Do Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air?

This is an intriguing question many people who visit casinos ask. But is it true? Do casinos pump more oxygen into the air to help keep their players awake? That would be the reason for doing it, and the longer players stay awake and alert, the longer they are likely to play the games for. If you’ve ever been to a casino and felt tired after playing slots for a while, chances are you’ll head off for food and drink, or to go outside for some fresh air. That means you’re not playing the machines, and the casino may not make any more money from you.

Depending on the sites you read, some say the oxygen idea is true. However, others believe it is an urban myth, one that has been spread around over years and is now thought to be true. A novel written in 1978 by Mario Puzo, called Fools Die, mentioned the idea of oxygen being pumped into casinos for this very purpose. So, can we trace a myth back to the book, or did someone in the world of casinos read that book and think what a good idea it was? Chances are, we will never know.

One point though – the more oxygen there is in the air, the greater the risk of fire. You know what happens if there is a fire and you open the door onto it? The oxygen feeds it and makes the situation more dangerous. For that reason alone, we doubt additional oxygen would be allowed if it was used in this manner.