Legend of Fortune Slots

Legend of Fortune sounds like an intriguing title for a slot game. Better yet, we are clearly in the Aztec world here, since there is a familiar-looking temple towards the rear of the title image. Mountainous scenery and even a jeep parked up on the right add to the feeling of intrigue.

The game itself takes us inside that temple to see what lies within… but only if you reach the free spins feature. The main game takes place outside the temple. There are five reels encased by blocks, and you must watch and see what happens on those reels. The aim is to try and win prizes on as many of the 20 available paylines as you can.

There are lots of varied elements in this game. There are wilds appearing on the reels, and a chance to play some free spins and move from one area to another as you explore. Wild darts, crushing spikes, and even a pit of wealth may all factor into your journey in Legend of Fortune. The game even includes the chance to choose your route to try and make it across the screen to your destination. There is a touch of Lara Croft about certain elements of this slot, and that is no bad thing. Discover the secrets of this Aztec temple today.