What is a Classic Slot?

There are some terms that are regularly thrown around when people are talking about slot games. Classic, video, i-Slots… no doubt you have heard of them all. Here, we’re going to find out more about classic slots. As the name would suggest, these are the original slots that took up residence in casinos and bars. Many people still love playing these slots, so we thought we should find out more about them. How do you know you’re playing a classic slot?

They usually only have three reels

These are the simplest slot games of all. That hasn’t dented their popularity though. The three-reel format is the smallest one you will see. These reels are often packed with icons based on fruit, not to mention other familiar signs such as bar symbols and sevens.

However, some more advanced classic slots might take on a theme. Aliens, turkeys, and various other items and characters have appeared in these games too.

Special icons are limited

There’s no room for a scatter in these games, but you might occasionally see a wild icon. This may have a multiplier attached to it as well. If it does, you can expect wild prizes to be worth more than standard ones.

Some games have included a bonus symbol as well, but these are rare. If you do locate one, you might notice there is just one bonus icon to be found to trigger that feature. That’s a good thing to note, for sure.

You hardly ever find special features included in these slots

We mentioned the possibility of spotting a bonus icon in the above section. Most classic slots are classic because they don’t have any bonus features. However, in cases where they do exist, they generally lead you into an easy picking feature. This takes just a few moments to complete. You will pick one or more icons to reveal one or more prizes, then it’s back to the main game to continue.

A classic slot is most closely associated with the traditional one-armed bandit machine. While these games have now made the transition to online casinos, they are still much the same in many ways. Some players prefer them to bigger and more complex games, while others play them simply on occasion, just for a change. Try a few today and whether you can find any new favorites to play there.