Ignition Poker

Can you handle the steaming heat that is radiating from the Ignition Poker room, and do you have it in you to stay cool at the most thrilling card game sessions? Then Ignition might offer you the poker software that you have always been looking for.

Play on the most exciting poker tables and join the thrilling tournaments to become a true champion. While you are on your way to becoming a successful and rich poker player, you reap the benefits from outstanding bonuses and promotions. In fact, giveaways are already handed out when you sign up and receive the handsome welcome bonus as a reward for making your first deposit (up to a $1,100 in extra cash).

The right poker conditions are being handed out to you so take advantage of the situation and sign up at Ignition today. You will embark on a poker adventure and get an adrenaline rush like never before.

What Ignition Poker Brings to the Table

Poker is more than just an entertaining card game. Many people consider playing poker as a part or their lifestyle. This lifestyle becomes better when they hit the tables at Ignition Poker.

But what exactly is on the table at this gambling platform?

For starters, it is important to say that you can play completely anonymous and you have the choice to see your information in Mandarin, Spanish and English. Furthermore, your hand history can be downloaded, and you can play simultaneously at 20 tables. That means you have a lot of opportunities to rake in lucrative winnings.

It gets even better when you consider that more casino games can be played on the side as well. They offer a refreshing variety in your playing schedule, and they will also contribute in funding your bankroll. These games fall under the categories of slots, blackjack titles, table games, video poker options and also specialty games.

All in all, you have enough good reasons do download this gambling platform's software today and to find out why it offers such a hot betting action package. The downloadable software provides easy access to all the available poker entertainment options. Is not only free but also very safe due to the use of encryption and protection methods that are similar to those of banks.

Special Poker Features

Benefit from the latest available poker features. The platform is always upgrading and improving its software in order to provide the best quality and the most entertaining experience. Regular updates make sure that there is always a new feature to enjoy so make sure that you keep yourself up to date about all the regular new tweaks and features that are being presented. Some of the recently introduced platform enhancements are listed below.

Play Mobile Poker on the Go

Mobile poker makes it possible for you to play whenever you want and whenever you want. You only need a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection, and then you are ready to show your card playing skills on the tables.

Hide Your Identity by Playing at Anonymous Poker Tables

Anonymous poker tables give you the opportunity to play in incognito mode. Use this mode to keep your opponents in the blind about your play style and your identity. The less they know, the better you can surprise them and take away their playing chips.

No Confusions Thanks To the Multiple Language Software

Poker is a game that knows no borders. It is enjoyed by players from all over the world. Therefore, it is important that you read all the given information in a language that you can easily understand. For convenience sake, this gambling platform offers its gambling services in three of the most widely spoken languages in the world. These languages are Chinese, Spanish and English.

Turn up the Heat at the High Intensity Poker Tournaments

Pick one of your preferred tournaments and share the heat of the moment with hundreds of other contestants. The following tournaments let you walk away with the big prizes if you are able to control you nerves and show off the right skills.

The $100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament Hands Out Big Prizes

The $100K Guaranteed is the hottest and biggest weekly organized tournament on the platform. It starts every Sunday and the winner walks away with a minimum amount of $20K. The other contestants divide the rest of the prize money, which is $80.000 or more.

Feel the Intensity of Sit-and-Go Tournaments

Sit-and-go tournaments introduce you to highly intense gambling environments that are known for their lightning fast and action-packed card game rounds. Some of the available play styles for these kind of tournaments are Omaha and Texas Hold'em. Up to 45 players can participate in a single sit-and-go tournament.

Fast Forward to Winning during Turbo Tournaments

Turbo tournaments are extra fast-paced poker matches in which the blinds are increased very rapidly. In addition, players are able to pick various chip amounts to start the tournament with. Turbo tournaments are being held on a daily basis.

Are they still not fast enough for you? Then you can always shift into an even higher gear with the challenging super turbo tournaments and the hyper turbo tournaments. Blinds increase even faster in these contests.

Go Nuts during Mad Monday Tournaments

Monday is the day that you are allowed to go nuts in order to win some crazy amounts of poker cash in Mad Monday Tournaments. Prize pool amounts vary, but players are often able to divide high cash piles of $40.000 and even $125.000.

When Playing the Best Games of Poker Is All That Matters

If poker is your thing, then Ignition is your gambling platform. See what it has to offer to you and play your most thrilling card games on the best tables with the best prize pools and bonuses. Make sure that you have a cool drink within reach though, because things might get really hot really quick.

Download poker software with ease at Ignition Casino

If you thought Ignition Casino was only good for slot game fans and casino fans, think again. It's now possible to download their poker software for use on your computer. Available in several languages, the free download is available for every poker fan wanting to get in on the action at Ignition Casino. Just follow the easy instructions - you only need to download the software once - and you're good to go.

Only poker?

No - once you've downloaded the free software, you can access the full suite of casino games available at Ignition Casino too. It takes just a few seconds to browse the collection of poker games if that's what you want to do. But if you ever feel you need a break, you can look through the other game options to see what's on offer there too. How easy is that? Even the biggest poker fans will be tempted to check out the other games they could be playing, we're sure!

Choose your preferred download for Mac or Windows

Regardless of which computer you're using, there is a download waiting for you today. Ignition Casino has built software that runs smoothly on Mac and Windows computers. Just choose whichever one is right for you and download it.

A simple three-step process enables you to enjoy Ignition poker today

Begin the download by clicking the appropriate link. Next, run the installer to make sure everything is ready for you. Finally, join Ignition Casino (if you haven't already) and start playing whichever games you love most.

From poker to the rest of the casino, Ignition Casino knows how to take good care of its players.