T-Rex 2 Slots

Commonly known simply as the T-Rex, this dinosaur is said to have been the biggest and most fearsome dinosaur that walked the earth. We’ve found its bones and we know how big it was… but it is hard to imagine what life would have been like for us if it was still here today. We think it would win in any competition between humans and dinosaurs, for sure.

Dinosaurs have proven to be a popular theme for online slot games. It is no surprise to learn that one of the most popular dinosaur-themed slots, T-Rex, has returned for another roar.

September 2019 sees the release of the new T-Rex II slot. Who needs a more complex name than that when the Tyrannosaurus itself takes center stage? The big question is whether this game is as good as – or better than – the original. If you didn’t play that, try it now before the sequel is unleashed.

What should you expect to see in T-Rex II?

There are five reels in the new game, offering players the chance to bet on up to 25 paylines. You can expect the T-Rex to be helpful too, thanks to its role as the grouped wild on reel one. It carries a 2x multiplier with it for any prizes it becomes part of.

The scatter is displayed as a dinosaur egg, and if three, four, or five of those should appear anywhere during play, you’ll scoop 10, 20, or even 100 games respectively.

But even that is not all you can expect from the new T-Rex II online slot game. You’ve also got two progressive jackpots appearing on the screen. Those are gradually going to increase in value until someone hits the random trigger to win one following any paid spin. Could that be you? We sure do hope so.

Check out this awesome new slot game when it drops at a casino near you in September 2019. This could well turn into a roaring success.