Enjoy Monopoly Slots

We would be surprised if you have never heard the word Monopoly. It is a word you don't often hear in conversation, although it can be used in that manner. It is more often used to describe a famous board game that was originally launched in 1935. We cannot wait to celebrate the centenary, as we fully expect there to be more versions of the game out for release by then.

Of course, you can now play Monopoly-themed slots online as well. But why are these versions of the famous game so popular?

Everyone is familiar with the original board game

Most often when you sit down to play a new slot game, you have no idea what awaits you. That's not the case with Monopoly slots, even though there are several different variations. You'll know the general idea, you'll recognize the mustached man with his top hat, and the various board game pieces that you use in the game itself. That means you've got a familiar starting point to go from.

There are several different Monopoly slots to play

Have you tried Epic Monopoly II lately? How about Monopoly Big Event? You can even try Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties if you fancy a change from slot games.

With so many variations to choose from, fans of the original board game can easily make the switch to playing online versions of the game too. It's hard to believe, but the original Monopoly slot came out back in 2008. Since then, we've enjoyed several other great titles. Monopoly Mega Movers Slots is another winner, along with Monopoly Once Around Deluxe.

If you like one in the series, it's great to know there are more to try too

Isn't this the best part of finding a successful series of games to play? If you like one of the games, you know there are more waiting in the wings to be discovered as well.

Some titles are more traditional examples of slot games, whereas others use different elements to reel you in. Yet they all have that same familiarity with the original game, bringing in lots of ideas and innovations to see whether players like them.

We expect to see more of these titles coming soon, and we cannot wait to check them out. WMS, the creators of the Monopoly slots, have hit upon a time-honored winner here.