Deleware Does not want to Miss out on Gaming Action

Delaware is eager to jump on the bandwagon and be part of any gambling and online gambling expansions that take place. The state’s lawmakers have approved a bill authorizing online betting in Delaware. This bill also includes keno playing beyond the state’s three licensed casinos which would allow an estimated 100 new sites while wagering on NFL games would be licensed in 20 new sites other than the existing casinos.

Gaming Development

This bill symbolizes “the next reasonable step” in the development of the gambling business in Delaware. Rep. John Viola says that there are more states that want to include online gambling in lieu of a U.S. Justice Department decision last year that federal law does not impede in-state betting online, provided it does not include gambling on sports.

Cutting Fees

There were four states that are exempt from the law passed by Congress that vetoes sports wagering and Deleware is one of those states. New Jersey has promised to contest the national sports betting veto. Casino operators in Deleware support the new gambling bill since it stands to eliminate the $4 million in slot machine fees casinos currently pay which slices their yearly table game fees from $6.75 million to $3 million.

From CEO of Dover Downs, Inc

The projected changes might help support Delaware’s gambling industry, which has found much more opposition from nearby states in recent years, said Ed Sutor, CEO of Dover Downs, Inc. Yet, Sutor does not foresee the legislation as being a job creator. “The industry is taking a licking right now with the economy, with the additional competition” he was quoted as saying, “I would say this is not a jobs generator, this is a jobs preserver.”