Mega Drago Slots

Mega means big, of course, but what about the Drago part of that title? Could it refer to a dragon? One glance at the first image we see for the new Mega Drago slot game from Platipus would seem to confirm our thoughts. Yet we cannot see every part of the creature slithering in front of the Mega Drago title image. It’s purple and scaly though, so perhaps we are correct in our thinking.

This does seem to be an Oriental-themed slot, suggested by the font used for the title. There are hints of greenery in the background as well, which further suggests some delightful mountainous scenery to view. Will we see such scenery in the slot itself? We must wait and see, because at the time of writing the slot game had yet to be released. The date is set for August 10th this year, so perhaps we are far closer to discovering the nature of the Mega Drago slot than we may think.

The suggestion is there will be five reels and perhaps 30 lines in play, but nothing is certain. The blurb for the slot does indicate there will be some free games to win if you get lucky. Furthermore, they’ve hinted at the presence of a dragon. The mega part of the title also comes from the presence of a mega symbol as a scatter. If that should appear, you may get luckier than you think while playing the Mega Drago slot. Be ready for August 10th to see how fortunate you become.