How Do You Win At Craps?

Craps is a very popular casino game, and perhaps one of the easier ones to take part in if you’re new. However, it makes sense to figure out how you can win at craps, so you get the best chance of doing just that. Be sure you know how to play craps first though, otherwise the whole game can become very confusing!

The best bet is to pick the bets that have the smallest edge for the house. For example, pass or come bets for 1x odds would be 0.8% for the casino. In contrast, odds of 100x for the same scenario would offer just a 0.02% house edge for the casino. Just be sure you don’t wager more than you would be happy to lose on any bet, no matter what the odds are for you and what the house edge might be. Sticking to the safest bets – the smartest ones there are – means you can enjoy better odds of winning. This means come, field, and pass line bets among others.

The pass bet is often agreed to be the safest one on the table in craps. The house edge is low and it pays out even money.