Casino Operators Anticipate More Online Gaming

Casino operators in Northern Nevada are scurrying to get online gaming into Nevada while they dodge undefined regulations that define how the entire process will work. Most of the large casino operators in Northern Nevada have applied for interactive operator's licenses which is required for those who are either partnering with technology companies or executing in-house strategies to develop poker software and Web sites. The Eldorado, Atlantis and Siena are trying to work through the challenges of bringing online poker to Nevada-based players.

Nevada Laws

Currently, only those that reside in Nevada are allowed to legally gamble. Only online poker has been legalized in Nevada by the Gaming Control Board. A couple different licenses are required; one is for a manufacturer of the interactive system itself and another is needed for those who make products associated with the Web site. Companies that run technology, develop software, or provide Internet services are not allowed to run for-money poker sites due to the lack of proper licensing.

New Developments

Software companies like 3G Studios and Z4 Poker have already started developing new games in lieu of new and upcoming options beyond poker. A separate regulatory structure has been established for online service providers who will be inspected by the Gaming Control Board and contract their services to casino operators. Revenue models will work differently depending on how deals are structured.