Diamond Slots

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires… we’ve all seen slot games with some of these involved, haven’t we? Of course, the diamond is the main attraction, offering you the chance to win prizes with its help.

But can you be sure of the value of a diamond if you are playing a slot that features these gems? We look more closely at this idea, and what you might be able to see or expect if you start playing these slots.

Watch for a special diamond to appear

In a slot game with diamonds involved, it is very common to see a diamond appearing in the guise of a substitute symbol. You might see a different diamond – maybe a pink one, for example – as a scatter. You never know until you look at the paytable or take the game for a spin.

The same applies if the diamond is a trigger for a bonus feature. Even if the nature of the bonus is not revealed, you can still see whether there is a chance to win something special with its assistance. It’s nice to know, don’t you think?

You might see jackpot prizes and progressives involved

Diamond-themed games can be rich in prizes, although you can never be 100% sure of that. Read our next point to see why. However, every game will have a top prize to be won. It could be restricted to several hundred coins or maybe several thousand. If the wild diamond is the trigger for the jackpot, it might also bring multipliers with it.

If there is a progressive jackpot to be won as well, you can look for that to appear above the reels. Some of the richest diamond-themed slots might have several progressives up for grabs. Just watch the bet amount – some slots demand a larger bet to be in with a chance to win one of those.

Always check the paytable before you play

The worst thing you could do when discovering a slot game based on diamonds and similar gems is to assume it will offer huge prizes. That isn’t necessarily the case. Some will work on a low volatility level while others go for the medium or high volatility level. Furthermore, there is no guarantee a slot featuring diamonds will have a progressive jackpot that could help you buy some for real. Always check the details before you play and assume nothing.