Deleware Bill Holds Promise for Casino Expansion and Financial Breaks

Deleware State House just passed a bill that would allow online gambling in Deleware and would also approve for more venues for sports wagering and other types of gambling.

The current proposal by Govenor Jack Markell would not only allow for more online slots and table games to go on offer but it will also expand all Keno efforts beyond Delaware's three existing casinos to at least 100 sites. The bill will also approve betting on NFL games in at least 20 more sites other than the casinos. Now the National Football League games are available at 31 retail locations, including restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

This bill has the possibility of generating a lot of revenue through the expansion. In addition, they would be able to eliminate $4 million in slot machine fees paid by the casinos and cut their table game charges from $6.75 million to $3 million. The casinos promise that they would use the savings on traditional business expenses such as marketing, capital improvements and debt reduction.

Neighboring Maryland is keeping a close watch as they are debating adding table games and a sixth casino to their venues.