Gem Saviour Slots

Gem Saviour (and yes, it is spelled that way as it comes from PG Soft) is a cool new slot game that takes us to a fiery, rocky outcrop. It’s an unusual setting for a slot game, but hardly one we haven’t seen before. So, does it suggest a slot that is much like others of this type, or something more unusual?

The game itself presents us with a different screen to the one we might have expected. You will see six reels and six positions on each, providing a larger 6 x 6 format we rather like. And yes, those reels are packed full of gems of various shapes and colors. You will notice as the game progresses that the backgrounds of the icons can be one of two colors as well. It might be black or tan in color. Does that affect what happens on the reels themselves? Play it and see…

You can score some respins in the game, and you might also spot different messages appearing above the reels. The respins turn out to be the main feature, so watch out for those whenever they appear. With the chance to play this game on all devices, get ready to discover the secrets behind the Gem Saviour slot game today.