Steampunk Wheel of Destiny Slots

Steampunk is a slot game theme all its own. It has also proven to be a popular theme of late, with several new slots using it to inspire some gameplay. Now, we have a new game from PG Soft called Steampunk, which also brings us the subtitle Wheel of Destiny. Is this wheel going to spin in your favor? Let’s find out.

July 2018 was a busy time for the team at PG Soft. This is one of a few releases they issued around the same time. This is also offering something different. You will spot circular reels in this one. You get three of them, each sitting inside the other. This gives you a different look and feel to the game. It also means it is a great idea to check out the game in demo mode first. We have never seen anything else like it. It is unusual, to be sure, and it takes a while to get the hang of how it works.

The game also includes moon and star symbols. If you can get these to align on the reels, you will end up securing some respins. There is also a bonus game you might be lucky enough to unlock. If you have tired of the usual slot games and you want something unlike anything else online today, the new Steampunk: Wheel of Destiny slot game might just unlock your own destiny.