Bonus Features In 3D

Do you love slot game bonuses as much as we do? We think bonus features are the best parts of many slot games. They’re especially good when you play games in 3D, because there are more possibilities and ways to enjoy a bonus in this format.

But why do they look so good in 3D? Let’s find out.

They add more depth to the game

There’s no doubt many bonus features look, well… flat, in 2D. That’s obvious – of course they are going to look flat. But when you play a bonus in 3D, you get extra depth in more ways than one. Yes, visually it looks great. But you often feel as if you are there, wherever the game wants to take you. That gives you a great feeling and a way to enjoy your chosen slot game even more.

They can take you to more places

There are limitations when creating slots in 2D. It seems to us that many software developers strive to push the boundaries when they create games in 3D. It’s as if they ask themselves how much further they can go in creating something that looks amazing in 3D. Do they approach a game in the same way if they use 2D graphics? We are unsure if they do.

When you play a slot game in 3D, you get the chance to play multiple bonuses in some instances. These bonuses are also exciting and take you to all kinds of locations. Those locations are linked to the slot theme, so you can choose a 3D slot that has a lot of fun with its location and theme.

3D bonuses turn a regular slot into something more immersive

How do you feel while playing a 3D slot game? How do you feel when playing a regular 2D slot? We feel more engaged with the game in 3D, simply because of the extra depth on offer. You feel as though you have entered another world, rather than simply viewing a game on a computer screen. The graphics should win you over, but there is a good chance you will be won over by the plot and the bonuses on offer as well.

If you haven’t yet tried any 3D slots, today would be a good day to change that. Try a few practice slots first – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.