Progressive Jackpot Prize

Most players love spotting a slot game that includes a progressive jackpot. However, those same players know that while it would be lovely to win that jackpot, the odds are never stacked in their favor.

That’s why there are other elements to consider every time you think about playing a jackpot slot. We look at three reasons why you need to consider these other aspects before you play such a game.

Chances are you won’t win the jackpot

Yes, it’s a disappointing fact of life, but we all know the chances are good that we will walk away from the slot without the jackpot. That means we need to look at other factors involved with a game that offers one. If the focus is on the jackpot rather than anything else, it means we could end up playing a game that feels dull.

Most people want to play a game that is entertaining

If the onus is on the size of the jackpot, most players aren’t going to get a taste of it. That means there won’t be anything else for them to enjoy. Compare that with the games that offer free spins, on-reels bonus picks, second screen bonus games, and much else besides. We love playing these games and we suspect you do too.

Therefore, the entertainment factor is always going to be more important. If you can find a jackpot slot that is entertaining to play as well, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Other factors are likely to be more important

We’ve partially covered this already. It bears highlighting that the quality of a game, rather than the size of the progressive jackpot, is the most important element of all. You want enjoyment. You want a game that has lots of depth and excitement on offer. You want to spend time playing a game that will entertain you, no matter how much or little you might win.

There is a definite place for progressive jackpot slots online today. Players love them. People want to try and win them. But you can see that other factors are more important than the size of the jackpot(s) on offer. If you can find a slot that ticks all these boxes, chances are you will enjoy playing it. And yes, there’s always that slim chance you could be the lucky one!