Wilds Vs Scatters

No two slot games are going to be identical – at least, not if the developers have put in some hard work. However, there are certain elements that are used in plenty of online slots. The two most common symbols to appear are wilds and scatters. We thought we’d look at those here, to see if we can figure out which ones are best to find when you load a new slot to play.

The case for wild symbols

What are wild symbols? These symbols can be designed in any manner, but they always substitute for other symbols in a game. Some will be marked as wilds, while others only become clear in their roles when you look at the paytable.

They don’t often substitute for scatters but that doesn’t always apply. Sometimes they can appear on all the reels of a game, although other games restrict them to certain reels. You may sometimes get more than one wild in a game – each taking on a different role and occasionally combining too. And yes, sometimes they come with multipliers to help enhance any wins secured with their help.

The case for scatter symbols

The great thing about scatter symbols is that it doesn’t matter where they appear. If you get the right quantity, you’ll win a prize. Sometimes you need only find two to win a scatter prize, for example. Three or more will often unlock a bonus as well as the scatter prize awarded for that quantity.

Scatter bonuses often involve free spins, but sometimes you might get a second screen bonus instead. Some games opt to label this icon a bonus scatter in this scenario, but it usually works the same way. You might see it appearing anywhere or on specific reels, i.e. the middle three or the odd three reels.

The verdict is in: Which do we prefer?

Do we need to choose?! Most games will have a wild involved. You will often see them in the basic three-reel slots whereas that’s not the case for scatters. The best news is that many games feature both symbols. If you like how they work, just look for games where you can take advantage of wilds and scatters. There are enough of them around to make it easy for you to spot titles that suit your preferences. Maybe you should dive in and see what you can find?