What Makes A Slot Game A Winner?

Slot games vary in the popularity stakes. Some are loved by many players, while others appeal to a section of the slot-playing community. There are lots of elements that appear in popular slots though, so we thought we would look at some of those here.

Winning slots sometimes use familiar themes

No doubt you have played some slots based in Egypt or Greece. Others might visit Asia or the Mayan community. While these are popular themes, however, they do not guarantee a slot will be a winner.

We’ve played some very basic slots with these themes that have proven to be uninspiring. Equally, we have played games with themes we have hardly ever seen before. The trick is in combining a good theme with gameplay that draws in the player. That is the Holy Grail of slot game play.

Popular slots often include lots of prize-winning possibilities

The more chances players have got to win prizes, the more likely it is the games will be popular ones to play. This may or may not include the chance to win one of several progressive jackpots. While progressives are always fun to play, the inclusion of one or more of them doesn’t guarantee a slot’s popularity.

The games also include the chance to bet at a low amount per spin

If you create a slot game that requires a 10-cent bet on every line, and those lines are fixed, you are going to exclude a portion of the slot-playing community. If a slot is going to be a popular one, it must appeal to as many people as possible. By lowering the minimum bet people can play, a slot game is more likely to achieve this.

You can see that various factors come into play when you are looking at whether a slot will be a popular one to play. Oftentimes, it is impossible to determine whether a slot will be a winner even when all the above elements are taken care of. Some games take off unexpectedly while others that seemed almost assured of success fail to capture the imagination.

So, we must also point to luck as a key factor in developing winning slot games lots of players will love going back to time and again. Do you have any other ideas why some games hit the big time and others fail to do so?