Week 5 Round up News

If you thought last week’s review was big, we’ve got more of the same for you this week too. The software developers are ramping up their game and having some friendly competition with each other, we think. That means plenty more new games for you too, with 21 new games hitting the internet to try in the last few days of January. Was it a huge week? We think so, and we are having trouble figuring out which of these games takes the prize as the best one yet.

Which one would you pick? With big game releases out from Barcrest, Green Tube, iSoftBet, Stake Logic, and Blueprint, among others, you’re spoiled for choice once more.

Are you ready for the latest crop of delights?

Casino Technology gets busy and gives us a Wild Roar

Casino Technology has gotten busy of late, delivering several new titles for us to enjoy this week. We begin with Wild Roar, which features a stunning graphic to welcome us to the game. An elephant faces us in the middle, with a leopard to its left and a lion to its right.

The game was released on the final day of the month and includes several other familiar animals on the five reels too. The controls look much like the usual array of options provided in their other games, so if you are familiar with those you won’t have too much trouble playing this one either.

There are just five lines in this one, so it looks like an affordable bet for those with smaller budgets to work with. There are free games to be won too, although it doesn’t look as if there are many other features here. If you like your slots to be straightforward and free from complications, check out Wild Roar today.

It’s Casino Technology time again with Neon Bananas

Casino Technology was determined to finish January in good style, releasing Neon Bananas on the same day as the above game. If you’re expecting neon icons and plenty of bananas in this one, you won’t be disappointed!

There are sevens and dollar signs too, so those are worth looking for. The 5 x 3 format is in use once again, with 20 lines in this one ready to bet on. Watch out for a slot machine icon too, as this appears to trigger the Lucky Slot Bonus in the game. There is also a Mini Bonus to be had, so this one might deliver more than you would expect. Certainly, it is worth a shot if you have a spare minute or two.

Scales of Luck is the third game release from Casino Technology this week

Yes, we will remain in Casino Technology territory for this game, which delivers a Chinese theme complete with dragons. The scales mentioned in the title can be seen when the game loads, forming part of the main image. A gold fish sits in one, with some gold coins in its mouth. A turtle, also in gold, sits in the other side, also with gold coins in its mouth.

Other familiar symbols will also crop up on the five reels of this game. The scales themselves can show up, along with fortune cookies, the two animals from the opening image, and yin yang symbols in blue and red. And yes, that dragon can also appear. The scales seem to have a selection of multiplier values appearing above them on the image. If that should appear, your next spin will include the multiplier shown in green.

In case you were wondering about the yin yang symbols, both are wild. That could be useful if they both appear in the same spin. Could you be that lucky in this Chinese-themed slot to end January 2019?

Holy Diver Megaways makes a big splash from Big Time Gaming

With a title like Holy Diver, you’d think we were heading for the watery depths for this slot. Yet the imagery shows us towering spires – quite the opposite to what we were expecting. The game has a richness from it that is very nice, delivering a purple and gold element that looks promising. But what else can the game deliver?

This is called a Reel Adventure, and when you load the game you can see why. There are chests to open, gems to be collected, and free spins to be won. The latter element shows us this is a slot game, but nothing like anything you might have tried before.

You never know what may lie inside those chests for starters. Could it be gems or some wild bonuses? If you manage to collect four gems, you will have some free spins to enjoy. The gems are wild too, so they can help you in multiple ways.

There are six reels in this game and symbols can appear up to six high, depending on the size they are when they appear. You’ll notice that keeps things interesting, thanks to the variety of lines that can be used in this game too. Indeed, you can enjoy up to 586,971 Megaways to win in this slot! Can you find anything else that beats that?

Wild swords can take up entire reels and offer multipliers too. Add in a level-up feature that allows you to explore more areas and you can see that Holy Diver is no ordinary slot game. In fact, it might just turn into our favorite one of the month.

Rainbow Riches gets its next sequel from Barcrest – Leprechaun’s Gold

We didn’t need to wait too long into 2019 before getting access to the latest instalment of the ever-popular Rainbow Riches collection of games. Will it be the last for this year, though? We don’t know for sure but, somehow, we doubt it.

So, the year gets off to a great start with Rainbow Riches: Leprechaun’s Gold, offering a huge seven-reel game with five icons appearing on each one. We did wonder whether this would be the year of seeing more reels in play and it looks as if that is already panning out to be true. There are logos, rainbows, lucky horseshoes, and much more appearing on these reels too.

The wild is a gold coin, and since that coin appears to show a leprechaun’s face, we guess that makes sense of the title. But the leprechaun himself – the same one you will recognize from some of the other slots – also appears as a double-height bonus symbol. Whenever enough of these appear, you get to see a rainbow on which you will see various bonus elements. There are free spin quantities, a Wild Rover bonus, and mystery bonuses. Which one will you manage to find?

Other screenshots of this game show a Wishing Well Bonus, so there is plenty going on in this latest addition to the popular series. We think lots of players who are already fans are going to enjoy this one too.

Chicken Fox is released by Lightning Box

Spotting a fox in the promo image for this slot isn’t hard – he takes up most of the screen. His claws are out too, so does that mean we are in for a rough time here? The fox is wild – truly wild for our purposes. While you wouldn’t want the chickens to be caught by the fox, you will find yourself wishing for that in this game. If he manages to catch them, there could be prizes in store for you. Watch out for a bonus golden egg too, as three of these will trigger the bonus feature.

The fox doubles prizes during the free games. Meanwhile, he subs for all the chickens. There is a wild lady involved in the game too though, and she can replace everything apart from that golden egg.

Three, four, or five eggs will bring you eight, 15, or 30 free games to play. Depending on the type and number of chickens the fox catches during those games, you could win various prizes. White eggs can also appear during the games, in which case you can win further free spins to add on to however many are left.

When you first read through the paytable for this game, you might feel a little confused. There are lots of rules here in how the fox interacts with other symbols to bring you extra bonuses. This is one scenario where we would encourage you to enjoy some free games before considering whether you play it for real. We think you will want to do that, as this is a huge game with lots to offer. However, if you want to get the most out of it, play for free first.

Tidal Riches introduces an octopus from Green Tube

How many times have you seen an octopus sitting in a deckchair? Hmm, not often, we bet. You will see one upon loading the new Tidal Riches slot game out this January though. He’s even wearing sunglasses!

The comedy is rich in this game, but could you be rich if you give it a try? Well, maybe the odds on that outcome are long, but you can try your luck in this five-reel game. You’ll see three icons on each reel to start with, but there are more hidden ones – and potentially hidden reels too – above the ones you can see. That means there is a chance this game could get bigger than you might expect.

A golden WILD is seen with ease here, among all the varieties of fish included in the game. Only the treasure chest, seen crafted from wood and only appearing in the free spin feature, cannot be replaced by this. When they do appear, they all blow up to reveal identical symbols. That means the more chests you get, the better the odds of winning more prizes.

Add some Reel Drops, an Arrow Trail, some free spins, and the option to play a Hi Roller game, and you can tell this slot has lots for all players to enjoy. It’s already doing big business online. Will you be the latest player to try it for size?

Time for some Cabaret Royale from 2by2 Gaming

This is a dazzling slot for sure, delivering a cabaret feel in a superb game that looks every inch a cabaret slot experience. Expect a good show here, with three outstanding features built into the action. There are five reels and the potential to see up to six icons dropping into place on each one. Since many icons appear in different sizes, you may only see one or two per reel.

If you should get as far as the free spin bonus screen, you will see there are three options to choose from. You can try eight free games with frequent appearances of the Encore feature. Alternatively, you could go for eight free games with the first and eighth reels wild. Finally, eight free games can be awarded with the wild feature and Encore feature both appearing frequently. Choice is a great thing, right?!

With a Wild Copy feature thrown in at random in the base game too, there are lots of entertaining features coming into play in the Cabaret Royale game. It lives up to its title for sure, but you can also enjoy plenty of entertainment in other ways if you play this game. You just never know where the next spin is going to take you.

The Ted Pub Fruit slot is released by Blueprint Gaming

You might recognize the Ted logo from this game, as it appears to relate to the famous film of the same name. That said, what does the Pub Fruit Slot version have to offer us?

Well, Ted himself does appear on the reels of this game, and the game itself has five reels in action. While the reels can also be filled with fruit, one screenshot showed a stern-looking duck to contend with. Good or bad news for you, we wonder?

The game also brings you a Ted logo to watch for, with the ability to become stacked on those reels. Above the reels, you also get a paytable that shows you various things you can look forward to. Think free spins, a feature, a bonus, or a cash win. You’ve also got other elements such as Hot Shot, Cherry Win, Turbo Gamble, Cash Code, and Beer Money. So, while this slot looks like a standard game to start with, it is still able to offer way more than you might guess. Will Ted be the game for you this month?

iSoftBet introduces The Fortune Pig

Does this sound like a Chinese-themed slot to you? Yes, it does, and since we are in the Year of the Pig, you can guess what inspired this one. This isn’t the first game on this theme we’ve seen, and we doubt it will be the last. However, iSoftBet has a happy-looking pig sitting in the middle of the screen in the opening image, together with a red bag. Could that bag contain any coins, we wonder?

The pig is the wild here, as you might have guessed. However, it is no ordinary pig. It’s gold for starters, but it also comes in stacks whenever it appears. The game also gives you the promise of some Fortune Free Spins. We like the sound of those. These also bring in some In-Sync Reels to jazz things up a bit. That’s great news because those reels are always next to each other. If they occur throughout the free spins, you could end up triggering some awesome wins.

But that is not all. The Fortune Pig also delivers some Cash Respins in which money bags can be collected. We can see the relevance of that bag now. With money trees, rich drawings, and lots to keep you entertained, this is one good way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It’s already proven popular among players who have tried it. Will you add it to your list of favorites so far this year too?

Tex Co Co comes from Fuga Gaming

It’s time to enjoy a Tex Co Co experience with Fuga Gaming, as this title hit the internet on the last day of the month. A five-reel game packing in 40 lines to bet on, the game delivers some stony-looking background scenery to look at. Our female adventurer is present here too, along with some other intriguing icons designed to look like various things.

The wild appears in the guise of a golden idol of sorts and can appear on multiple reels at once. Watch for an artefact to pop up too – this triggers the artefact feature whenever it appears on the third reel. This may swap with other adjacent symbols, but it will only occur if this will produce a bigger win for you.

You’ll also notice various golden icons appearing over the middle three reels. If you get a combination of these on the center three reels, a bonus game will be yours to play. You can try and find two matching treasures to scoop a prize. If you manage to find one golden treasure, however, a bigger prize will be yours…

With assorted totem icons present that could deliver some respins, this game is designed to take you on an adventure you will not soon forget.

Stake Logic invites you to try and get some Neon Cluster Wins

You’d expect some neon elements in this game, given the title. You’d also expect to find some cluster wins in action rather than paylines, which would indicate a big grid to play on. You’d be correct on both counts, thanks to the 6 x 5 format in action here. You need to get 10 or more matching ones in a cluster to score a win. That might sound quite the challenge, and we think it is. However, the game is good to play, and it does deliver a wild star that will help you create some of those wins.

The only thing the star won’t substitute for is the bonus symbol. This says BONUS in neon colors and can appear scattered over the reels to count. You can also expect some extra wilds thanks to the purple and blue joker icon. There is also a Cluster Swirl feature that comes from the red and green joker icon. This means cluster wins combos can grow bigger than they would otherwise be. From the screenshots we’ve seen, these jokers can appear larger than the other icons too. That means even one appearance of a joker could make a huge difference to the outcome of a spin.

The free spins deliver bigger reels too, increasing the chances of being able to net bigger wins. If that all sounds promising, give the Neon Cluster Wins slot from Stake Logic a try today.

What lies within the Jade Valley introduced by Platipus?

It is no surprise to notice the jade color scheme in action on the main image for this slot game. With a male and female greeting you as you begin the game, we wonder what awaits us in the valley itself?

Well, before the game even begins, you can see there is a Respin Feature that involves lots of green coins. Some of those coins give varying amounts that you might win. However, other coins say Major, Mini, Grand, and Minor. As you might guess, they relate to the various jackpots available in the game. If you manage to strike the Grand Jackpot, 100,000 coins will be yours to enjoy.

The game includes a wild symbol that depicts lots of beautiful blossoms. This can appear in stacked formation and is worth looking out for. The Platipus team has allowed you to play this one for fun, with a fun balance to work with. This is the ideal way to see if you will like the game before placing any real bets on those reels.

One nice feature we like is the growing wild as the blossom can reach up an entire reel. Since this can occur on more than one reel simultaneously, that is a good way to enjoy some intriguing gameplay. The wild can appear over reels two through until the fifth reel. The scatter is a red fan with golden detailing, bringing you scatter prizes to be won for three or more. With the glowing green coin as a bonus symbol, appearing in stacks either two or three symbols high, there is a chance you can access the bonus feature with this. This feature involves those respins and a chance to win a jackpot. To get there, you must find six or more bonus symbols. Can you manage to do that in the Jade Valley slot game?

Cobra Cash awaits you if you’re lucky, thanks to CORE Gaming

We like the second word in the Cobra Cash title but we’re not as sure about the first one. Mind you, the welcome screen has some interesting information to share with you. You’ll need to be happy to spot some cartoon snakes in this game, but we doubt you will mind those. You see, each one could bring you a good wild that can appear multiple times on the reels. From the humble grass snake to the mighty anaconda, these snakes have your best interests in mind.

This is a huge game, taking on six reels with four icons per reel. There is a Cobra Cash logo that can appear stacked on the reels, while the wild says just that, making it easy to spot. That might just appear in stacked format too, especially if Watch the snakes at the bottom of the reels too, to see whether one of them might give you a better shot at some prizes.

Various bonuses are also included in this slot, with pick me games seeming to be most popular. One invites you to choose a fez, under which will be Snake Ladder, Snake Eyes, Snake Adder, or Snake Bite. None of those sound too appealing, but remember, there is a lot to enjoy in this game. Since the theme here is snakes and ladders, albeit done in a different way, you can enjoy the cartoon snakes whenever they appear. In fact, they’re the best bit of the game – and there are lots of them to look for too, each with their own skills and abilities. Cool!

Are you going after the Cash Bug from Inspired?

We all feel the bug – the excitement of playing great slot games. But this one has different bugs in store, as you’ll see from the opening image. They look cute enough though, and they are ready to introduce you to something different. The game screen is a windshield – can you see where this is going?

Each time you play, seven bugs appear in front of the windshield. The idea is to get four or more identical bugs in any combination of positions to win a prize. Some bugs are worth more than others, which you’ll see when you check out the paytable. Yes, you might see squished bugs during this game, but we still think it is worth playing, with several good prizes to be won and some multipliers appearing occasionally too.

Cash Bug delivers those multipliers if you manage to get five of a kind in one go. The winning bugs will reveal multipliers; if more than one multiplier appears, they will all be multiplied together before your total prize is granted.

The game also includes a feature called Bug Boost. If six of a kind appear in one go, you can watch as each winning bug will reveal either a winning amount or a multiplier. The multipliers can go from 2x up to 25x.

While you may not look at this as a regular slot game – unless you call it a seven-reel, single payline slot – Cash Bug is terrific fun. We think it works well as an occasional game that would give you some respite from the regular slots you might play. Get ready to watch out for those bugs as you look through the screen to see what happens next.

It’s time for Angels vs Demons from AGames

Some games start with the most stunning image to promote them. We can certainly say that about this slot game, delivering a fine image that tells us exactly what the theme is here – pitting good against evil. Will you come out on the right side?

Angels vs Demons shows us a member of each team, as it were, and the five-reel game also depicts both realms. The good is shown to the left and the bad is to the right. There are 20 lines to bet on here as well. Each side has its own wild icon too, so things can progress in an interesting manner as you get to grips with this game.

But Angels vs Demons has a few more tricks to share too. You could find yourself on the receiving end of some Totem Free Spins if the luck heads your way. To trigger these, you must merge an Angel Wild together with a Demon Wild on the same reel. While those wilds will vanish in time for the freebies to begin, you can still benefit from two Totem Wilds that will begin to move towards each other from the farthest reels of the game. But will you trigger Angel Free Spins or Demon Free Spins? Play today and see if you can trigger them to find out.

Fruits is released by Nolimitcity

Fruits is just about the most basic title you can think of for a slot game. So, do we have a basic three-reel slot here with only one line to bet on? Maybe it will bring us more than we think?

It does have a nice opening screen that tells us some of the features we will find inside. For example, there are Sticky Fruit Spins to look forward to. We also get a chance to trigger some Lightning Rounds and to find some Mystery Wrappers. This doesn’t sound like your average and dull fruity slot, does it?

The game screen is refreshing too, giving us six reels (more reels once again, as we thought might happen in more slots this year). Those reels have a 2-2-3-3-3-3 formation to make things more interesting. Plenty of fruity icons have been created for this game, and the sunny background provides a pleasing backdrop as well.

You’ll need three or more Lightning Bolts to unlock the Lightning Rounds feature. You can then try and collect as many bolts as possible during five free games. These must be collected in the bigger reel area measuring 4 x 3. With a maximum of 12 symbols available to collect, you will find out what you have won upon completion of those five free spins. Watch the smaller 2 x 2 area too though – you might see a clover leaf awarding an extra spin or maybe a red heart that will increase your payout from the feature. throwing in 116 ways to win in the Fruits slot, we think Nolimitcity has done a fine job of creating something truly impressive in this game.

Hot Hot Fruit comes from hot, hot Habanero!

Another fruity game to enjoy this week, this time courtesy of Habanero. This game gives us a more traditional 5 x 3 format with 15 lines to win prizes on. There is a wild that says just that, and a double wild too (simply featuring two WILD words on it instead). These wilds replace everything else, with the single wild appearing over every reel except for the third one. They do not pay out their own prizes though, merely contributing to other ones if they can.

Various wild combinations can trigger some free games for you to play. Check the paytable to find out the rather complicated rules on what you could win and how to make it happen. You can win either six or 12 though. Any wilds appearing during those games will lock in position for the rest of them. You can secure up to 14 locked wilds in this manner.

Add in a Hot Hot Feature as well – where certain symbols can randomly change into others on a randomly-chosen spin – and you can see this is yet another example of how a fruity game might well have more to offer than you’d initially think.

Enjoy a Diamond Symphony this week

You don’t see too many of those around, do you? This Diamond Symphony sounds dramatic enough and it comes from Bulletproof Games. Not the most famous of software developers, so does this represent an excellent chance to introduce ourselves to a good game from their collection?

The promotional video looks very impressive, giving us a sharp look at a screen filled with action. You will see various things going on over the 5 x 3 reel set, but there are other things to note on the screen as well. The lines, winnings, stake, and credit are all shown at the top rather than the bottom. We thought they were jackpots to start with, but it doesn’t appear we have any of those to shoot for. There are other controls to the right as well, including an Encore option. If you enable this, it can affect what happens on the left of the screen.

That is where you will see a ladder of sorts, giving you a chance to enjoy a respin and progressively some free spins of varying amounts. You will spot various musical instruments on the reels, along with the conductor as the wild symbol. Music is a big theme here, of course, hence why you will also see some musical notes on those reels.

The idea is that each time you win something, you’ll progress up that ladder. The more wins you get in a row, the higher you will climb. As such, the Diamond Symphony could produce some magical, musical wins for you if you manage to get all the way to the top.

Will you trust the siren who appears in Spinomenal’s slot Siren’s Treasures?

In case you didn’t know, sirens are purported to be female entities who live in the sea, luring luckless sailors onto the rocks with the beauty of their singing. So, should you turn the speakers up if you want to play this new game from Spinomenal? We’ll leave that up to you…

A green-eyed siren awaits us as the game begins. Set at night, at sea, in the darkening gloom, it seems we are at risk of spotting one of those sirens on the reels as we play. Mind you, she appears as a wild, giving us a greater chance of scoring some wins. A sailor is present too and is used as a free spin icon. You might also see a treasure chest made from wood and gold, boasting the single word BONUS in front of it.

If you manage to find three of those chests, you will be taken into the depths to see seven treasure chests. You can pick several of them according to the number of picks shown on the screen. What will you find inside? How many coins could you walk away with?

Three sailors will award you with some free games, while other features include a sticky wild and the possibility of a win multiplier. You can use the siren to help you get some wins, although she will not replace the other two special icons included in Siren’s Treasures. She will pay out whenever five of her appear on the same paid line in the base game, too.

You might also get a free re-spin if the siren appears in all three positions on a reel. This means you get a full-height siren on that reel who stays put for the re-spin. The stacked wild feature can only occur on reels two and four, with the addition of reel three once you’re into the free games.

Siren’s Treasure is packed with appealing features and we think this is set to be another great addition to the impressive roster of games at Spinomenal.

Fortune Lucky – will this one live up to its title?

We hope you will be lucky to win a fortune in this one, but let’s see what it holds in store for us. There is a chance to win over 6,000x your bet if you play this. While the short video doesn’t last longer than a few seconds, it does give us a look at some of the entertaining features in the game.

For example, it is an all ways pays game that also offers you some expanding reels to watch for. We like this feature when it is used well, as it can provide you with some amazing elements to look forward to. The game also boasts a so-called Golden Zone. This seems to run around the outside of the main game. You can watch and see if enhanced scatter symbols land here. This would no doubt bring further benefits for you as you play.

You might wonder about the theme here, but since we can see lanterns in the background and a dragon above the reels, we are guessing at an Oriental theme. It has a touch of magic about it too though, with scrolls and potions also making it onto the reels. There are free spins to be won, with three offered for three symbols in the regular zone and six free spins for those landing in the Golden Zone. The Chinese coin with the square hole in the middle also offers some great prizes, worth between 10x and 25x normally and doubled in value in that all-important Golden Zone.

This is a superb game, even though we think it might take a short while to get used to how it works. Will it be the best one for you this week? We should add it can award a Dragon Feature too, triggered by single or double award lanterns. This is where you begin to destroy lanterns to win prizes. Yes, there is far more rolled into this game than you might suppose. It does manage to introduce features we have never seen before too – Golden Zone included. Will you make this your preferred game for the week ahead?

It has certainly been a huge week on the slot game front. With 21 new releases to enjoy here, many of them offer a free version that allows you to try them and see what you think. Will you find a favorite among them today?