3 Reel Slots

Three-reel slots tend to polarize opinions between slot players. Some people love them whereas others cannot think of anything duller to play. Of course, life isn’t that simple, and three-reel slots cannot all be classified in the same manner.

If you want to know whether you should play these games, look through our questions below. They might help you decide.

Do you love classic slot games?

If so, three-reel games are going to appeal – perhaps more than anything else. They’re based on the original one-armed bandits, and while they have changed in some ways, they are often designed to recall those glory days.

Do you like straightforward games?

Some slots are very complex, requiring a good read of the rules before you begin play. Three-reel slots are the opposite of this. If all you want to do is pick a slot, sit down, and play it without any hassle, these are the games for you.

Do you prefer games with plenty of bonus possibilities?

If so, you would be better off playing some five-reel slots. These provide more room to fit in various bonuses. You might occasionally see a bonus in a three-reel game, but this is rare, and they tend not to be that complex.

Do you want to try a game you can play for a while?

The biggest issue with three-reel slots is they can become repetitive if you play over a longer time. This isn’t always the case; there are occasions when you’ll see a three-reel game involving multipliers and wilds that is a delight to try. However, many games are basic and get dull after a while. If you want to play for longer, complex five-reel games can offer far more.

Make your choice today

Remember, you can play all types of slots depending on what mood you are in. However, we wouldn’t advise missing out an entire category of slots just because you don’t tend to like most of them. If you do that, you could well end up missing out on one or two great games you would enjoy if you tried them.

Remember too that some three-reel games are available in demo format. That means you can try them to see if you want to play for a while, rather than avoiding them altogether. You never know whether you might encounter one you love to play.