appear in the same base game spin.

The five reels deliver appearances of Zeus himself, along with eagles, the winged horse known as Pegasus, a bull, and many other icons too. The game restricts the line quantity to 10, but you must cover them all on every spin. Choose an appropriate spin bet amount to make this happen.

There are some additional rules to read about the free games and how those walking wilds work, but other than that this is a fairly standard game built around a popular theme. This is another great title for those who want to cover all the lines but still keep things affordable to play.

Pragmatic Play has some Pirate Gold in store

Aha, yes, it is time for another pirating slot, this time from Pragmatic Play. This one looks a little different to many of their other games. We tend to think of Pragmatic slots as being colorful and bright, but while this one has a good mix of colors involved, it is not as bright as you may have expected. We see both male and female pirates in the title image, and as the game begins, we are told we could get up to 32,270x our bet if things are going our way. Mind you, this is a very volatile slot game, so think about whether that is the type of game you want to play before you proceed.

The highlight of this game is undoubtedly the Lucky Treasure Bag feature. This contains treasure bags with coin wins inside them, not to mention the jackpots that are also involved in the game. If you get this far, what could you walk away with by playing the game?

We are treated to a 5 x 4 format in this game, with those pirates appearing as wilds for the duration of play. Yes, two wilds in this one… which bodes well, don’t you think? That’s during the free spins, so watch out for them to appear when you reach that feature. Oh, and there is a treasure chest appearing as a wild too, over the final four reels of the game.

Various other icons include gold and silver coins, treasure maps, the obligatory parrot, and a hooked arm. You cannot miss the bonus icon either, since it appears labeled and in many colors. It also only shows up on the second, third, and fourth reels of the game.

This is a slot with many features, and it makes it an appealing one to try. If you like volatile slots, maybe this will be your pick of the week.

Have another Foxin’ time with the Foxin’ Twins from NextGen Gaming

Remember the Foxin’ games from NextGen? We have seen a few of these over the years, and it is about time we get another one to play. We’re in luck, too, thanks to the new Foxin’ Twins release from NextGen Gaming. The opening image shows us the original famous fox along with a female friend.

The twins part of the title becomes clear when the game loads. We see two sets of reels here – both covering a 5 x 3 format. We can see a mix of the same icons on each of them. The famous mansion appears underneath the reels, with a Super Bet option mentioned alongside the usual controls. The second reel set also shows us a multiplier wheel above the reels.

The fox is used as a wild icon and can appear in stacks during the game. On the second set of reels, the multiplier can come into play with the wilds too. If you manage to scoop some free games, the wins change to paying both ways rather than just the usual left to right. The scatter is shown as a stack of gold bars.

The game has other features too, such as Fox Pups appearing that can randomly change some symbols into wilds. Meanwhile, Foxin’ Twins also has other good features including A Little Wilder and Gone Wild. Different-colored wilds also appear on each of those two reel sets. With up to 100 free games to play, Foxin’ Twins contains way more features than you might guess. If you are ready to check out some good gameplay in another foxin’ hit, this is the way to do it.

Blueprint Gaming takes us to Celtic Football Club

This one is reserved for football fans, we guess. A shot of the football pitch is shown, complete with floodlights, as the game begins. We then get to see some of the features that await us if we decide to take it for a spin. There are huge wild reels in store here, and judging by the screenshot that shows the feature, they can appear over more than one reel in a spin. This is a random feature that can show up on any spin too.

Meanwhile, if you spot three bonus icons – one on each odd-numbered reel – you will get the chance to try the Changing Room bonus feature. You must take your pick of the football jerseys hanging up there to see what you could get. There are four potential bonus games to win here, so you must choose a shirt to see which one is triggered. No info is provided about these games, so we wonder what will happen?

The game itself has a typical mix of low-paying letters and numbers, along with various jerseys and the logo for the Celtic Football Club. There is plenty here to entertain fans of the club and general football fans too.

Have some Midnight Madness with GiG

Should you play this slot at midnight? It’s not necessary to do that, especially since the game provides an unusual look with lots of purple and pink involved. If you like it, you will be happy to play at any time of the day or night. It offers the chance to get up to 15,000x your bet too.

The idea is to try and get up to 15 wins on every spin. You must match symbols to do this, as per usual. However, a tall grid appears here, with three icons on each line. As such, this is a 3 x 1 game, even though it doesn’t look like one. There are regular symbols here you will have seen in other games too, including dice, bar symbols, stars, and sevens.

This looks best on a mobile device, but you can play however you wish. We think this could appeal to a narrow audience, as it does not offer bonus features to look forward to. Will it hold enough appeal for you to check it out?

Dive into a Unicorn Fantasy with High 5 Games

Do you love unicorns? If so, check out the Unicorn Fantasy slot game from High 5 Games. Set in a mythical-looking forest, we get the chance to play over five reels with four symbols appearing on each one. There are various characters appearing over the reels, and of course you can expect to spot the occasional unicorn as well.

There is also a free spin icon that must appear three times in order to reveal those games for you to play. A wild icon is also in action in the game, giving us a stunning view of the forest or wood these characters surely live in. This can appear in multiple spots on the same reel in one spin too.

One screenshot reveals two reels of stacked wilds along with the first reel revealing a multiplier value. This shows us the game has some interesting features to look at. So, if you are keen on trying something with a few twists, it might be time to go in search of a unicorn or two with High 5 Games.

It’s Captain Candy from GameArt

It’s been a while since we have seen a new GameArt title release. That’s not a bad thing though – they are known for developing detailed slots with impressive features, so we guess they have been hard at work on this one.

Captain Candy is, of course, a superhero. He has a nice pink and yellow costume with a blue mask and yellow hair. You can’t miss him! A candy-filled background is shown behind him once he appears in the opening image too for the title screen. For sure, this has all the hallmarks of a GameArt slot!

One thing we love about this game is the special features that are involved. There are double symbols that can appear, for example, each of which is finely detailed. Captain Candy can also unlock some expanding symbols to appear on the reels. There is even a chance to get a full-screen symbol. And if you get that… well, we guess you can figure out that is good news for your winning position.

The game is played over five reels with three symbols appearing over each one. Captain Candy appears to the left of the reels and watches as you play. Don’t forget, he can trigger expanding symbols while he stands there, so keep an eye on what he is doing.

The game has a scatter symbol that is labeled and shows a selection of candies on the image. Find three of those tasty images and you will receive 10 free games. You can trigger these to occur again, only maxing out when you hit 300 freebies. We guess if you get that far, you won’t mind not winning any more!

There is a Battle of Cards going on at We Are Casino

Does the title relate to a card game? It seems so, with some of the icons featuring medieval characters, others featuring card suits, and even a house of cards popping up occasionally too. A mighty sword is shown as the wild, and we can see some card-carrying characters in the background to the five reels as well.

The game features some easy to use controls underneath the reels, including an autoplay feature should you wish to use it. That wild is very useful as it will expand to fill the reel. It spikes a few playing cards in the image as well. This can only occur on the middle three reels though, not on all of them. A scattered shield is also in play, with three bringing you a tasty 25 free games to play. The wild doesn’t replace the scatter.

The wild can’t replace the bonus icon either. This is the stack of cards we mentioned earlier. If three of these appear, you will get a shot at destroying the castle by releasing missiles from the catapult. That’s good fun, but you only get three chances to do it. Will you succeed? Play Battle of Cards and find out.

Enter the Tower of Power from Gamomat

Our final title this week is Tower of Power, which sounds quite impressive. You will spot some fruity icons appearing in the title image though, so does that mean the title isn’t quite as impressive as you thought?

This is the case, as the game shows us lots of 2D fruits we have seen in many slots before now. There are 10 lines over five reels, and the tower itself – easily the best icon of the lot – can appear as you play. If you manage to fill the reels with images of the tower and nothing else, you can expect to trigger a big prize.

That tower is the scatter symbol, with three or more awarding a prize. The more you get, the bigger that prize will be. This is the biggest and best feature of the entire game. Remember that you will only trigger one scatter prize for the largest quantity of scatters in one spin.

Discover our favorite from this impressive collection of new slots this week

Which one do you think we’ve picked? One thing we can say for certain is that this week has produced a fine crop of new games to try. There are some familiar themes in there, but we also have some intriguing new games to check out.

Our favorite is… Narcos. It has lots of features to watch out for, some of which are unique to this slot. This makes it entertaining, to play and it does feel as if you are playing something new. Try it and see if you agree with our assessment. We’ll enjoy a few spins of this one while we wait for the next selection of slots to appear next week. Until then, try some of the ones we’ve highlighted above.