Chicken Storm Slots

Regular storms we know about. But a Chicken Storm? This doesn’t sound like something we want to experience. Mind you, this is slated for release on September 1st this year by Fantasma Games, so we have a few weeks to wait until we find out what a chicken storm is.

Before then, we have the image for the game, featuring the title on a piece of battered wood hung from above. There is a chicken – and a chick – on the far side of the image. Are they fleeing from something? It sure looks as though the sky isn’t too sunny. There is a windmill going around and signs of the crops getting blown around too. Maybe this is going to be a chicken storm to remember?

The promo blurb for the slot confirms it to be a 3D game set in a farmyard. It also mentions both sunny weather and stormy weather, so perhaps the game is going to switch between the two. Will we get different features in both, we wonder? We cannot wait to try this new Fantasma Games release. They have already released Samurai Ken, Super Sumo, and Spooky 5000, so perhaps Chicken Storm will be yet another big success from them.