What Casino Game Has The Lowest House Edge?

The house edge is the amount a casino will take from the monies brought in by an individual game. So, a house edge of 1.5% is better for the player than a house edge of 2.5%. In the first case, the casino keeps $1.50 from every $100 wagered, while in the second example it retains $2.50.

It is important to note a type of game may not always display the same house edge. Slot games are a great way to illustrate this. We’ve seen slots offering a house edge of 10%, while others have offered a house edge of a mere 2%. Hence why it pays to figure out what’s what before you start playing a game. Look for the biggest RTP value you can. If the house edge is 2%, you will get an RTP of 98%, for example.

The house edge from three card poker games is usually anywhere from 1.5% up. The same applies for baccarat. Blackjack using just one deck of cards can be around the same amount. Be aware of other games though – if you play craps, for example, you might see a lower house edge of 1.4%. However, some versions of craps might incur a far higher edge. Check individual games before you commit to playing them.