Slot Game With No Wild

Many slot games have wild icons included in the paytable. These make it easier to score some prizes where you may not otherwise have done so. The idea is you could get two matching symbols and a wild can take the place of the third one that would trigger a prize.

So, seeing as these icons are so useful, is it worth playing games that don’t include them?

What does a wild do?

Wilds will replace most, and sometimes all, other symbols in a game. If there are exceptions, these will be indicated on the paytable.

Sometimes, wilds will have multiplier values too. This might be one value, i.e. 2x the prize if a wild is involved in a winning line. It might also be a random value, revealed whenever a wild win is triggered. That would be a lot to miss out on if a game didn’t involve a wild.

Look at what else might be involved in a slot game if you don’t see a wild

This is the most important part of your decision. Some games don’t have wilds and turn out to be quite dull as a result. Others have so many additional features and bonuses involved, you hardly notice there isn’t a wild. There are a few Betsoft slots of this nature that you might see, among others.

We like to see a wild in play, but we do look at the paytable for a slot game before deciding whether it is worth trying without a wild. Some of them certainly are, whereas others feel like a letdown.

Each game should be treated individually to figure out whether to play or not

This is the golden rule we should probably all stick to. As we have seen above, wilds can be useful during slot game play. Yet we have also seen there are games that are perfectly good to play without them.

It is a personal decision, of course. However, it does illustrate how important it is to look at the paytable for any slot before you play it. This tells you how prizes are won, which symbols are in play, and which ones do not appear. Only by looking at this can you figure out whether it is worth ditching a wild symbol in favour of something else. What decision would you make in this situation?

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