Online gambling in New Jersey is once again delayed

Senator Lesniak had done his best to legalize online gambling but it looks like he has hit a bump on the road and his efforts have not yet born fruit.

Interstate Internet gambling legislation had once again delayed matters and this time it has been Governor Chris Christie that has made use of constitutional provisions to cause the delay.

Senator Lesniak wished to take full advantage of the Justice Department's new stand on online gambling. The bill was to be heard in State Committees and Assembly by the end of the week and it was expected that a vote would be taken by both sessions. But Governor Christie has thwarted Senator Lesniak's efforts using his right to veto online casino games on constitutional grounds. Despite large legislative approval Gov. Christie has caused this delay by citing constitutional concerns.

When Senator Lesniak spoke to local media he said that he had agreed to the delay, for the reintroduction of internet gambling legislation, because of Gov. Christies concerns and legal questions on the bill. Senator Lesniak is however, hopeful that things will soon fall into place. The Senator believes that his recent version of the bill will address all the concerns the Governor has. Senator Lesnaik is prepared to be patient and not rush the legalization until all concerns are met and he does not want problems at a later stage.