Zombies Gone Wild Slots

We wouldn't want to meet a zombie under any circumstances, would you? Much less one that had gone wild, as the zombies in this game seem to have done. But here, as we view the opening image of the Zombies Gone Wild online slot game from Pariplay, we can see how society has gone awry. A crashed bus, broken windows, rubbish everywhere, and signs pulled down… and yes, there are some zombies staggering around too. What else can we expect from the game itself after seeing this impressive and dramatic image, we wonder?

The reels (five of them) do look impressive, with lots of people at various stages of decomposition appearing as you spin the reels. Some appear as large symbols that are two spaces high. There are four icons per reel here, so there is a lot going on. The game has only just been released, but the teaser video reveals a gun shooting rounds at the screen. Two spaces either side of the spin button reveal the bullet quantity and a zombie count. We're unsure how that factors into the game, but there are five zombies indicated on the wall to the right, too.

This looks set to offer way more than your average slot game. The video also reveals three rooms, all looking deserted and possibly free of zombies. But is that the case? And how will you discover those rooms as you play? Give the Zombies Gone Wild slot a try today to see how wild it is!