Stacked Symbols

Have you ever played any slots that include stacked symbols? If not, you should consider finding a few you can try for free, just to see how they work. We’re going to give you the lowdown here but suffice to say these slots are incredibly good fun to try. Just how do those stacked symbols work? Let’s find out.

They increase the odds of a win in each spin

Imagine you are playing a five-reel slot with four icons on each reel. If the same icon appears in every single spot on the first reel, you’ve got a better chance of scoring one or more prizes if that same icon appears in other positions on the other reels.

No doubt you’ve had a few spins on a game where you end up with just one icon missing that would have produced a winning line. Stacked symbols can reduce the odds of experiencing this.

Some may appear on more than one reel in a spin

Let’s take the situation we gave you above and imagine another reel appearing with three or four identical icons on it as well. Since many stacked symbols can appear on all the reels, it is even possible to get a screen filled with the same icon. Can you imagine what the prize possibilities would be if that happened?

Wilds and scatters can also appear in stacked format

Some games give you the chance to find the wild and scatter icons in stacked format as well. Stacked wilds are very nice to see, as they further increase your chances of putting together some wins on the reels.

Stacked wilds vary from expanding wilds because the same wild icon will appear in two or more positions on a reel. This differs from it appearing in one position before expanding to complete the reel. Stacked scatters are not as common, and if they do appear you may find you need to collect more of them to trigger the bonus feature or free spins that could be attached to them.

We love games that include stacked symbols. You can see they have plenty to offer and can improve the chances you get to win prizes. Different games tweak the rules slightly regarding stacked symbols, but they are always good to see. Check out some stacked symbol slot games to try them today.