Medusa’s Golden Gaze Slots

Most people have heard the legend about the fearsome Medusa. She is the one with snakes writhing around for hair. She also turns everyone who dares to look at her to stone. She doesn’t sound too friendly, does she? Mind you, in this game we are told she has a golden gaze, so maybe it is worth holding her eyes if you try this 2by2 Gaming slot.

You will see a five-reel game as the slot begins. Medusa with her rattling snake’s tail is on the left. You can see her on the reels too, with green snakes for hair. This is not a game to play if you hate snakes! An ancient Greek temple appears in gold and is used as a bonus symbol here. If you find enough of these to trigger the free spins feature, you can choose one of five free spins options.

The game provides you with 30 regular spins, 15 free spins with 50 lines, 15 easy feature free spins, 10 super free spins, or six mega free spins. All those sound appealing, so which one will you choose? There are some entertaining elements in this slot, that’s for sure, and it could prove the best new release from this software developer so far this year.