Medusa the Quest of Perseus Slots

When you think about popular characters appearing in slot games, Medusa may not be among those who immediately pop into your mind. Yet this mythical character has appeared in several games up until now. She has just appeared in another new release too – this time Medusa: The Quest of Perseus. Incredible Technologies has been inspired by the story of the snake-headed woman who turned all who looked at her to stone. The result is quite impressive. Be warned though – the promotional video has her turning towards you with green glowing eyes…

In case you are rusty with your ancient Greek gods and their history, Perseus was sent to cut off her head. He managed to do just that, and you will be looking for him to appear in this game too. He can appear stacked on the reels to help you soar towards some big wins. When this occurs, you will see him hold up his shield to hide behind it. You never know how many reels he could appear stacked on, so let’s hope for all five.

There is a free spin battle involved in Medusa: The Quest of Perseus too. This contains additional bonus awards. These could include additional free spins, a locked wild reel, two individual locked wilds, or some extra credits. What will you win if you get this far? Soldiers can appear in these spins and they must try to survive Medusa’s gaze. If they do, they lock into place as wild icons. Be brave and step inside Medusa’s lair to see whether you can make it out without being turned to stone.