Pays Both Ways Slots

Have you tried any of these games yet? Slots that pay both ways have cropped up several times recently, highlighting their popularity among players. If you have yet to try one, here are three reasons you might enjoy doing so.

They pay from the right as well as the left

Many slot games offer paylines. These lines pay only from the left side of the reels. This means you must line up three or more matching symbols (or sometimes only two for lower-value wins) from reel one across to the right of the reels.

With pays both ways slots, you can score wins if you get enough consecutive matching symbols from reel five (or the rightmost reel) back towards the left. Therefore, you get two ways you could win prizes with each spin.

You don’t pay any more to enjoy this feature

Let’s say you play a standard slot at a penny per line on 20 lines. You will only score wins if you get the right number of matching symbols from the leftmost reel. If you play a pays both ways slot, you will still be able to play a penny per line on the same quantity of lines. The only difference is that you can now win if three or more icons appear from reel five over to the left of the game. You get more opportunities for the same amount of cash bet on each line.

No more missing out on potentially big prizes

If you’ve played a slot and seen four identical symbols land on reels two through to five, you’ll know how frustrating it is to come close to a big four-icon win. If you are playing a pays both ways slot though, this doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if the first reel does not contribute to the four-icon lineup. That’s because the game will pay you for a combination that starts from the fifth reel and works back.

It is still important to check the volatility of these games before you play them. The game is still going to be tipped in favor of the casino offering it, so they can make a profit on it. However, it is nice to know you do get more chances to win and fewer reasons to miss out on what could have been a big prize. Try some of these games today and see what you think.