How Do You Count Cards?

Counting cards is something that tends to apply mostly in blackjack games. While you can in theory learn how to count cards, you shouldn’t do it. It is always far harder than people imagine, and even if you become adept at doing it, chances are you will eventually be caught out. Every casino in the world knows about card counting – they know the signs to watch for in blackjack players, and they will spot you. Not only will you be ejected from that casino, you will be blacklisted by every other one too. Remember, you will be on camera and your picture will already be available for the casino to share with neighboring casinos.

If you did want to try, you would need to give each card a value. You would also need to keep a total of the values as the cards are dealt. This is much harder than you’d believe. There are also several ways of counting cards, although most deal with numbers of some kind. Hi-Lo is just one method you could use, but as we mentioned before, it would likely take time to learn it properly… and again, the chances are you would be caught and banned. Trying to ‘game’ a casino is never a good move. It’s far better and more enjoyable to play blackjack as it was intended to be played.