Plata o Plomo Slots

It looks as though Spinmatic is about to provide the answers, since they are going to release a slot game called Plata o Plomo on August 24th this year. The opening shot for this game reveals three men, all dressed as though they are up to no good. Check out the image and we think you will agree!

The opening sequence for the slot shows us cash, bullets, and a setting where there could be some crime afoot. The game itself features five reels with four symbols appearing on each of them. You will see some shady characters on those reels, so look out and see if you get some hints to what is happening in the game. It takes place in the middle of a woodland setting – the ideal place for an ambush, perhaps?

Plata o Plomo translates to mean ‘silver or lead’. It is a slang phrase in Spanish as used in Colombia. The idea is you would choose whether to accept silver (a cash bribe) or lead (as in a bullet). This is confirmed by the images shown in the slot. It is an unusual theme, but we’ve seen similar ones before. We will be intrigued to see whether the game is going to produce some good wins, and if so, how they will occur. At least you don’t need to choose between plata and plomo if you play this slot!