Bingo Games Arrive

Even if slots are your favorite games to play, you probably want to enjoy the occasional switch up to play something different. You’ve got more games to choose from than ever before at three major online casinos from now on. Thanks to the addition of some new bingo games, the choice is better than it has ever been at Black Diamond, Box 24, and Spartan Slots.

It’s not just a case of enjoying the odd bingo game or two either. These three casinos now offer bingo rooms that include a built-in chat feature. That means you can enjoy chatting with other players while you try and cross off your numbers. This adds a new community feel to the three casinos, so you are sure to have lots of entertainment to look forward to there.

You can play Desperate Housewives Bingo, Dollar Bingo, Quarter Bingo, Nickels Bingo, and even Game of Thrones bingo. Eclipse Bingo is coming soon, as is a new Supernova room. Box 24, Spartan Slots, and Black Diamond are all running promotions connected to these new bingo games. Sign into your account today to find out more. Alternatively, what better time could there be to sign up for a new account at one of these great casinos? With several bingo rooms available to enter, not to mention the new social aspect to these games, you’re in for a great time.