Slot Games Releases

Some weeks are way busier than others regarding new slot releases. This is one such week, with a monster 21 new games to play. They come from a host of providers too, so this is one week where you can expect plenty of variety to seep through. Which of these new titles will come top of your list this week?

Betsoft invites you to cast some Faerie Spells

Whenever we see the name Betsoft connected to a new slot game, we always want to know more. We guess you probably do too. If so, you'll want to learn more about Faerie Spells, a game from Betsoft that has just been released on January 21st. Boy, we have been treated to some excellent slots already in 2019, and we can certainly add this one to that roster of impressive titles.

A quick promotional video for the new slot game is a delight to watch. It reveals just how detailed and in-depth the reels and icons are. Set in a forest of sorts - a magical one, we guess - you will soon find out the tree man (we guess that's what he is) is the secret to winning some wild prizes.

There is a Faerie Queen here too though, and she has the power to award Faerie Queen free spins. You might also scoop a Magic Toadstool Bonus Prize with her help. Watch her closely whenever she appears on these reels…

But these reels hide yet more delights too. It doesn't take long to notice the presence of four Faerie Queen Jackpots, all progressively getting larger as you continue to play. There are Plenty, Luxury, Wealth, and Riches to be had here. Will you manage to grab one of those jackpots? If you win the free spins, that could indeed happen, as those spins occur on the jackpot reels themselves. Watch and hope, we guess - but whether you win big or not, the Faerie Spells slot will certainly cast a spell on you.

Head out to Mighty Africa with Playson

How would you like to enjoy 4,096 ways to try and win some prizes? You won't need to head for Africa to do it, though - you can simply access the new Mighty Africa slot from Playson, which we hope is going to live up to its mighty name.

An elephant greets us as we see the logo for the game. Beyond that, you won't be surprised to see other creatures such as water buffalo, leopards, and even some crocodiles. There are six reels here that might surprise you though, especially since each one is built to be four icons high.

The animals and basic letters in the game can appear stacked on any reel too, making things even more interesting. The wild imparts that very message, while the scatter is labeled and shows the silhouettes of some elephants against the sunset.

While you can look forward to the chance to win some free games in Mighty Africa, these are no ordinary free games. Whenever a wild appears, it will unlock the Wild Split feature. If that sounds promising, it is. It means more than one wild can appear in one position on the reels - either two or three. It can appear in this manner over reels two through six, so you could potentially see lots of wilds in a single spin. To receive those free games, two or more scatters must be found first. This will garner between five and 50 free games to enjoy. Are you ready to conquer Africa in this mighty game?

Stake Logic unveils the Magic Wheel Jackpot 4-Player game

Lots of slot games have wheels in them, but you don't often see a magic one. So, does this game offer a magical collection of thrills to enjoy? The first image we see is of the title, and this appears over a background that looks very much like a classic slot, albeit with more reels. So, does this seem right to you?

If you're looking for a classic fruity slot with seven reels - yes, seven of them - you've found it here. The game is largely designed to look like a one-armed bandit, even with more reels in place. Prizes are shown for getting various combinations of fruit on the reels, while you can also look for the Magic Wheel above those reels.

The trick is to look for the Magic Wheel symbol on the reels. Finding three of these will grant you a mystery prize from the wheel itself. However, if you trigger the Superbet mode and play like that, you can expect a chance to take a spin of the Magic Wheel too in certain circumstances.

There is far more to this fruity game than meets the eye. We would recommend a thorough read of the paytable before you do anything else. Additionally, be aware there is a progressive mystery jackpot available to be won. If you didn't already like this game from Stake Logic, we think you will now.

Yggdrasil introduces us to the Cazino Cosmos

Casino Cosmos appears to be taking us into outer space for this game, but what does the riff on casino mean in the title? Well, we do get a very intriguing game to look at here. There are regular playing card suits used as the lower-valued symbols. Meanwhile, some strange characters appear on the other icons. This one has a steampunk feel to it, so if you like that kind of thing, you will feel right at home with it.

The five reels each have an indicator above them, kinda like the thing you get in elevators. That might just lead to a treat for you, but if it is free spins you want, you can get five of those whenever a wild appears on each reel. That may not sound too generous, but those wilds will all be sticky for those five spins. With one per reel, there could be some generous payouts heading your way.

Back to those indicators above the reels, though. These show you when collection wilds have been added. You will have a collection of these, so the more you can get, the better the benefits could be. Collecting the required number of wilds per reel can trigger some neat consequences too.

For example, when you trigger the first reel bonus, you get some Card Shot Free Spins. The second reel reveals Hack Free Spins, while the third gives you Zero Gravity. Now that sounds intriguing! Reel four brings a Mutation Bonus, while the final reel brings an Expansion Bonus. The best way to find out how these all work is to view the demo version of Cazino Cosmos now. We think you might want to stick around for a while when you realize how good this one is.

There's some Monkey Money on offer from Booming Games

The title of this game doesn't keep anything under wraps, does it? If you are ready to meet a chimp dressed in purple and wearing a crown, holding handfuls of bananas at the same time, you're ready to play Monkey Money!

This is a three-reel game with just the one line in play, although it may not feel like it to start with. The paytable appears to the left of those reels, which in turn appear inside a golden frame. There are some neat elements in action here. For example, instead of getting one, two, or three bar symbols, you get one, two, or three bananas instead!

The biggest prize is, of course, attached to the monkey himself. If you can find him occupying all three positions on the payline, 888 coins will be tumbling in your direction. Those are valued according to the bet you placed on the line when the prize was revealed. So, if you like a nice straightforward three-reel slot with some pop and fun to it, go in search of the Monkey Money slot today.

Fantasma Games asks if you are ready for a Chicken Storm

A Chicken Storm? Does that sound safe to you? We don't think so, but you never can tell how these slot games are going to pan out, right?

At first glance, it doesn't look as though there's much of a storm brewing in this one. The chicken in the front of the image doesn't look worried either. But just look at those storm clouds brewing in the background. What do they hold in store in this game?

The slot itself is unusual, taking on a 3 x 3 format on a wooden barrel of sorts, rolled onto its side. You will see chicks and chickens appearing on those reels, along with a lightning bolt, some corn, and some eggs. There is also an image of a chicken that has been struck by lightning! Not a pretty sight.

The game offers just five paylines, so if you're looking for a chicken-themed game that is affordable to play, you just found it.

The new Satoshi Slot is unlocked by Rakki

The golden typeface used to promote this slot game is good enough, but it is the appearance of a familiar golden coin with a B on it that suggests the theme in play here. Yes, that's a Bitcoin, and you may well feel as if you are inside a computer when you begin to play this game.

There is a 3D wild that can appear on the reels, replacing everything apart from that Bitcoin icon. If you manage to get far enough to scoop some free games, you can expect more of those wilds in action too. In fact, you're guaranteed at least 10 additional ones on the reels and maybe as many as 50 of them. As you might suppose, the Bitcoin is the key to getting your free spins to start with. Three, four, or five of those coin icons will bring you seven, 12, or 20 free games. Watch closely as a wheel spins ahead of the free games, so you can see how many of those wilds will be added.

Satoshi's Slot is a nice game, throwing in a neat random wild feature during the base game as well. With some outstanding imagery here, this is one for the younger fans, we think.

Strolling Staxx delivers another outstanding title from NetEnt

NetEnt continues to deliver on its promise of creating bigger, better, and even more entertaining slots. We're not quite sure how they do it, but they seem to have done it again with Strolling Staxx. The clue here is Cubic Fruits, which appears underneath the game title. The 5 x 3 format game gives you lots of cubic fruit to look for with each spin. This all takes place over a charming background, with square hills and trees galore!

With each spin, you will see one fruity icon shown on the wooden board in the bottom left corner. When this occurs, there is a chance a giant 3 x 3 fruit that matches the one shown will drop onto the reels. In the video promoting the slot, it appears over the final three reels. A respin is then granted. The nine identical fruits, as they are then shown, move over to cover the middle three reels instead. Another respin happens and the fruits move over to cover the first three reels. If any other identical fruits appear in those spins, they will remain in position too and move along with the original ones.

This sounds confusing, but if you watch the promo video you will see how easily and effectively this feature works. Of course, when the grid of nine symbols reaches the far left side, there are some big wins in store. They will then move over again and gradually disappear off the reels altogether.

The game also includes an Extra Chance feature that could set off another set of respins. This is unlike anything we have seen before, and we think NetEnt has got another big hit on their hands with the Strolling Staxx title. Play it on any device or computer now and see how the title works out for you.

Play'n Go heads out to some Wild Falls

Wild waterfalls are a stunning sight to see all over the world. We are now introduced to some new Wild Falls from Play'n Go this month, with the release of their new title. It looks good too, with the waterfall tumbling down your screen and the five reels of the game in play there. You will see the icons appearing in the water above, with golden treasure chests tumbling into the waterfall itself. You can then try and win your way through to the Super River of Gold Free Spins, in which the river does indeed turn gold.

The chests that float down the river towards the reels are wild, but they also behave as scatter symbols. If they stick in position on the reels, you can trigger some Rapid Respins. That sounds cool to us. If you manage to unleash the free spins - achieved with enough chests on the reels to do it - the freebies carry on until all the chests disappear. So, you never know how many you will be awarded in this part of the game.

One other thing to mention about those gold chests is that they appear with multipliers attached to them. You might see one worth 2x, 3x, or 5x if you are lucky. But even that is not the most attractive part of the game. No - those multipliers can work with each other, which means the biggest boost you could get would be worth an incredible 125x. How good would that be? Even though they only appear over the middle set of three reels, we guess you'll be delighted to see them.

There is far more involved with those treasure chests than you might think. However, the best way to reveal all the delights of the Wild Falls slot game is to take it out for a spin now.

Xi You Ji brings to life an Asian slot from Pariplay

The title of this game suggests an Asian slot, and that is indeed what lies in store for us here. Xi You Ji is written on a richly-colored banner over the reels of this game. Meanwhile, you can see five characters, including a humanized pig and monkey, looking anything from stern to happy.

Five ornate reels are presented to you, and it takes just a moment to notice five jackpots above those reels. With golden dragons and lanterns surrounding the reels, this is a rich-looking game that has lots of appeal.

The game may just present you with a chance to head off on a journey, whereby some tiles are presented to you on a stone bridge. Your progress here may determine how much you could win from this feature. Mind you, that is far from everything the Xi You Ji slot from Pariplay can offer you. Watch out for the Lantern Progressive Bonus, which offers sticky wilds, coin wins, and free spins too if your luck holds. If you get as far as the jackpot wheel, you can probably guess what may happen next…

The Lantern Bonus is the highlight here. Up to five sticky wilds may be granted for up to five spins on the reels. If you receive free games, your prize would consist of either 10, 15, or 20 of them. Finally, multipliers worth up to 12x can be awarded as part of this bonus. You never quite know how it will pan out, but suffice to say, this game is already drawing in many fans.

DiceLab invites you to learn about Slotdice

What are Slotdice, and how do they factor into this game? Is it a slot game at all? Slotdice is the title of this new game from DiceLab, so it sounds as if they have plenty of experience in this area. It is an odd one, as the screen shows some dice on what looks like the screen of a smartphone. The controls are underneath it, so you get some say in how the game proceeds.

As you can guess, this is not a slot game, instead focusing on the various elements of getting dice rolls. The idea is to get three of a kind, but it looks as though you need to achieve that 25 times to win whatever is saved on the screen. There are bonuses here too though, so if you manage to achieve certain things within a single roll of the dice, you can progress through to those bonuses.

This game is for dice fans, obviously, so it may be a good alternative if you fancy a change from slots or it could be unsuitable. You decide.

Eyecon wants to know if you are brave enough to enter Vlad's Castle…

Does the name Vlad ring any bells? If you are immediately thinking of Vlad the Impaler, you are thinking along the right lines. The vampire waiting for you with his red eyes and scary teeth is probably one of the scariest drawings we've ever seen of him. And yes, his castle, a full moon, and some bats are flying behind it all.

Eyecon has delivered a frightening slot here, with a darkened background and some creepy decorative touches around the five reels. If you manage to access the free games feature, you will see there is a different, foggy background in play. watch for coffins, roses, and other characters on the reels too.

Vlad himself is the scatter and the trigger for those free games. You'll get 15 freebies for three appearances but finding four or five of his icons will deliver 20 or 25 free games instead. All prizes are tripled, with a chance of retriggering the games up to 15 times. Vlad is also the wild symbol, so he is quite useful to meet on the reels.

There is a castle involved here too, and three of these appearing anywhere will unlock the Portrait Feature. You will receive one pick for each castle that appeared in that combination, so you are guaranteed three at least. With each portrait revealing a multiplier worth up to 100x your bet, you can see the potential that exists to net some good prizes from this feature. Throw in 25 lines to bet on and Vlad's Castle may not be such a bad place to visit after all.

Redneck Riches could be won with Betsson

This title reveals just who we should expect to see when we start playing this slot. Drawn in cartoon style, we not only get to meet a redneck family, we also get to meet their pets, including a pig and a startled-looking chicken! We could be in line for some real fun here.

All the family members appear on the five reels of this game. You can also expect to see the usual mix of letters, although each one appears on the side of a wooden crate to add some interest. There are some good features involved in this game too. Look out for Cleatus' Stickin' Wilds - wild icons that are sticky and remain in play to allow you more spins until all the wilds disappear.

Other features include Pesky Critters, free spins, and the chance to shoot at some barrels. This game offers lots of entertainment and you might even see some pigs trotting past at the bottom of the reels from time to time. The fun and games on offer here look set to make this a popular game for January.

Show Me the Mummy! That's the message from Booming Games this week

This one gives us a cool play on words, as we get ready to see a mummy rather than some money. Mind you, since this is a slot game, perhaps Booming Games has some cash prizes ready for us to enjoy as well.

Any mention of a mummy traditionally takes us to ancient Egypt. It looks like that is the case here as well. There is an intrepid explorer there too, but you can expect to see some freaky mummies about the place. The five reels are given a stone backdrop filled with hieroglyphics, but fortunately you do not need to be able to read those to figure out what is going on.

Show Me the Mummy also has a sarcophagus appearing in full color on the reels - and it can appear over an entire reel too. Better still, the sarcophagus can hold a multiplier value, giving you the chance to win some bigger prizes. In case you hadn't guessed, this icon is the wild. The wild multipliers are mystery values, although one screenshot shows the valued revealed as 5x in that instance. Could you snag some big prizes if the mummy works hard for you?

The SC icon is a scatter, triggering some Major Free Spins whenever three or more appear. No ordinary free spins either, since they offer Fire Reels that are completely wild. This game only has five paylines - unusual given the presentation and detail we have here. However, if you like to keep your bets on the small side, Show Me the Mummy is a good game to try with lots to enjoy.

Reach for the Stars is released by Live 5 Gaming

Could this new game be about showbiz and related topics? It could, and it does feel like that, but it also features rockets and an outer space theme, so it kinda mixes the two. There are cameras, a logo for the game, a colorful selection of playing card suits, and much more as well.

There is a rocket that can appear too, with a chance to give you free spins, three of a kind, or five of a kind. You will need to find three stacked wilds on reel three to trigger this rocket bonus. You can then watch to see which bonus you will trigger. Elsewhere, a golden W is the wild - of course - and that can bring you the chance to appreciate its dual role as a bonus scatter too.

This game is far better than first glance might suggest, which is why we would encourage you to check it out at participating casinos now.

Les Folies is a classy slot from Capecod

A touch of France is suggested in this title, and we see some neon signs that suggest an evening show here too. Various ladies appear on the reels themselves, along with the usual letters, albeit ones with a more polished appearance. We have five reels and 15 lines to cover here, so it should suit most people with reasonable budgets in hand.

But is the Les Folies slot from Capecod able to deliver a good gaming experience as well? It does have a joker icon - one of the ladies acting as a wild, we guess. Also present in some screenshots of the game is a Free Spin icon, so we figure that will be the secret to getting those spins we all love to play.

One thing to note is the joker x2 symbol, showing two different women on the icon itself. This one will double a prize if it forms part of the line. The best thing about this one is that if two or more appear in a winning line, you will see the multipliers added together. So, if three were to appear in a win, your amount would be given a 6x boost.

There is more to this game than you might guess though. For example, you can look out for the scattered bonus symbols to appear. Find three of these and you can play Bonus Folies, where you must choose cards from a deck. Prizes are offered for each card, but you must avoid the LOSE card for as long as possible. Once this appears, it is time to return to the base game of Les Folies.

Stake Logic has another new release - Classic Dice 5 Reels

The appearance of this game is certainly classic, with dice, sevens, stars, and bells all forming part of the imagery below the title itself. But is Classic Dice 5 Reels going to offer anything beyond our suspicions for this one?

All the suggested icons will appear over the five reels of the game. There are five lines in this one, making it affordable for most players. There are golden bells with wings, various fruit, and six dice faces below the reels too. If three dice appear on the reels, you will see a large die face appear. You must then click stop to see which face it is left on. You will then play between one and six WinSpins depending on the number shown.

The great thing about the WinSpins is that every spin is a guaranteed winner. So, let's hope you manage to get all six of them for maximum returns. The dice will only show up on the middle three reels, but if you find another set of three during a WinSpin, you will secure more of them to play afterwards. That's a great feature and it turns what looked like a dull slot into something far more intriguing. Oh, and just to cap things off nicely, those five paylines pay both ways.

Will Hot Classic from BF Games live up to its title?

The title image is a basic one, with a hint of some fruit and maybe a flame or two as well. So, if that adds up to the sort of game you want to play, Hot Classic could turn into a classic of sorts.

The game itself uses an understated background to make sure all your attention is focused on the reels. The imagery there is better than you might suppose, but still quite basic. However, it does boast five reels with four icons positioned on each one, so that is great for those who want something bigger to play. It still feels like a three-reel slot in some ways, though, maybe because of the icons in play. You do get the chance to score some free games too, so that could be why some players are already enjoying themselves with this game.

Pragmatic Play releases the mighty Treasure Horse slot

We do love checking out a new release from Pragmatic Play. Every slot game they come up with looks superb and this one is no different. The Treasure Horse itself is shown in its golden glory as the title image appears. Chinese coins can also be seen at its feet, and with cherry blossoms hanging over the reels and familiar buildings behind, the Oriental theme is clear too.

The game offers quite a high volatility level, along with a 3 x 3 reel format. Alongside that you have a multiplier reel that will stop on a random multiplier with each free spin. Throw in the chance to win up to 5,000x your bet and you can see why players are flocking to give this one a try.

The wild is just that word written in Oriental style, appearing in gold over a red background. Since this is a three-reel game, the paytable appears to the right of it. The treasure horse itself is the trigger to receive your free spins, with three required on a line to unlock them. The various icons in play are all very detailed and richly presented. You should expect single, double, and triple bar symbols as well though.

While the multiplier reel doesn't appear during regular games, it pops up to the right of the regular reels when you win those free spins. Another good feature of the free games is that while you begin with eight of them to play through, every additional treasure horse to appear during those games will award one extra free spin. So, there is a good chance to secure some more before your free games are over. With 18 lines to play on over that grid, the Treasure Horse slot packs a lot into a small space.

Capecod thinks up a great title in Don Corlemone

Will this turn out to be a lemon? Somehow, we doubt it - the title alone is superb and the image of a Mafia-style lemon to introduce the game is great too. Fruity themes must surely be one of the most familiar ones to us all. So, we do enjoy it when that theme is turned on its head and given a much-needed makeover.

Here, we get a wild head of broccoli (at least, we think it might be broccoli), and other fruits who are part of the Mafioso. Knuckle dusters, guns, and roses appear too, although we are unsure how a fruit could make use of a knuckle duster.

Either way, we get five reels, 25 lines, and a bonus symbol that shows a fruit locked up in a cage. Find three, four, or five of these and you will win five, 10, or 20 free games for your trouble. These spins have expanded wilds appearing, and these can replace all except the usual scatters within this feature.

But that is far from everything you can expect here. Another bonus icon is also in play, shown as a safe with the word MAGIC above it. This can trigger three, five, or 10 Magic Spins if you find three, four, or five of them. And aside from that, you can also look for a Bonus Tomato icon. Find five of those and you get to punch the tomato to see how much you can win! Three attempts at punching a tomato for prizes… crazy but enjoyable. That is also a good description for the entire Don Corlemone slot game.

It's time to go in search of St Patrick's Gold with Capecod this week

Is this the first St Paddy's Day slot game to be released? It might well be - the big day is some way off yet, but it sure does get you in the mood for the celebrations. This game from Capecod is another delight, and while we have seen countless pots of gold across a range of slots, this one looks good enough to tempt us through its doors.

The game offers the obligatory leprechaun of course, watching over progress as you start spinning the five reels on offer. Expect some frothy beer, a pot of gold or two, a green hat, and even a few harps. The colorful and wild rainbow is handy to spot, and this replaces everything except for those scatters. The Beerometer is a nice touch as well, giving you the chance to progress up the multiplier ladder every time you receive a non-winning spin. The more unsuccessful spins you have, the higher the multiplier value will go. That means your next winning spin will have that multiplier value applied. It then returns to the bottom of the Beerometer ready for your next attempt to climb high. In case you were wondering, the highest value is a huge 16x.

With 25 lines ready to place your bets on, we think you will enjoy this taste of St Paddy's Day in St Patrick's Gold today.

Phew… that was an impressive collection of games to round off the week. It was a busy week, indeed, so we guess next week might be quieter? Only time will tell, but we will make sure we've got all the latest news and slot game release information for you next week. Bookmark us now so you know where to return to.