What Is The Richest Casino In The World?

What Is The Richest Casino In The World?
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Casinos have a house edge on all the games they offer. So, while they offer lots of opportunities for players to win prizes both small and large, the casinos will always come out as the big winners.

It is hard to determine which casino has amassed the most money; however, since these casinos can rake in millions of dollars every day – yes, every day! – it is only logical that some casino owners are going to be rich. Las Vegas Sands is a well-known casino and the CEO is a guy called Sheldon Adelson. He is thought to be worth around $39 billion. Yep, billions, not millions. His casino brings in around $32 million every day, which puts Las Vegas Sands ahead of all the other casinos in Vegas and elsewhere.

While there are other billionaires in this industry, and plenty more casinos bringing in millions of dollars each day in Vegas and around the world, Mr Adelson looks to have pole position by quite some margin. Just imagine that – what would you do if you were worth that many billions of dollars? Would you wager any of it on the table games or slot machines? We wonder!

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