Second Screen Slot Bonuses

What do you love most about slot games? Is it the delight of finding some bonuses to play, or do you prefer free spins? The latter are great to have available, but we have a soft spot for second screen bonuses that feature in plenty of online slot games.

If you aren’t convinced, allow us to reveal why these bonuses are so great.

They take you away from the main reels for a moment

The name ‘second screen bonus’ is given to these elements of a slot because they occur on another screen. The setting could be anywhere, but you will not see the reels of the main game. That means you’ve got something new to look at and enjoy, and that makes a change before going back to the regular game.

The bonus is tied in with the theme of the slot game

If you are playing a slot game based on Irish good luck, you might find yourself traveling to the end of the rainbow for your bonus. If you are playing a vampire-themed slot, perhaps you will go deep into the crypt to find caskets to open in search of prizes. Some slots feature multi-level bonus features – our personal favorites – and these are just as entertaining to play. If you strike it lucky, you could encounter a game that is worth playing for a longer period.

You stand a good chance of winning a nice prize – and maybe more than one

It isn’t always guaranteed that you will win something by participating in a bonus feature. However, most slots do let you win a prize in these features, and sometimes you can win more than one. There are some huge prizes available at times, although there is no guarantee you will scoop one of those.

Watch out for win-win features that are included in some slots too. If you hit one of these bonuses, you can be guaranteed to win something one way or another! With multi-layered games, pick-me bonuses, and plenty more as well, you never know what might be waiting for you on the next screen of your chosen slot game.

If you haven’t played any slots with second screen bonuses before, we recommend you find a few. There are lots to choose from and many of them can be played just for fun to start with. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll want to play more.