Slot Popularity

Some slots soar to great heights when it comes to popularity. Others seem to have all the right elements in play but then sink almost without trace. So, can we guess which elements determine how popular a slot game might be? Let’s see.

Who created the slot game?

Some providers are better known than others. If they have a good track record, chances are their newest games will also be good ones to play. That increases the odds those games will be more popular than the competition.

Does it appeal to a wide selection of slot players?

Appealing to a huge audience is a very important element for any slot game. You can focus on a target audience with any slot but trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator does seem to help.

We think it is important for a game to offer a wide range of bets, too. There are plenty of penny slot players out there who are excluded from playing games that only have nickel or dime minimums on each payline. By offering a huge range of betting possibilities, the provider ensures they stand a chance of appealing to more players.

Does it offer progressive jackpots alongside the regular prizes?

Many players love slot games that include progressive jackpots. While it is not always possible to find slots that offer these, the fact that players do love trying to win them does help the popularity factor.

Does it use a popular theme?

Some slot themes have become very common. However, they have appeared many times purely because they are very popular. Think of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, superheroes, Asian-themed slots, and many more. While the use of a popular theme does not guarantee success, it can and has been done. Think of the Cleopatra slot for example – this is not a complex slot to play but it looks good and uses the theme very well.

You can see there are various elements that combine to make a slot game appealing to play. While some games are fun to play and have become popular without touching on the elements mentioned above, others have hit on all those points.

You could say modern graphics are another element to be included. However, if you look at the appearance of the ever-popular Mega Moolah slot, you’ll see this doesn’t apply in that case. You just never know why a game will hit the big time!