Atlantic City online gambling gets N.J. final approval

The State Senate has given the final approval to a proposed bill that will allow players to be able to bet on online casino games in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Sen. Raymond Lesniak has said in a statement owing the casinos to tap into the trend of wagering on the internet puts New Jersey right at the forefront of online wagering in a very lucrative gaming market which give their casino the edge needed in the economic climate today.

Under this bill, operators of licensed casinos and their affiliates in internet gambling will be able to do the setting up operation of internet gambling, and residents in the State of New Jersey will be able to place bets on the casino games without having to visit a land based casino. The servers are to be located at Atlantic City, and the casino will have to do verifications to ensure that players are 'physically present' in New Jersey in order to comply with the federal laws.

Players will be able to play and gamble on the same games that are already on casino gaming floors.

The passing of the bill means it now goes to Gov. Chris Christie.