Chase of Femme Fatale Slots

This is a long and slightly strange title. The Chase of Femme Fatale slot game comes to us from Casino Technology, featuring three characters in the main image. Two are male and the third is – of course – the titular femme fatale herself. We are a few days away from looking at this game as it is released on August 23rd, so we must wait and see what it offers.

However, a quick glance reveals it will have the femme fatale appearing in full-reel mode. There is also a heart-shaped scatter on the reels, along with the two men we saw in the title image. We don’t know yet how profitable those guys could be if they appear enough times, but we will soon find out more.

Another screenshot reveals a huge heart shape over the middle three reels. In front of that, the femme fatale is sitting with a suggestive look on her face… and a handgun in one hand. Does this reveal more about the story that is yet to come? Is this a chase you will want to be part of? The five-reel game looks set to appeal to several players, but until we learn more about the special features it might bring us, we must wait to see its release.